The Protector is a quarterly property loss control newsletter designed to provide a holistic approach to property risk management encompassing risk control, insurance administration, and claims management into one dedicated resource.

The newsletter is geared towards the successful navigation of relevant exposures your organization faces on a daily basis.  Additionally, we will explain key insurance topics, utilize expert advice from our strategic partners and Wisconsin fire departments, and review loss trends with the intent of mitigating and preventing future occurrences.

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The Protector / Ed 2 - Q3 2020
In this issue we focus on fleet risk management program components, highlight the City of St. Francis Fire Department, explain the concept of insurable interest, and cover best practices for mitigating auto physical damage claims.

In this issue:
  • Fleet Management: From Policy to Pavement
  • What Do You Need to Know:  Insurable Interests
  • Chief's Corner:  City of St. Francis Fire Department
  • Lessons Learned:  Auto Physical Damage