Volume 15 | Issue 3
August/September 2021
Moosehaven News
Heart of the Community
Things Are Really Heating Up At Moosehaven!
Planning is underway for our
11th Annual Chili Cook-Off at Moosehaven.
The event is scheduled for Saturday, November 13th
and will be a day full of fun!
A classic car show, art & craft vendors, food trucks,
live entertainment and the best chili around!

Come and judge for yourself!

Proceeds benefit K9S FOR WARRIORS.
Simply Helen
Helen Taylor, Executive Director
We Are Looking Forward!

We are moving full speed ahead with the planning for the Chili Cook-off on Saturday, November 13th. We are looking forward to a great day of fun with our brothers and sisters during a time of fun, friendly competition.

After a very long year of Covid precautions, in mid-March our campus returned to somewhat normal.  Unfortunately, as of August 1st, we had to make some changes. We are no longer going off campus on shopping or Lodge trips and we are not scheduling any non-emergent/elective procedures.  Residents are however, enjoying time together on our beautiful campus.

The High Definition upgrade to our TV System couldn’t have come at a better time. Our residents are enjoying the vivid picture and additional channels that were recently installed. The men and women love all of the sports channels, and the women not only have Hallmark, but also Hallmark Mysteries and Movies as well as a variety of other networks! 

Our residents are now 99.5% vaccinated and our staff percentage is climbing. In June it was near 60%.  We continually provide information to our staff to encourage the vaccine. While I am not satisfied with our employee vaccination percentage, the rate compared to most retirement and nursing communities is far above average.

In the past week there has been a lot of chatter about the President’s vaccine mandate for all nursing homes. We expect “CMS,” the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to send out more information within the next few weeks informing us of the mandatory date, etc. We will move forward with complying with all mandates at that time.  

We are excited about One Moose and looking forward to better days ahead, not only for Moosehaven, but for this fine organization!!!

On behalf of myself and our residents, thank you for your continued support!  

It's just me....Simply Helen
Bill's Board
Bill Tippins, Director of Operations
Whoever is not with me is against me,
And whoever does not gather with me scatters.
Matthew 12:30

Matthew 12 tells the story of Jesus traveling with his disciples on the Sabbath accompanied by a group of Pharisees. Matthew tells us the Pharisees are plotting to kill Jesus and taunt him by questioning the actions of Jesus and the disciples, from breaking barley to eat to miraculously healing the sick and blind, as being in violation of the Sabbath law.

The Pharisees claim Jesus’ ability to cast out demons comes from the demon Beelzebub. Jesus responds that he heals through the spirit of God (Holy Spirit). He answers them by saying, “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters. And so I tell you sin and slander will be forgiven but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not. Speak against the Son of Man will be forgiven, speak against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven in this age or the next.” (Matthew 12:30-32)

When we read Matthew 12 today we think of Jesus as being under siege by the Pharisees. They are following him, slandering him, and actually plotting to kill him. Although none of us can compare our situations to this, we all have times when we too feel we are under siege. The feeling can be overwhelming. At these times we tend to take one line from the passage out of context: Whoever is not with me is against me.

Many experts say that the division in our communities regarding politics, vaccination, use of mask and shutdowns fosters separation into groups. The pandemic-imposed isolations, economic changes, work environment changes and many other life style changes separate us into smaller and smaller groups. We don’t like what is happening to us and we need someone to blame. It has to be someone’s fault and that someone has to be outside our group. This is a part of what is called siege mentality. Once it starts people become very defensive, suspicious of others and vocal about their differences with other groups. It makes us reluctant to listen to or accept help from anyone outside our group. There is much more to siege mentality, and it can be extreme, but we see the signs of siege mentality growing. We certainly see aspects of it in the residents and staff of Moosehaven. I am sure others see it in their work and community.

Siege mentality affects our personal lives, our work lives, and our social lives. It affects our ability to reach out to our community; our ability to give or receive help. It has an impact on our ability to perform our mission effectively.

So, what do we do? Be aware of the signs we may be falling into this trap. Stop looking to blame others. Look for ways to be more inclusive of each other in our community not just our group. Don’t let your perspective narrow because aspects of life have changed. But mostly keep the whole context of Matthew 12:30-32 and remember to forgive those we perceive to be against us.

Bill Tippins
Up Close And Personal With
Bobbie Pack
Bobbie Pack is one of the most recent residents to make Moosehaven their home. After meeting and speaking to Bobbie a while, I can't imagine a more lively, likeable person!
Bobbie was born in Soldier, KY to parents Lertie and Viola Hamm. She is the baby of five which includes three sisters and one brother. Her oldest sister is now 94 and Bobbie is a young 79.
Growing up in Kentucky meant country living and small-town life. Her family had a big garden and were poor by most standards, but they didn't notice. They played outside during a time when it was safe for kids to do so.
Bobbie's mother passed away when she was only two years old and her father raised the five children by himself. He never remarried but had a couple of sweethearts through the years. In high school Bobbie played volleyball and was a cheerleader. She enjoyed both.
After leaving high school, Bobbie took a job as a Sewing Machine Operator with a company called Cowden's. Her company made Levi jeans. Over her life, she has had a variety of careers until retiring at age 55.
Bobbie decided to move to Dade City, Florida in 1997 to join friends who lived there. She joined the Moose Zephryhills, FL Chapter in 1999 after hearing all about Moosehaven. Even back then, she always thought she would like to move to Moosehaven one day.

One of her good friends, Bev Vincent, called her one day and said, "Let's go to Moosehaven!," and that was the beginning. One week after Bev was admitted to Moosehaven, Bobbie was also admitted. Bobbie moved into Centennial Hall and absolutely loves it! She said, "The move to Moosehaven has been very good for me. They really take care of you here - I have felt so protected." She concluded the interview with, "I now have the best life, better than I've ever had."

Make sure you say hello and welcome to Bobbie!

Marina Mathews
Director of Communications & Events
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Statistically Speaking...
  • We currently have 105 men and 171 women living at Moosehaven

  • Our oldest resident is Glenna McClain at 99.4 years!

  • Our resident living at Moosehaven the longest is James Thomas at 23.29 years!

  • We currently have 43 married couples living at Moosehaven

  • Our longest married couple is Jack & Louise Purtee at 75.10 years!