December 2020 | Issue 5
Hang on, 2021 is Just Around the Corner
For many of us, 2021 can’t come soon enough. Growing Climate Solutions is also excited for the new year. We have ambitious programs planned for the winter and are hopeful that by late spring or summer we’ll be able to safely convene our network of partners and stakeholders for in-person events and celebrations of positive climate actionsRead about what we’ve got planned and the feedback we want from you. (5.4 minute read)
Resilience and Conservation Fared Well in Local Elections
Conservation Collier Tax surcharge passes with 77% approval. In an election that had over 90% voter turn out, Collier residents show overwhelming support of public land acquisition. (3.4 min read)
Two Florida Cities Pass General Obligation Bonds to Address Climate Impacts. What can we learn from the battles and the voters' decisions? (4 min read)
Right to Clean Water Charter Amendment Now Law. by Linda Sechrist, RESET Center
Orlando passes a 'rights of nature' measure giving the Wekiva River and Econlockhatchee River rights.
(2.2 min read)
Living Greener
Think Deeper
Thoughts from Regional Director
Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin
What's Plan B?
A tenet of Growing Climate Solutions is that stakeholders who understand the reason the climate is changing, the magnitude of climate the impacts, and the various solutions, will be motivated to reduce their carbon footprint and proactively adapt to climate impacts. . The fundamental assumption is that lowering greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation, conversion to clean energy sources, and sequestering CO2 back in organic matter is the goal. But is there a different way? What if these mitigation efforts can’t achieve the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°, the perceived tipping point for irreversible environmental damage? Should we have a plan B? Read More ( 6 min read)
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