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Recap: Sarajevo Conference and the First Academic Appointment for a Graduate of our PHD Program
November 2015

Dear Friends,
There are quite a few things to share with you.  
First, Zorica Maros hosted a meeting in Sarajevo on October 1st entitled  "Crimes of Violence in Ethnic Conflicts: the Decline of the Imperative: Never Again!"  17 papers were delivered, mostly by Catholic professors though some speakers were members of the Department of Islamic Theology at the University of Sarajevo.  Zorica and the new dean, Fr. Darko Tomasevic hosted us.  It was wonderful.
While there, Antonio Autiero and I explored this fascinating city.  There was something in Sarajevo there that was definitely outside of the usual northern paradigm.  Sarajevo is neither 1st world nor 3rd world, neither Northern nor Southern.  It's emerging from its siege, it's Muslim and unemployed.  It knows little of the industrialized world, though it's on its periphery.  In a way, Sarajevo, a city with 9 bridges, is itself a bridge for all of us to get somewhere so as meet one another. 
Second, I am delighted to tell you that we received another $500 a year for ten years commitment to The Yiu Sing Lúcás Chan Scholarship for Doctoral Students to pursue biblical and/or Asian ethics at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram in Bangalore.  We now have $3150 commitments per year for 10 years.   Each scholarship is $1400 a year for three years and will cover tuition and room and board.  We are aiming for $4200 so that we can have one 3-year scholarship every year.  A $10, $25, $50, or $100 commitment per year for ten years helps get us closer to our goal.  Would you be interested in participating in this scholarship fund?  If so, please contact Kristin Heyer at kristin.heyer@bc.edu
Third, Sr. Anthonia Bolanle Ojo, Ph.D one of the beneficiaries of CTEWC Scholarship, has been appointed as a full-time lecturer in Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria.  She will be teaching social ethics.  Sr. Anthonia was our first Post-Doc at Boston College last semester and just published in the June issue of Asian Horizons (Lay Ministry and Ordained Ministry: Collaboration to Co-responsibility) in Vol. 9, No. 2, June (348-359).
Fourth, we have great contributions in the Forum.  MT Davila reflects on Pope Francis' visit to Cuba; Mary Jo Iozzio echoes the voices of the laity in the light of the recent Synod; Eric Genilo considers the summons to protect the Lumads, an indigenous people living on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines and Meghan Clark on baby elephants; Marianne Heimbach-Steins on the Synod. 
Starting next month, we begin focusing on our next conference... in Bogota!  More from MT Davila and Andrea Vicini then.   In the meantime, checkout our regional reports.

Zorica Maros hosted: " Crimes of Violence in Ethnic Conflicts: the Decline of the Imperative: Never Again!"  in Sarajevo.

Zorica Maros opens the conference, in Sarajevo

Jim Keenan sitting between Darko Tomasevic who became the Dean that day and Cardinal Vinko Puljić. At the end of the row is Antonio Autiero listening to the translation.

Congratulations!:  Sr. Anthonia Bolanle Ojo, Ph.D one of the beneficiaries of CTEWC Scholarship, has been appointed as a full-time lecturer in Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria
Sr. Anthonia Bolanle Ojo, Ph.D one of the beneficiaries of CTEWC Scholarship, is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Michael the Archangel, Nigeria. She successfully defended her Doctoral thesis in July, 2014. She is recently employed as a full-time lecturer in Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kaduna, Nigeria. Her area of specialization is Social Ethics.

Also recently: Asian Horizons (Lay Ministry and Ordained Ministry: Collaboration to Co-responsibility) has been published in Vol. 9, No. 2, June (348-359

CTEWC FORUM essays from Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and North America.

The Yiu Sing Lúcás Chan Scholarship

The Yiu Sing Lúcás Chan S cholarship  for Doctoral Students at Dharmaram.

we received another $500 a year for ten years commitment to The Yiu Sing Lúcás Chan Scholarship for Doctoral Students to pursue biblical and/or Asian ethics at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram in Bangalore.  

We now have $3150 commitments per year for 10 years.  

Each scholarship is $1400 a year for three years and will cover tuition and room and board.  

We are aiming for $4200 so that we can have one 3-year scholarship every year.  A $10, $25, $50, or $100 commitment per year for ten years helps get us closer to our goal.  

Would you be interested in participating in this scholarship fund?  If so, please contact Kristin Heyer at kristin.heyer@bc.edu

Report of the Annual meeting of moral theologians in India.
27 th Conference of the Association of Moral Theologians of India
At Papal Athenaeum/Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth
Pune, 23rd -25th October 2015
Theme of the Conference:
The Challenge of Peace and Harmony:
An Indian Moral Theological Perspective
The 27th Conference of the Association of the Moral Theologians of India (AMTI) began with the Holy Eucharist presided over by the President of AMTI Prof. Dr. Clement Campos, CSSR. In his homily and presidential address, he insisted upon the inner struggle of human beings between good and evil both at personal and socio-political level. He insisted that the promotion of peace is urgent in the age of violence and war which have overshadowed the humanity. The Secretary Dr. Augustine Kallely and the Treasurer Thomas Parayil coordinated the sessions. The conference has paper presentations from diverse perspectives by scholars from different parts of India.
Dr. Selva Rathinam, the President of the Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth of the host University pinpointed the need of the hour for the moral theologians of India to respond to the current scenario in India. He spoke o n the biblical understanding of peace and highlighted the interdisciplinary approach in our efforts to realize peace and harmony in India. Dr. Morris Antonysamy elaborated on the precarious relationship between religion and violence from the perspective of Mimetic theory of Rene Girard. Dr. George Kodithottam made an analysis of justice and peace tradition in the evolution of Catholic Social Teaching. Prof. Dr. Paulachan Kochappilly, the President of Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram of Bangalore, insisted upon the need of prayer in our inter-religious efforts for promoting peace.
Dr. Michael SVD presented a pap er on the current scenario of the struggles and problems of the Tribals in India. The participants felt the need to preserve the tribal identity on the face of the cultural onslaught of their multidimensional identity and survival. Dr. Amrit Tirkey (SJ) who hails from the Oran Tribe from Jharkhand addressed the deeper dimensions of the alienation of the Tribals from their land. Dr. Aind Bisu Benjamin pointed out from his personal experience the serious threat by Naxalites in India. He brought out the triple agony of the Tribals: first, their natural resources are robbed by Corporates with the help of the government; secondly, the Naxals themselves threaten the security and mobility of the Trib als; thirdly, in the name of controlling the Naxalite areas, the State machineries torture and persecute the innocent Tribals.
Dr. John Chathanatt´s paper was read out due to his inability to participate in the conference. His paper focused on the need for integral development from the perspective of the Catholic social teaching. Dr. Jose Thayil, SJ, the Rector of Papal Seminary, made a short survey on the history and development of the phenomenon of religious fund amentalism. He touched upon various religious traditions in understanding its deeper dimensions.
The Conference attempted to make a contextual response to the recently promulgated encyclical Laudato Si` by Pope Francis. Dr. Christopher VimalRaj expounded a preferential option for the earth from justice perspective.  He articulated the major shift from the preferential option for the poor to the option for the earth. Dr. Benny Abraham approached the encyclical from a Catholic anthropological perspective, particularly, by overcoming the dichotomy between anthropocentrism and ecocentrism. Dr. Stanislaus Alla looked at the encyclical from a Hindu perspective, namely, natu re as mother . It was followed by an open hour whereby the participants of the conference contributed their own perspectives and approaches to the question of eco-ethics.
The Conference was fortunate to have eight new members including two who have recently defended their doctoral theses. They were given opportunity to present salient elements from their research. Dr. Seena Rose (MSMI) articulated certain important findings of her thesis, the Moral Dignity of Marriage and Marital Fidelity among Christian Families in Kerala. Dr. Christopher Vimalraj introduced his research project on Legalisation of Euthanasia in India: A Moral Theological Reflection and Response. He brought out some challenges and approaches from Catholic point of view. He referred to the case of Aruna Shanbaug who suffered 43 long years after being strangulated.
Before the conclusion of the conference, the participants evaluated the current proceedings of the conference and suggested ways and means to improve the participation in future. The organizing committee welcomed ideas for venue and theme for the conference 2016. It was agreed upon to meet in Goa, from 21-23 October 2016. The organizing committee was thanked and appreciated for their efforts they put in for the success of the Conference. T otally thirty moral theologians participated in the conference.
Report Prepared by
Dr. Morris Antonysamy
Dr. J. Charles Davis

Regional News from Latin America
Novedades de América Latina:
Reportamos que Pablo A. Blanco (miembro del comité de planificación para América Latina) ha sido ascendido al cargo de Profesor Adjunto de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, en la Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. También ha sido designado Profesor Titular en la Escuela de Estudios de Posgrado de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
Claudia Leal provee los siguientes detalles de la convocatoria de Teologanda - la red de teólogas de América Latina y Alemania:
Espacios de paz
Signos de estos tiempos y relatos de mujeres
Buenos Aires, 28-31.03.2016
Sede: Facultad de Teología de la Universidad Católica Argentina
Convocatoria de Programa de Estudios TEOLOGANDA y
Foro de Teólogas Católicas Alemanas AGENDA
Modalidades de participación
1) PANELES GENERALES: con la finalidad de proponer y desarrollar la temática general del Congreso desde un enfoque interdisciplinario; son convocados por las organizadoras.
2) COMUNICACIONES EN MESAS TEMÁTICAS: para presentar y dialogar sobre contenidos relacionados con los diferentes ejes propuestos en circular 1. Los requisitos para inscribir comunicaciones están detallados en circular 2.
3) WORKSHOPS: dos módulos de taller y discusión grupal sobre temas especiales con la presencia facilitadora de una o más referentes; convocados por las organizadoras.
4) CURSOS CON CERTIFICACIÓN: tres módulos de clase sobre temas especiales a cargo de un equipo docente interdisciplinario, con certificación académica; son propuestos por las organizadoras.
5) CAFÉ TEOLÓGICO: espacio opcional de conversación libre sobre temas actuales propuestos por las/os asistentes al congreso con la presencia de una moderadora
Ante cualquier duda, consultar a la secretaría del congreso. El programa general de actividades será publicado en las próximas semanas.
INFORMES: Sitio web: http://teologanda.org/?cat=1
INSCRIPCIONES: Secretaría: Concordia 4422. CABA
E-mail: secretaria.2congreso@gmail.com
Anunciamos el próximo congreso de la Sociedad Brasilera de Teología Moral:
BELO HORIZONTE, 29/08-01/09/16
PUC-Minas (Av. Dom José Gaspar, 500 - Coração Eucarístico )
Anunciamos también la nueva directiva de la SBTM: 
Profa. Dra. Maria Inês de Castro Millen
Prof. Dr. P. José Antonio Trasferetti
Prof. Dr. P. Ricardo Hoepers
Prof. Dr. P. Ronaldo Zacharias
Prof. Ms. P. Celito Moro
Prof. Ms. P. Otávio Juliano de Almeida
También informamos las siguientes publicaciones:
MATOS, Henrique Cristiano José. Ecologia e Animais. Ensaio a partir de uma indignação ética. Belo Horizonte: O Lutador, 2015.
Alexandre A. Martins "O Evangelho de João e a Esperança: Por Uma Ética da Liberdade e do Amor" in: Teologia Moral: Fundamentos, Desafios, Perspectivas edited by Leo Pessini & Ronaldo Zacharias (Aparecida: Santuário, 2015), 107-144.
Alexandre A. Martins "Natalidade" in Dicionário do Concílo Vaticano II edited by  João Décio Passos & Wagner Lopez Sanchez (São Paulo: Paulus; Paulinas, 2015), 661-665.
 Alexandre Martins también comparte las siguientes presentaciones:
"Vatican II and Its Two Moral Faces: The Old Procreation and The New Cosncience" in 10th Biennial Meeting of the Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology, Oct. 26, 2015.
Award: The Albrecht von Boeselager Young Scholar Presentation  at 7th International Colloquium of International Association of Catholic Bioethics - Montreal (June 25 - July 2, 2015)
Presentation: "Solidarity and social justice in promoting mental health and wellness among impoverished young people."  Video with this presentation is available online at: 
Martins también anuncia la Conferencia en Fin de Vida donde participa como uno de organizadores juntamente con St. Camillus Hospice and Catholic Medical Associaiton. Andrea Vicini (comité de planificación del CTEWC, Italia/USA) es un de los principales ponentes en la conferencias.
Human Dignity ant the End of Live Conference: The Vistal Role of the Healthcare Professional.
Novermber 14, 2015-10-23
Wauwatosa, WI
Desde el 1ero de agosto Tony Mifsud, SJ (comité de planificación de América Latina) viene siendo Director de la Revista Mensaje: http://www.mensaje.cl/index.php.
Miguel Angel Sánchez Carlos informa sobre el 1er. Coloquio Internacional: "La comunidad eclesial a debate: entre su inoperancia y su recreación". Organizado por el Departamento de Ciencias Religiosas, la Línea de Investigación: "Religión Modernidad y Cultura en el México Contemporáneo", y el Proyecto de Investigación: "Ser y hacer comunidad en sociedades plurales y globalizadas", de la Universidad Iberoamericana, Ciudad de México. Del 10 al 12 de noviembre de 2015. Dirección electrónica: facebook.com/redeclesiologia2015. Sánchez colaborará en una mesa con el artículo titulado: "¿Ética cristiana con o sin comunidad?"
También anuncia el siguiente foro sobre la teología de liberación hoy día:
Apreciables integrantes del Consejo,
reciban un saludo cordial y nuestros mejores deseos. En el marco de los 50 años de la clausura del Concilio Vaticano II (8 de diciembre de 1965) y ante los nuevos desafíos del presente enviamos por este medio invitación a participar en el Primer Congreso de Teologías y Experiencias de Liberación en México "Raíces y Nuevos Horizontes de la Liberación Hoy", que se llevará a cabo los días 2 al 4 de diciembre del presente año, en la Ciudad de México (Av. Universidad 1700, Col. San Ángel, cerca del metro Miguel A. de Quevedo).
Dicho congreso tiene como objetivo sistematizar experiencias, teologías y espiritualidades para enriquecer las prácticas liberadoras en nuestro país, así como propiciar articulaciones posibles a partir de propuestas específicas que nos permitan encontrar nuevas respuestas a los nuevos y difíciles contextos de realidad; y quiere ser la oportunidad de hacer un balance de nuestras experiencias, reconocerlas, reconocernos en ellas, reconocernos unos a otros, unas a otras. Anexamos a la presente detalles del Congreso (objetivos, ejes temáticos, programa) e indicaciones precisas para participar en lo que queremos que sea también un ejercicio horizontal y participativo de construcción colectiva de herramientas y propuestas de liberación.
Sin más por ahora, reiteramos nuestros deseos y agradeceremos hagan extensiva la invitación a quien consideren pertinente de entre la comunidad académica y estudiantil del departamento.
Observatorio Eclesial, Centro de Estudios Sociales y Culturales "Antonio de Montesinos", Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con AL "Oscar Arnulfo Romero" (SICSAL-México), Teólogas e Investigadoras Feministas de México, Secretariado Social Mexicano, Conferencia de Superiores Mayores de Religiosos de México (CIRM), Asociación Mexicana de Reflexión Teológica Feminista (AMERTEF), Mujeres para el Diálogo, Fundación Don Sergio Méndez Arceo, Comunidad Ecuménica Magdala, Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos, Centro de Derechos Humanos "Fray Francisco de Vitoria", Observatorio de Violencia Social y de Género de Campeche, Comunidad Teológica de México, Comisión para el Estudio de la Historia de la Iglesia en América Latina y El Caribe (CEHILA-México), entre otros

Call for papers

Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology

Vol. 9, No. 4, December 2015

Call for Papers

Laudato Si'


Laudato Si', the first encyclical that addresses the environment, is already considered as one of the most significant encyclicals of modern times. Not only Catholics, but the society as a whole has acclaimed it as a ground-breaking document. December 2015 issue of Asian Horizons invites articles on Laudato Si'. The articles can be on any particular topic or theme that the encyclical presents, or reflections on specific issues based on the encyclical.


Suggested Topics (only recommendations, not exhaustive):

- What is Happening to Our Common Home?: The Magnitude of Ecological Crisis

- Climate: A Common Good

- Global Inequality and the Environment

- Preferential Option for the Poor and Option for the Earth

- Interrelatedness of all Creation

- Human Roots of Ecological Crisis

- Integral Ecology

- Care for Our Common Home: Global and Local Policies and Action

- Ecological Education

- Ecological Spirituality

- Care for the Earth and Pastoral Ministry

- Laudato Si': Ecumenical and Interreligious Dimensions

- Laudato Si': An Asian Response

- Laudato Si': An Indian Response

- Laudato Si': Challenges for the Present and for the Future


As usual, we welcome other articles on any area of theological interest and research.

Please send your articles (4500-5000 words, including the footnotes) at the latest by 31 October 2015. Kindly include the abstract of the article in 150-200 words and a short resumè of the author in 100-150 words.

Other regular items: "New Scholars": Abstract of doctoral theses (recently defended and not yet published); book reviews.

For submitting the articles and for more details: Shaji George Kochuthara (editor-in-chief): kochuthshaji@gmail.com


N.B. Kindly forward this to your friends and colleagues.


[Asian Horizons, published from DVK, is a forum for theological reflection in the Asian context marked by economic poverty, cultural diversity and religious plurality. Although the focus is on theological reflection in the context of Asia, we also address theological developments and concerns of the universal Church and try to dialogue with the Church in various contexts. Hence we welcome authors from all over the world. Asian Horizons was launched in 2007 as a biannual. From 2011 it is published as a quarterly. We have an editorial board consisting of members from India, other Asian countries and other continents.]



Asian Horizons, Dharmaram Journal of Theology

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2015: Vol. 9

March: After 50 Years: Ongoing Renewal of Moral Theology

June: After 50 Years: Apostolate of Lay People

September: After 50 Years: Church of the Future

December: Luadato Si'


2016: Vol. 10

March: Ethics, Theology and Technology

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