Women's climate leadership in Australia and entrepreneurship in Kenya
Fostering Women's Climate Leadership
In Australia, women are building a movement to tackle climate change. 1 Million Women has a simple goal with a big impact: get one million women to pledge to take small steps in their daily lives to save energy, reduce waste, cut pollution and lead change. 

Thus far, they have signed up more than 130,000 women to their campaign and committed to cut more than 100,000 tons of carbon emissions.
Life-Changing Entrepreneurship in Northern Kenya
The BOMA Project enables thousands of vulnerable, impoverished women to start small businesses in northern Kenya.

Two years on, 44,000 women and children are no longer living in extreme poverty. 98% of these small businesses are still in operation and the average household income has doubled. Read their story.
News From Our Lighthouse Activities
Here's a round-up of recent news from some of our Lighthouse Activities:

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