Newsletter May 2019
Anyone who has been through the Battle for the Heart process can tell you that it takes commitment to make it through. Two weekends away. Twenty-five plus team meetings. Daily reflective readings that span months of time.

So what would motivate a young mother of two preschoolers to add this to her plate?

For Brittany LaPointe, 25, daughter of Wellspring’s Battle for the Heart Coordinator, Anisa Sumlar, it’s the desire for her daughters to have with her a safe place to process life like she had with her mom.
"There was a distinct shift around the time I was 11,” Brittany shared. “My mom’s parenting style shifted from being authoritarian where I didn’t have a voice to one where I felt safe and my emotions were being validated and understood."

"Looking back, I now see that the shift came about the time my mom started being involved with Wellspring Group. As she was getting in touch with her own heart and learning new skills, she intentionally pursued me and tried to help me process through my struggles. She really had to work hard to help me process things as a pain and emotion avoidant teenager,” she said. “Without her intentional pursuit, I feel like our relationship would have suffered or maybe wouldn’t even exist."
Brittany is one among more than 170 men and women in their 20’s and 30’s who have attended the Battle for Your Heart in the last 2 years. The potential impact of these increasing numbers of “next generation” Wellspring participants coming alive to their whole hearts at a young age is a significant motivator for Wellspring Group (WG) staff. And it is the reason behind the Reaching the Next Generation initiative WG is currently undertaking led by our Managing Director, Tim Bennett. We are excited to share more about this initiative in the coming months.
"As a father of 1 teenager and 4 young adults in their 20’s, the Reaching the Next Generation Project touches a deep place in my heart. I am passionate about adapting our content and delivery systems to reach this next generation in a tangible way, while maintaining the life changing impact we all long for – authentic, wholehearted relationship with God and other people. "
- Tim Bennett, Managing Director
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All Battle For Your Domain Alumni:
We Have An Exciting Opportunity For You!
How does your awareness of the
Larger Story impact
the way you engage in your domain?

Join us for a An interactive time of teaching, Q&A, modeling and practicing engaging using the elevator engaging model as we consider how living with an awareness of the Larger Story changes not just the big picture of your life but the day-to-day defining moments.
Who: All Wellspring alumni who have attended a Battle for Your Domain event.

When: Saturday, June 22 - 8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. ET.
Where: Perimeter Church, Johns Creek GA (near Atlanta)
Cost: $30 which includes lunch and materials.
Will You Play A Part in Helping Us Reach Our Quarterly Goal?
More People coming alive in their whole hearts through increased access to the Battle for the Heart.