Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise...
One generation will rave about your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts.
They will speak about the glorious splendor of your majesty. -- Psalm 145: 3-5
From our beginning Reach Out has followed God's "generation to generation" plan. Globally teenagers passionately follow Jesus because Reach Out equips their leaders to disciple them -- from one generation to another!

You have faithfully supported Reach Out and we have deep appreciation for that. Our mission to disciple leaders and their students around the world has been empowered because of you. What better way to understand the fruits of your gifts than to hear from the students themselves. 
Jerome represents Reach Out's "end result" of disciple-making -- one generation passing the faith to another. Your investment expands our global influence to places like Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, Zambia, Cuba, Tanzania, Ukraine -- 30 countries around the world!

Will you prayerfully consider investing in Reach Out through your year-end giving?
Your generous gifts paired with Reach Out's pursuit of multiplying disciples will affect the lives of thousands of leaders and teenagers globally -- from generation to generation.

With hope for the next generation and with Jesus as Lord, 
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