Helping adults, children and youth reclaim their right to a life free from domestic violence since 1977. 
Have you heard about ReFUND CO?
It's a New Way to ReFUND What Matters to You!
ReFUND CO is a new program that allows Colorado taxpayers to direct all or a portion of their state tax refund to local nonprofits when filing their state income tax return.

In 2019, Colorado returned more than
$1 billion in refunds to 1.9 million state taxpayers. Imagine the impact just a portion of such funds could have on important causes across Colorado!

If you're expecting a state refund,
we hope you'll choose to support survivors reclaiming lives free from domestic violence through this exciting new initiative! Thank you!

ReFUND our lifesaving work in just 3 easy steps:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:
  • Enter "SafeHouse Denver" and our registration number "20023003100" in the "Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit" line on your state income tax return or tax software.

  • Enter the amount of your refund you'd like to donate.

  • Smile! You just improved a survivor's life.

 Does someone file for you?
Just provide the information above to your tax preparer.

Because of our generous community, survivors never pay for shelter or services at SafeHouse Denver.

Learn more about the impact of your support in the video below.
SafeHouse Denver assists adults, children and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free from domestic violence. 
SafeHouse Denver, Inc. 
1649 Downing Street Denver, CO 80218
Administration: (303) 318-9959
24-Hour Crisis and Information Line: (303) 318-9989