Dear Cherokee Family,

In our continuing mission to glorify God, and to gather together to worship his name, I am happy to inform you that we will be reopening for in-person worship this Sunday, May 17 at 10 AM. After the long weeks of quarantine and streaming meetings, it will be good to see the faces of those who will attend.

That being said, we would also like to inform you that we will be taking measures to ensure that we are as safe as possible during Sunday worship. These first few Sundays will not look the same as it did before the COVID outbreak. These are the precautions that Cherokee is taking as we re-assimilate to normal worship:

- Rows will be set six feet apart
- There will be no coffee or snacks served
- There will be no formal greeting time during worship, called Passing of the Peace
- Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the sanctuary
- The offering plate will remain by the sanctuary doors and will not be passed around during worship
- All hymn and song lyrics will be printed in the bulletin
- All surfaces, especially doorknobs, will be cleaned and sanitized
- The entire service will be streamed live on Facebook, and later uploaded to YouTube for those who decide not to join us.
- We encourage you to continue practicing safe, social distancing

Although the worship service will be open for in-person, live worship, we encourage everyone to make the decision to return to church judiciously and as is suitable for each individual circumstance. If you feel like you are part of the population that is vulnerable to infection and complication due to COVID-19, we still offer the live, streaming service so you may worship from the safety of your home. If you feel like you are at risk in any way, please remain at home and worship with us remotely. Likewise, if you are running a fever, or believe you may be sick or have been recently exposed to COVID-19, we also ask that you remain home and worship remotely.

Jesus told us, “Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” This time calls for wisdom from all of us. As we continue to honor the one who gave us life and redeemed us from death, we also must strive to do so with wisdom and consideration.

Peace and Blessings in the name of Christ,

Reverend Robert W Cely Jr.
[3622 Augusta Hwy, Gilbert]  [892-6740] 
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