Volume 8, Issue 2

Trust News | April-June, 2020
The SLNT Champions Fair Helen's Patrimony
Observing World Heritage Day Amid COVID-19
The SLNT has a mandate to protect Saint Lucia’s patrimony, therefore observances like World Heritage Day are important to the organisation. World Heritage Day is celebrated annually on 18th April, and celebrates the importance of heritage, whether built, cultural or natural. This year’s theme for World Heritage Day was “Shared Culture, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility”, which has become even more significant as the COVID-19 pandemic causes us to take stock of what is really important and worth preserving for future generations.

SLNT Celebrates Earth Day 2020 Virtually!

Earth Day is an international observance for celebrating and taking action to care for the Earth. We have one planet on which to live and mistakes of the past have caused immense damage to the precious natural environment. However, we have begun to heal the Earth and appreciate its value to mankind. The SLNT held its first Digital Sòlèy Lévé and Sòlèy Kouché event which encouraged persons to post photos showcasing the beauty of Earth in the sunset or sunrise, for a chance to win prizes sponsored by Massy Stores Saint Lucia and the SLNT. The results were amazing. Click here to see the winning photos.

Small Contributions Add Up To Make A Big Difference. Help Us Make a Difference As We Work to Protect Saint Lucia's Heritage
Renewing your membership is important to us!
Every time you renew your membership to the Trust, all proceeds go toward programmes established for the conservation of the environment, wildlife and cultural forms. Together we strive for the continuation and preservation of all things falling under the umbrella of heritage- Our heritage.

So, whether you are in Saint Lucia or overseas renew your membership on our website. Fill out the form and pay online! Remember there is absolutely no back-payment. Access the renewal form through the link below or email membership@slunatrust.org with your queries.

Our land, wildlife and culture depend on your support!

SLNT Members at a Sòlèy Lévé Activity in Morne Pavillon
SLNT Stages Successful Virtual Membership Meeting
The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges, one of which was the inability of persons to gather for the usual SLNT quarterly membership meetings. However, the SLNT rose to the challenge and held its first ever virtual membership meeting on 16th May 2020. Zoom and Facebook live were the chosen platforms and provided an opportunity to reach out to and receive feedback from members in real time. Despite some technical challenges this activity was conducted successfully and the membership meeting was productive.

From top left: SLNT Director- Mr. Bishnu Tulsie, SLNT Chairperson- Ms. Alison King and SLNT Programme Officer- Communications and Advocacy- Mrs. Karetta crooks Charles
Promoting Museums for Equality in 2020
International Museum Day which is celebrated annually on 18th May is a time to recognize the value in our history and historical artefacts. This year the theme for International Museum Day was "Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion". The Trust chose to honour Sir Derek Walcott and Roderick Walcott who became revolutionaries of their time by incorporating the Kwéyòl language into their art. They brought about a greater sense of equality in the cultural history of Saint Lucia.

Sir Derek and Roderick Walcott.
Revolutionaries of their time
Celebrating World Biodiversity Day
World Biodiversity day, celebrated annually on 22nd May is a day to celebrate the variety of species around us and their value to our lives. This year for World Biodiversity Day the SLNT launched a Citizen Scientist Project dubbed “Saint Lucians Capturing the Impact of COVID-19 on our Biodiversity”. Persons sent in photos of changes in wildlife resulting from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it has caused humans to remain indoors and away from natural habitats. Prizes for the three rounds of this competition were generously sponsored by Massy Stores Saint Lucia.

Calling for Greater Measures to Protect Marine Turtles
Turtles are valuable marine animals and their importance is celebrated annually on 23rd June. World Turtle Day is a time to educate ourselves about these majestic reptiles and take stock of how our actions impact them. The Point Sable Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA) is a popular turtle nesting ground and the SLNT is proud to take care of and maintain this site among others for the preservation of species like turtles so that current and future generations may enjoy and appreciate their value.

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Celebrating Biodiversity on World Environment Day

Every year on 5th June, World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. This gives us all a chance to rethink our relationship with the environment, including how valuable it is to us and how our actions sometimes cause harm. The environment includes all our natural resources, therefore the SLNT is passionate about preserving it for current and future generations.
Caribbean Women Step Up And Advocate for the Escazú Agreement

Join these distinguished women as they discuss the importance of enacting the Escazú Agreement in the Caribbean region. The Escazú Agreement aims to empower citizens to obtain information and have a voice regarding environmental issues. Each interview will be live streamed on the SLNT Facebook page.

Celebrating the Importance of Our Oceans Through Painting

World Oceans Day is all about our oceans and marine environment. We all have a responsibility to take care of the ocean as it is as vital to the Earth as clean water is to us. For World Ocean Day, which is celebrated on 8th June annually, the SLNT held 2 art tutorials and competitions. One was for kids and the prizes were sponsored by Massy Stores Saint Lucia, and the other was a Paint-and-Sip art tutorial and competition with prizes sponsored by Saint Lucia Distillers!

SLNT Contributes to Celebrate Islands Video and Webinar About the Impacts of COVID-19

On the occasion of this 7th edition of Celebrate Islands, the SLNT made a video in collaboration with the Celebrate Islands team about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the island. The SLNT also partnered with Celebrate Islands for a "Building Resilient and Sustainable Islands" webinar. Several organisations participated in this webinar to share their experiences and make suggestions for dealing with the current crisis.
A concerted effort to preserve our heritage is a vital link to our cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, and economic legacies - all of the things that quite literally make us who we are.

-Steve Berry