July 2019


Next month we will have our attendance figures completed and will share those with you, but this month, we thought we would share some ministry highlights from the field for the first half of 2019 which Thandy recently sent to us. We haven't included everything but will try to give you a representation from her report.  Many Reach4Life trainings have taken place already this year. These include potential Peer Educators, local pastors, and local school administrators. Pictured above is a training in M afikeng (North West Province, just below the border with Botswana) conducted by Kedumetsi, the area coordinator. 

Don't let these serious faces fool you - these kids just think having a picture taken is serious business!  They are actually full of life and have big smiles!  Thandy reports, "Harrismith Peer Educators have started an afterschool R4L care program for kids like these. Parents who come home late from work can now freely register their primary kids to the R4L afterschool care clubs. Kids are assisted with homework and are taught from the R4L Bibles every day." 

Peer Educators are also busy in the KwaZulu-Natal (east coast) Province! Peer Educator Nozipho is pictured here  as she was launching the R4L Program in Mabhekazi village. Peer Educators also serve as role models to the kids, who need guidance and support from someone who they can trust and look up to.  


Pictured here are the Maputo (Mozambique) Peer Educators during a team session. Thandy says, " Our Maputo team is growing and expanding by launching R4L in churches in the towns and villages. One of the biggest tasks for an area coordinator is to constantly meet with, encourage, and train the team with the goal of teaching the uncompromised gospel of Christ using the R4L program. We bless the Lord for each of our Maputo Peer Educators!  


Thandy says, "Praise be unto God for opening doors for our Port Shepstone Coordinator Melusi Khwela to present the Reach4Life Program in a local radio station, Sunny South Radio. He presents great lessons from the R4L book and announces where groups are taking place. This has resulted in more schools requesting the program." 

In July, three thousand Reach4Life Bibles were delivered to Pt. Shepstone to help with the growing work there. We thank Two Tunics (a supporting organization) for their help in establishing and expanding the work in this area. 

Last month we shared about training taking place in Lesotho. Thandy says: "On a drive to the mountains we met shepherds looking after sheep. We shared with them the gospel and had the privilege of leading them to Christ, the Great Shepherd. Your giving to this ministry is being used by the Lord to expand the Kingdom and reach many with the gospel. We thank you all for your continuous support. REYA LEBOGA (Sotho for thank you)!"   Twelve hundred R4L books were distributed into this area after the initial training and more will be provided as growth continues.


Thandy reports that the arrival in July of 50,000 R4L Bibles "has brought excitement to many young people participating in the program. Each child gets to keep their R4L Bible. The love of the word is growing in all our schools, prisons, rehabs, clinics, church groups, community and clinics groups!" The Bibles are distributed almost as soon as they are received.  Every year, a new crop of kids needs these Bibles so we appreciate the continued support of our donors!  

Buyi Dladla, R4L Coordinator in Madundube, near Durban, is pictured here in the blue dress and says, "This is my 4th year doing R4L. I was a youth leader in my church for many years. I saw young people come to church and leave because we had no teachings that met their needs. When I heard about R4L, I attended one of the trainings in Durban. I brought back the knowledge to my village in Madundube. We have a high pregnancy rate and a high use of drugs in the village. Schools have responded very well to the program. I have seen a huge change in the young people in my church now. The attendance is great and they keep inviting their friends. R4L captures the attention of young people, it is truth in a fun way. Teachers in schools are giving us more classes and we bless the Lord!


Nkosi Mbatha, in the blue jacket on the right, shares, " 2019 is my 5th year being a Peer Educator in Ladysmith. I came to know Christ in prison where I served 8 years. When I came out I was not sure how my life was going to turn out. My pastor told me about R4L. I attended a training in 2015 January and became a Peer Educator till now. The program has changed my life! I'm currently studying for my diploma at the Emmaus Bible School which is free to all R4L Peer Educators. I am now loved and respected in my township. I teach the program in schools and one prison. God's word is life and I am happy to share the gospel with young people. Young boys are looking up to us male Peer Educators as examples in a culture that promotes careless sexual lifestyles. Reach4Life is the light in our community."

Sibonelo Nyawose, Scottburgh R4L coordinator (pink jacket) says, "We have had a wonderful half year of R4L! More kids have committed to Christ and we have started more groups in schools and the community. Young lives are changed, and churches are enjoying a great harvest of young people coming to the church. There is revival in our townships, and we appreciate all those that help us keep doing the Lord's work."

Some of the Johannesburg team recently spent a few days with the Pretoria team. Mercy Masuluke, Pretoria coordinator at far left, says "The program has made us a family. As Peer Educators we come from different provinces, cities and villages but through the R4L program we have been connected beyond just ministry. We had a wonderful time with our Johannesburg R4L team. They have been doing R4L longer than most of us in Pretoria; they have great wisdom and ideas on doing the program better. Such meetings are one of the reasons why R4L is growing in Africa. Peer educators are treated well and are cared for emotionally and spiritually. We are all encouraged to press on with the work of God in schools and community groups all around Pretoria."  
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