Volume 8, Issue 1

Trust News | January - March, 2020
The SLNT Champions Fair Helen's Patrimony
Message from our Chairperson

Dear members and well-wishers,

During these past weeks the world has undergone unimagined changes at an unprecedented pace and with impacts that will take decades to recover from.  Return to normalcy, whatever that will be, will be slow and painful but the human spirit is resilient and I hope we will emerge from this more aware of our vulnerability, conscious of the need to build personal and national resilience and reflective of our humanity.

The response to Covid-19 has had devastating consequences for the Trust, as it has for most persons, organisations and the government. We are in a situation of near zero income with bills to pay, sites to maintain, programmes to run and staff to take care of. All staff who can, are working from home. Council and staff continue to meet using VoIP technology. We are actively engaged in planning for a phased reopening when this is possible, but from all indications our income will not return to normal for some months yet. We will continue to monitor the situation and take what may be tough decisions to ensure the organisation survives and our dedicated staff are accommodated.

I urge all to follow the guidelines to control local spread of the virus for this is the only way we can protect ourselves, our loved ones and our country.

Alison King
SLNT Membership Activity:
Viewing the Petroglyphs in Dauphin
Renewing your membership is important to us!

Every time you renew your membership to the Trust, all proceeds go towards progammes established for the conservation of the environment, wildlife and cultural forms. Together we strive for the continuation and preservation of all things falling under the umbrella of heritage--- Our heritage.

So, whether you are in Saint Lucia or overseas renew your membership on our website. Fill out the form and pay online! Remember there is absolutely no back payment. Access the renewal form through this link below or email membership@slunatrust.org with your queries.

Our land, wildlife and culture depend on your support!
Tribute To The Late Conservationist:
Simone Mondesir
We extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Simone Mondesir, who was a longstanding member and former councilor of the Saint Lucia National Trust.
Read our Joint Press Release on the Cabot Saint Lucia Development
The Saint Lucia National Trust along with the Archaeological and Historical Society and the “Lavoutte Links” concerned citizens group has prepared a press release speaking out against the Cabot Saint Lucia Development which is jeopardising important archaeological artifacts and natural heritage.
The SLNT to Protect Natural Resources and Support Livelihood Opportunities Under New Ecosystem Based Approach Project
The Trust will be embarking on a three-year project based on the theme of “Increasing the climate change resilience and public awareness of the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area and the Pigeon Island National Landmark ecosystems”, after having obtained approval from the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF). Focal areas of the project include mangrove, coral reef and sand dune assessment and restoration, livelihood assessment, coastal stabilisation studies and much more. An article outlining the process from presenting a proposal to approval, as well as key points of the project can be found on our website.
Meet the New Programme Assistants at the Trust
Dear Members,
I am Jessie Mayers, the new Programme Assistant for Membership at the Trust. I am 19 years old and very passionate about cultural preservation and sustainable development. I recognized that this was an area in which persons had very little interest and felt that it was my duty to try to raise greater awareness, especially among our youth.

The opening to work at the Trust came as a great opportunity to do just that! My aims are to engage more with members, help increase membership and to develop a stronger presence, for the Trust, on social media.

I look forward to working and interacting with you all!
Dear Members,

My name is Joanne Norville and I am pleased to be the newest addition to the Saint Lucia National Trust family. I have been a member of the Trust for almost 10 years, I am also no stranger to volunteering with the Trust as well as other organisations. I have a degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Management and have worked as a teacher which has enabled me to bring across environmental issues to the youth.

I am excited to be the Programme Assistant for Communications and Advocacy at the Trust, working alongside persons making invaluable contributions to the conservation of Saint Lucia’s heritage. I look forward to working and interacting with you members and future members, as we collaborate to promote the work and mission of the Trust for our benefit and that of future generations!
Nobel Laureate Festival 2020:
New Events Form Part Of Walcott Open House
Walcott House is the childhood home of world-renowned twins, Sir Derek Walcott and his brother Roderick Walcott, who lived there with their mother, father and sister. The Walcott House was vested in the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) to be converted into a “birth museum” with a mandate to uphold the legacy of the brothers. Walcott House has become a place to reexamine Saint Lucia’s history and culture in the body of work produced by Sir Derek Walcott and Roderick Walcott.

Several tours and some activities have taken place at the Walcott House, in an effort to increase awareness and appreciation for our heritage. We have a lot to be proud of. You can read more about these events on our website by following the link below.
Celebrating Forests and Biodiversity on
World Forest Day
Caribbean Youth Recognized Among the Champions of Escazú

Five outstanding young people from the Caribbean and Latin America were chosen and honoured as Youth Champions of the Escazú Agreement, at a ceremony in Santiago, Chile, at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean(UNECLAC) offices.

This event was held on the second anniversary of the adoption of the Escazú Agreement, which aims to ensure access to environmental information, participation in environmental decision-making and, justice in environmental matters for people in countries across the region, and to decrease socio-environmental conflicts and protect environmental defenders. In order for this treaty to be implemented, it must be ratified by eleven countries in the region. Currently, eight countries have ratified the Agreement, namely Guyana, Bolivia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Uruguay, Antigua and Barbuda, Panama and Nicaragua.
Photos: Deployment of Demarcation Buoys on
19 th March, 2020

The marine reserve off Maria Islands Nature Reserve was demarcated using buoys constructed by the Department of Fisheries, Soufriere Marine Management Area and the SLNT. Deployment was done by representatives from the same entities.

Saint Lucia Receives International Guidance on Restoring Forests and Ecosystems

Representatives from the Saint Lucia National Trust were invited to a Regional Workshop on Forest Ecosystem Restoration, which was hosted in Saint Lucia. A summary of the workshop as well as discussions and outcomes are outlined in an article on our website.

“Those without heritage, history, and place are subject to exploitation, manipulation, and deception.”

-Wayne Gerard Trotman