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How do you reach every young person with the gospel, including those you cannot see face-to-face? Even before COVID-19 locked everything down, Youth for Christ was asking this question. E.J. and Koekoes van As, a husband and wife team with Youth for Christ in Africa, had a solution: start a radio programme. In May 2018, the first broadcast took place.

I-Konnect Radio programme has now been going on for two years. It maintains its youth flavour but has found listeners of all ages. Spoken in the Afrikaans language, the broadcast covers areas across South Africa and even into parts of Namibia.

“We use the name I-Konnect because it is where you connect with Jesus, others, yourself or just connect in to listen,” shares E.J. “It is a 1.5 hour talk show with five breaks to play Christian music (our national governing body is strict about talk time and music time and we adhere to their requirements). We do not preach, but we talk Bible issues. Currently we are using the book ‘Knowing God 101’ as a guideline to talk about basic Christian doctrine in a different way. We move your boundaries and challenge people to think differently. We talk about life skills, like how to handle your finances, basic issues in the world, and now of course coronavirus. We interview known people, have testimonies, demo Christian music, talk about Christian celebs and share their stories, etc.”

“In the first ten minutes we talk about sport and fun things that happened in the world,” adds Koekoes. “In the last ten minutes I talk about prayer, we pray for people, and then we summarise, have a saying for the day and it is done. It’s rewarding for us that even though we never know who is listening, we know we are pointing people towards a relationship with Christ. We get affirmations all the time, but are confident that many more are hearing about Jesus in a way they would not have if the radio programme did not exist.”
“I am free!” What wonderful words! Spoken by Thomas in Benin (see the EVERY email from May 19), those same words are echoed by young people across our planet. This month's EVERY newsletters focus on our outreach in Africa, however last year over 451,000 young people around the world, in over 100 nations, became “free,” surrendering their life to Christ through the outreaches of Youth for Christ.

Thank you for what you are doing through Youth for Christ International. As you can see, the pandemic sweeping across our globe hasn’t stopped the outreach to young people. Through unique radio, media, and internet programs you are still reaching young people with the message of Christ – a message of hope that is needed now more than ever.

Please pray for Thomas and over 56,000 other Youth for Christ leaders around the world as they reach out to young people. Pray, too, for the hundreds of thousands of young people they are interacting with who need to hear the message of Christ. May they come to know Jesus, the One who sets them free.

Bryan Blomker, International Director of Development
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.