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Happy Days Are Here Again! 
There's no mistaking the sounds of a new academic year! With hugs and high-fives to peels of laughter on playgrounds across the District,  Spartanburg 7 welcomed 7300 students to school on Monday, August 17. Superintendent Dr. Russell Booker spent the day chatting with children, parents and teachers and tweeted greetings along the way. "We've got some exciting things to look forward to as a District and we're glad to welcome everyone back!" Check out Seen Around 7 below for more first-day fun!
ELC Celebrates Big News
In the world of accreditations, when it comes to the seal of good housekeeping for early childhood programs, the gold standard is set by NAEYC, the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This summer the Early Learning Center at Park Hills earned NAEYC accreditation by meeting the highest national standards for our youngest learners. The good news came on the heels of an extensive self study and program assessment. Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Terry Pruitt, said, "With only a handful of NAEYC accredited programs in South Carolina, we're proud to offer our families the very best in early education."
From Fruit to Florence,  Orchestra Plays in Italy
SHS Students and Teachers Touring the Coliseum in Rome
Squeezing every penny out of their annual fruit sales, 28 orchestra students from Spartanburg High School were afforded a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy this summer. As one of only two American school orchestras invited to perform throughout Tuscany at the  Florence International Youth Orchestra Festival, the students and their chaperones (including teachers and parents) spent 10 days touring and performing in Florence, Rome, San Gimignano and Frascati. SHS Orchestra Conductor Jeff Kuntz spent three years planning the trip and came away from the experience eager to get started on the 2019 European Tour. The following quotes from teachers and students speak volumes about District 7's long-standing tradition of international travel with the orchestra.

"We had the chance to share our music with people on the other side of the planet and we did it in some of the most beautiful parts of Italy, and I think that our audiences were surprised that some high school orchestra from an obscure town in America sounded as good as we did."  Simon Patel, Junior, Violin Soloist and Concertmaster

"The SHS Orchestra students adjusted to a new climate (extremely hot!) and culture, conducted themselves with maturity, and performed at a level far beyond their years." Janet Kuntz, Chaperone and Flutist, and District Seven Music Educator

"During my vocal microphone check in Florence, a crowd formed and then started doubling, and it was such an amazing feeling to be able to experience people coming out to hear our orchestra's music."  
Dara Thompson, Senior, Violinist and Vocal Soloist

"Nearly all of us had a "once in a lifetime moment" on the stage in Florence (called 'Firenze' in Italy) with Dara Thompson singing Puccini's O Mio Babbino Caro. As students shed tears of pride for Dara, there was a sense that this would be a peak musical experience for not only the students, but the teachers as well. Years of meticulous practicing, concerts, recitals, and lessons seemed to come together in that one timeless song, and something bigger than all of us was left there on the stage that night."    Helen Tipton, Orchestra Teacher at SHS, Pine Street, and Jesse Boyd Elementary, and Violinist
What's For Lunch?  There's an App For That
School Lunch App Icon
Thanks to the magic of a brand new D7 app called called School Lunch by Nutrislice, it's now easy as pie to see what's for breakfast and lunch. The Nutrislice app offers an interactive menu that provides a nutritional summary for every meal. Students can also use the app to vote for their favorite foods and compete in educational activities about healthier eating. The Nutrislice app is available on iPhone and Android. W hen the app loads, select South Carolina and D7 for access to your respective school. 
7Shares Sets the Stage for a Super New Year
D7 Educators Rally Around a New School Year
If you think 1200 kids in a high school gymnasium can make a little noise - you should hear their teachers! Primed with excitement and sporting their respective school colors - the entire District 7 team celebrated the start of a new academic year on Wednesday, August 12 with the annual back-to-school program called  7Shares.  Taking the stage from E.P. Todd, Pamela Garrett, Emily Vanderlip, Liz Smith, and Wendy Rollins wowed their peers with a fabulous performance!
Pamela, Emily, Liz and Wendy - our own rockstars!
The featured speaker for the program applauded the District for inspiring hope in the lives of their students. Mr. Brandon Busteed from Gallup Education pointed to District 7's recent survey of 3,000 children in grades 5-12, and said it's time for schools across the country to make a paradigm shift - to focus on what's strong with our kids and not what's wrong. Known for it's research on education, Busteed says Gallup's findings show students are better prepared to learn when we elevate their sense of hope for the future and increase their emotional investment in the education process. Assessing the results of the District 7 survey, Busteed said, "Your children scored above the national average in hope and engagement and are right on par with the statistics on well-being. That's a very good report card!" 
7Shares Keynote Speaker Brandon Busteed at SHS
With accolades for the 2015 Support Staff of the Year and those in the District who recently earned masters and doctorate degrees, the District also recognized 9 new induction teachers with the Crystal Apple Award and 14 outstanding tea chers from each school with Teacher of the Year Awards. The award for the top District Teacher of the Year was presented to Jeremy Pruett, a veteran science teacher at Spartanburg High School. See all the excitement from the day captured in this photo gallery, thanks to SHS's John Wolfe. 
2015 SHS Grad Spins with Sptbg's Globalbike
When recent SHS graduate Taylor Moody signed on to cycle this summer with Spartanburg's homegrown non-profit, g lobalbike, she had no idea her trek to the Mt. Kilimanjoro region of Tanzania would so profoundly touch her heart.  Read more about Taylor's trip to East Africa and what's on her next horizon. 
Taylor at a village school in Tanzania
Wellness Work Wins Bronze
The students and staff at Jesse Boyd can take a bow! Thanks to a variety of wellness efforts, JBE will be honored this fall by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation for  leading comprehensive health, physical activity, and wellness efforts during the 2014-2015 school year. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, empowers kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Congrats to Jesse Boyd for doing just that!
Made in the Shade
The Smiths at 
The Kentucky Derby

Hey D7 friends, put your new shades on and share with us where you're going and what you're doing this fall! 
We received this snapshot from Allen Smith, President of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, who was sporting his D7 sunglasses at the Kentucky Derby. 
If we select your picture for 7Headlines, we'll send you a prize. If you don't have a pair of D7 shades, let us know, and we'll solve that problem.
The Viking Vendor is Open for Business
Get your game on and sport your Viking pride with a trip to the Viking Vendor. Located in the Spartanburg High School atrium, you'll find all kinds of spirited stuff. From boxers, baseball caps and belts to hoodies and all the hottest trends in blue and gold, the Viking Vendor is open 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th periods, Monday thru Friday. 
In This Issue
It's Time For Viking Football!

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