Fickle politics, changing policies, delay education reforms                        
Despite allocating 10 to 15 percent of its recent annual budget expenditures for education; having over 840 government schools for roughly 360,000 students, or less than 500 students per school, one of the most highly paid teaching staff and a student to teacher ratio of less than 6:1, the quality of education, as revealed by international assessments, has consistently been low. For a country that spent on average over US$14,000 per student - which is far higher than the $9,000 spent in OECD countries, or the $12,000 spent per student in the US or Australia - Kuwait has very little to proudly hold aloft in its education sector.
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Kuwait's iconic billion-dinar bridge
nears completion
One of the world's longest bridges is nearing completion in Kuwait. The 36-km long Jaber Al-Ahmad Causeway, which is coming up across the Bay of Kuwait, will on completion link Kuwait City with the upcoming town of Subbiya to the north and cut driving time between the two places by as much as an hour. The Jaber Causeway, named after the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, is being built at a cost of nearly a billion dinars (US$3 billion) ...
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Two Kuwait cities selected to host
YGLP Asia 2017-18                             
Kuwait City and Salmiya are among 54 cities selected from Asia to host the maiden edition of Young Global Leadership Program - Asia (YGLP Asia). These cities will host YGLP Workshops and Conferences during the year 2017-18 bringing some of world's greatest icons to these venues. A total 800 schools and 500 colleges and universities from 44 Asian countries have qualified for YGLP Asia 2017-18, including a combined total of 35 institutes from Kuwait. Institutes are selected for YGLP Asia by a panel on multiple criteria including pedagogic and physical infrastructure for leadership development...
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Let's Talk About Sex                     
Last week, at the 'She Decides' conference in Brussels, government ministers met with representatives from NGOs, United Nations agencies, and foundations from around the world to talk about an issue that is rarely discussed in such dignified settings: sex. Too many young people, especially girls, lack access to quality sex education. They do not know what sex is; much less that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy or put them at risk of sexually transmitted infections, like HIV. Even girls who know about sex often lack the information they need to avoid pregnancy, or do not have access to contraceptives. As a result, millions of girls around the world are disempowered. 
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Indian real-estate in doldrums
as NRIs stay away   
Since November of 2016, the Indian realty sector has been witnessing sluggish growth as potential buyers and investors, including non-resident Indians (NRI), stay away from the market.
For years, NRIs especially from the Gulf countries were a key component helping drive real estate prices to meteoric heights in many Indian cities. However, following recent economic slowdown in the Gulf region, job insecurities arising from nationalization drives, higher living costs and lower disposable income, many Indians living there are having second thoughts on investing in real estate ventures back home.