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  • APRIL 2018
National Volunteer Week just ended. Each year, we set aside seven days to recognize the heart and soul of our country. Our volunteers, those who give generously, willingly, repeatedly and selflessly to make good things happen in every community across the country every day of the year. Including ours. The Lower Cape Outreach Council has over 400 volunteers. We are able to do incredible things here because many years ago people who cared started a grass roots organization dedicated to the needs of our local residents. Over the years that followed, many more people kept it strong, made it even stronger. Neighbors Helping Neighbors became our informal slogan. That really says it all. That’s who we are. Thanks for being you.   READ MORE
YOU DO HELP. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Lower Cape Outreach Council is committed to carrying out its mission with support from a robust and dedicated cadre of volunteers in leadership, supervisory and support roles. We honor every single one of them every single day. A few have shared what their service means to them. Please take a moment to read their stories of hope.

Volunteering at the LCOC office is soul-filling and humbling. On any given day I might greet a client whose world has just crashed due to sudden illness, or an accident. I might talk on the phone with someone whose ability to juggle multiple problems with grace, stamina and positive thinking is inspirational. I am often moved by the courage and dignity of our clients as they work to solve problems that could affect any of us without warning. I have learned not to take anything for granted, and I am grateful for the chance to be a voice for LCOC as it attempts to create order from the chaos life can hand us.    -JoAnn


Be on the lookout for a brief survey that will be emailed to all volunteers this spring. All who respond will be entered into a raffle for a gift certificate. Your survey answers will be anonymous; however, we will receive your name separately for the raffle. We hope everyone will participate. Your feedback will guide us in our attempt to make sure each volunteer's experience with LCOC is positive and rewarding. --Volunteer Committee

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