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April 2019 EDITION
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Annual Data Report 2018

In the Los Angeles area, 55 schools and 24 clinical facilities used CCPS, processing 2367 requests and placing 10,902 students. 

In the San Francisco Bay area, 29 schools and 34 Clinical facilities used CCPS, processing 1025 requests and placing 5,769  students. 
CCPS 2.0 Updates

CCPS Fall/Winter 2019 Planning Cycle is underway. 

At the beginning of the year,  in preparation of  the Fall/Winter 2019 clinical placement rotation period,  CCPS training for newly hired coordinators was offered, with 18 coordinators from schools and 2 coordinators from clinical agencies trained. 

The next CCPS training will be held prior to the next placement cycle in late August or early September. Exact dates will be communicated this summer. 

Health Impact  and the Foundation of California Community Colleges  ( FCCC)  are continuing to work together to improve the Centralized Clinical Placement System tool. 

New features in CCPS  developed by the Foundation of California Community Colleges(FCCC) are now available.
  1. CCPS Alerts - Users will receive automated placement cycle reminders when it is time for providers to update availability, schools to submit placement requests and providers to review and respond to placement requests.
  2. Schools have more flexibility when entering dates for placement requests. If a school's term is outside of the usual semester dates, the system will not limit the date range for their requests.
  3. Providers can now "activate / deactivate" a location to assist in maintaining a listing of active locations. If a location is deactivated, by default it will not appear in the locations listing.
  4. Providers can edit and add information on the Affiliation Agreement page. This includes placement types, expiration date, and provider contact information.
  5. Preceptor Requests - if a student name is included in a placement request, the student name will appear on the Placement Calendar report.
Coming soon!
Student Requirements Compliance Tracking 
CCPS developers at FCCC designed new functionality that supports student compliance tracking of the various standard and site-specific requirements, and streamline reporting to affiliated providers as part of the clinical placement process. 
Developed and pilot tested last year with input from clinical placement coordinators, refinements are now nearing completion and will be available soon. 

Key features include:
  1. Providers list standard and site-specific requirements
  2. Schools list standard and site-specific requirements
  3. Schools bulk upload student information
  4. Schools assign students to approved placement requests
  5. Schools view requirements for each placement and attest to student compliance
  6. Providers view completed student rosters for approved requests
  7. System generates reminders when a student is out of compliance
CCPS 2.0 Tips and Navigation

School/Hospital Participant Directory

Do you ever need to contact the coordinator from the school or hospital and need their contact information?

In CCPS, a School and Hospital Participant Directory is available. 
  1.  Log into CCPS
  2.  From the left menu, click Reports
  3.  Click on Hospital or School Participant Directory
  4. Choose the Hospital or School 
  5. Contact information - Email and phone # is provided

If you have questions or need assistance please contact (Los Angeles Area) or (Bay Area).

CCPS Placement Cycle 
Fall/Winter 2019

March 11 - March 29, 2019 (Preceptor placement decisions due May 3)
C linical facilities review proposed requests and make placement decisions. Clinical facilities are encouraged to accept long-standing/historic placements and to decline proposals they know they cannot accommodate as quickly as possible, as a courtesy to schools.