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Los Angeles  Nursing Resource Center
Los Angeles Nursing Resource Center   Welcomes Additional Clinical Facilities and Nursing Schools to CCPS !

Several clinical facilities, RN and LVN schools have begun to use CCPS, and are currently processing clinical placement requests for the Spring/Summer 2019 period.  Personnel were trained and their contact information can be found in the CCPS coordinators directory. Please join us in welcoming these new sites.  We appreciate the support of those experienced in CCPS in guiding and facilitating the placement cycle process steps in collaboration with your sites that are using CCPS for the first time.    

As a reminder, schools using CCPS with an affiliated clinical facility for the first time need to select their affiliated clinical facilities with from the CCPS  drop down list and submit a request for approval to their provider site(s). Provider sites must then acknowledge an affiliation agreement is in place. Both of these steps are needed before schools are able to access availability and submit placement requests. 

Clinical Facility Coordinators are encouraged to look for and confirm these as soon as possible so schools are able to proceed without delay.  To review, delete or add (verify) a school's affiliation, click "Affiliation Agreements" in the CCPS left hand menu.

  • Harbor-UCLA Medical Center
  • Olive View-UCLA Medical Center
  • Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center
  • LAC+USC Health Care Network
Ambulatory Care Centers:
  • LA County Ambulatory Care Network (14 sites)
  • LA County Specialty Clinics (at Martin Luther King Hospital)
N ursing Schools:
  • American Career College (Orange County Campus)
  • Cerritos College
  • El Monte Rosemead Adult School
  • Hacienda La Puente Adult Education
  • LA County College of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Premiere Career College
CCPS 2.0 Tips and Navigation 
Access CCPS 2.0 with one click from the Nursing Resource Center Web site main page. We recommend using this pathway to get to the CCPS scheduling tools as the NRC home page houses helpful resources such as the regional placement calendar dates, past issues of the ReSource newsletters, Clinical Placement Guidelines, and helpful and materials developed by the LANRC Advisory Team.    
Tips for Schools
Submitting Placement Requests

To Submit Historical Placements:
  1. Log into CCPS
  2. Click on "Historical Placements" on the left menu.
  3. Choose "Rotation Period" (Spring/Summer 2018) 
  4. Historical Placement list will display and if COPY is visible, you may copy the request. 
  5. Rotation Period will display Spring/Summer 2019, update as needed; "Review" and "Submit Request".
  6. Your Placement Request will be assigned an ID #.
  7. Automated email is generated to alert the provider of the request. 
To Set Up and Submit a New Placement Request:
  1.  Log into CCPS
  2. Click on "New Request" on the left menu
  3. Complete all informational fields on the form.
  4. Enter dates for clinical. "Start Date" and "End Date" must fall within the Rotation Period selected.
  5. Select Preferred Departments. For multiple departments, hold down "control key".
  6. Based on all parameters entered, the system will display a listing of matching providers.
  7. Choose the provider of choice.
  8. Enter comments to aid the provider coordinator in selecting the most optimal assignment for your students.
  9. "Review and "Submit Request"
  10. Your Placement Request will be assigned an ID #.
  11. Automated email is generated. 
Availability Grid Report - allows you to view and review for availab ility at your affiliated provider sites.
1. Click on "Reports" on the left menu.
2. Click "View Grid"  under Availability Grid
3. Select Provider, Departments, Rotation Periods and Dates. 
Available placement slots will be highlighted in different colors depending on shift available. An option to export to excel is also available.

Tips for Providers
Reviewing and Entering Placement Decisions

To View and Complete (accept or decline) Pending Requests :
  1. Log into CCPS
  2. Select Rotation Period: Spring/Summer 2019 
  3. Click on "Pending Requests"
  4. Click on Details on the left to review
  5. Bottom of the screen will display "best matches" displayed in green
  6. Click on "Show all" radial button to view additional availability at your site.
  7. Click on "Accept" or "Decline"
  8. If you choose "Decline" , please provide additional comments to help school coordinator with options or next steps.
  9. Automated email is generated to alert the school of placement decision.  
If you have questions or need assistance please contact (Los Angeles Area) or (Bay Area).
CCPS Placement Cycle 
Spring/Summer 2019 

August 13 - August 31, 2018
Clinical facilities review and update availability in preparation for schools to submit spring/summer 2019 requests

September 4 - September 21, 2018 
(Submit preceptor requests by Nov 9th)
Schools submit clinical placement requests for courses that start January 2019 through both spring and summer semesters (courses that usually end by August 31st) 

September 24 - October 12, 2018
(Preceptor decisions due Dec 7th)
Clinical facilities review proposed requests from schools and make placement decisions. Clinical facilities are encouraged to review and accept historical placements first.  

 Los Angeles Region
  • CCPS Classes will be conducted prior to the start of the next clinical placement cycle in January 2019. Further details regarding dates and locations will be provided toward the end of this year. If you are interested please contact Carina to pre-register. 
  • If you are new to using CCPS in the LA Region and need information, have questions, or need assistance utilizing it, please email or call or 213-804-2184.