August 2021 Newsletter
Feature Story: How COVID-19 Affects the Eyes

In April of 2020, we published an article titled "Ask the Expert: How COVID-19 Affects the Eyes." The article was read by over 200,000 people in 180 countries. Today, we share with you a revised version of that article, updated to incorporate new research discovered over the last 16 months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vice Chair Appointment
Interim Service Chief Appointment
Dr. Jesse Berry has been appointed as the Vice Chair for Academic Affairs for the Department of Surgery and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). In her new role, Dr. Berry will work directly with the Surgeon-in-Chief of CHLA to advance the academic trajectory of the surgical faculty.
Dr. Benjamin Xu has been appointed as the Interim Service Chief of Glaucoma, effective September 1, 2021.

Awards and Grants
Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD, received the Ming Hsieh Institute (MHI) for Research on Engineering Medicine for Cancer grant award
Project Title: Bioengineered Neuro-Modulation for Neuroprotection and Neuro-regeneration
Award Date: August 1, 2021

Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, PhD, received a five-year NIH/NEI R01 grant. The grant is a competitive renewal of her project.
Project Title: Microtubule-based Transport in Lacrimal Gland Function
Award Date: August 1, 2021

Media Mentions
NBC's "California Live" interviewed Mark Humayun, MD, PhD, to learn about a new stem cell treatment that restores sight to those who have gone blind from macular degeneration.

Faculty Publications
Since August 1, 2021, our faculty have published 26 papers. Eligible publications included those that were e-published in August.

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