The official start to summer is nearing and Manitoba is still under tight restrictions. While you're staying home to keep yourself and the community safe, enjoy stories from the Indigenous community, watch FREE educational & entertaining programming, help keep the preservation of culture alive, and mark your calendars for an upcoming exciting announcement! It's all right here in this month's edition.
June is National Indigenous History Month, a time for all Canadians to recognize and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, histories, and contributions of Indigenous, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Read, watch, and learn about Indigenous culture as we feature Indigenous members, volunteers, businesses and stories across our social media channels this month!
Folklorama Tales
These stories belong to you. They highlight the people of Folklorama, the driving force behind what makes this community so special. Do you have a Folklorama story to share? Send yours to today.
Power of the Pow Wow
If you’ve ever attended a Pow Wow, then you’ve heard the chanting and steady drumbeat that complement the cultural dances. Behind each chant and beat of the drum, is a story or prayer that holds great meaning, beyond being music for dancers... (Keep reading)
Staging the Métis Pavilion
Throughout this journey of life, we encounter people who greatly influence our path and purpose.
When Terry Gibb met Arnold Asham in 1990, he was presented with the opportunity to work alongside Asham in business, and in 2018 stage the Métis Pavilion... (Keep reading)
Removing Barriers by Teaching Cultural Understanding Through Passion
“Growing up, we were always told that each step we take in our dance is a healing step”, states Spence. “We dance for reasons greater than ourselves, for those who can’t dance, for those who are sick, for the lands and the waters and our mother the earth. We dance for the youth, elders, and next generations and yes for those ancestors"....(Keep reading)
Creativity That Excites
Founded back in 2005 by Donavan Robinson, with support from Aboriginal Business Canada, the Vantage studio first started offering graphic design and web services for small businesses. Over the years, they have established an in-house print studio and have grown to be a full-service marketing agency for international brands... (Keep reading)
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This month only: FREE Indigenous educational programming for the family!
Take a journey with award-winning storyteller, TiBert le Voyageur, to learn the art of becoming a voyageur and the history of the Francophone and Metis culture by clicking here.

Join the talented Indigenous artist and performer Walking Wolf Ray "Coco" Stevenson as he walks you through his experiences and the songs of the Pow Wow by clicking here.

Learn the art of Metis beading from local Metis teacher and entrepreneur Julie Desrochers from Prairie Owl Beads by clicking here.
Don't miss your chance to win and give back!
Your support of the Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund 50/50 raffle will help establish a granting program to support children and youth in the preservation of culture for generations to come!
Member News & Events
If members wish to submit news or upcoming events for inclusion in Llama Tales, please do so no later than the second week of the month before the event takes place. Event and details can be sent to our Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Christena Wright at .
Friday Night is Greek Food Night!
Greek Food Night is back! Avoid cooking on Friday night by pre-ordering authentic Greek food that you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of home. Place your order online - limited quantities available! View website for menu options and further details.
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