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December 2017

Dear Friends,
On Friday, December 1, we concluded Registration for Sarajevo 2018.
We have an amazing 437 with people coming from 78 countries. A special word of thanks to Andrea Vicini for overseeing the registration.
We have a few exceptions. Therefore we have extended registration until December 10 th. After that, we cannot admit anyone else. Instead, we must begin the visa process for about half of our registrants.
There's a great section on the Forum: Sr. Solange Ngah (Cameroon) on an "Ecological theology of Creation"; Mary Yuen from Hong Kong, "Who should decide who I am?" on Patriotism and Citizenship in Hong Kong;  Marianne Heimbach-Steins from Germany
on "Civil Status Law, Gender Identity and Catholic Ethics"; Claudia Leal (Chile) on Papa Francesco and Chile; and Shawnee Daniels-Sykes (US) on gun violence and other forms of killing.
We have a North American Report
We an Invitation to Join Video Conference ff January 19th EWA
A new book by Scaria Kanniyakonil
A teaching Position at Santa Clara
Happy Advent, friends,

Featured Forum Articles:

Mary Mee-Yin Yuen,  Who Should Decide Who I Am

North America Report
By: Tobias Winright
Any Catholic theological ethicists who will be in North America for the Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE), which will be in Portland, Oregon on January 4-7, 2018, are invited to the following session that is directly related to CTEWC! On Friday, Jan 5, 2:00-3:30 pm, CTEWC Planning Committee Members Linda Hogan, of Trinity College Dublin, and Kristin Heyer, of Boston College, will present a paper on "Beyond the Northern Paradigm: Catholic Theological Ethics in Global Perspective," with this abstract: "Notwithstanding the commitment to include historically underrepresented communities, Christian ethics continues to be dominated by the voices, concerns and methodologies of scholars from the northern hemisphere. In the spirit of 'looking around and looking forward' this paper analyses the field through the lens of the Catholic Theological Ethics in a World Church (CTEWC) network, whose mission is to interconnect within a world church not dominated by a northern paradigm. It highlights the inflection points where the absence of a sustained, critical mass of voices from the global south impacts the field and considers the likely re-prioritizations that will flow from the systemic inclusion of the multiple, diverse voices of majority world scholars.  Whereas its point of departure is of Catholic ethics, its analysis will proceed with an eye to the ecumenical implications." We hope to see many of you at this session!

In addition, also at SCE, I (Tobias) want to bring to your attention this year's joint session between the Ethics and Catholic Theology Interest Group and the Peace and War Interest Group on that evening (Jan 5, 9:00-9:30 pm), which will include a panel on "Active Nonviolence in the Catholic Church: the State of the Question in Light of the Recent Initiatives by Pope Francis and the Vatican Conference of April 2016." This session focuses on the Vatican Conference of Active Nonviolence in April 2016, which brought together theologians, practitioners, and Catholic and other Christian leaders from around the world. It generated an appeal to Pope Francis, asking him to write an encyclical on nonviolence and to develop a new moral framework for engaging conflict and violence. This session begins by recounting the conference and its significance by two of its organizers, Marie Dennis (Pax Christi International) and Eli McCarthy (Georgetown University); continues by exploring theological and ethical issues it raises as articulated by Margaret Pfeil (University of Notre Dame) and Tobias Winright (Saint Louis University); and concludes with a conversation with the audience. I hope you will attend, because this is really a topic that Catholic theological ethicists worldwide are engaging and ought to address. Perhaps we may use this as a springboard, moreover, for follow-up attention in July in Sarajevo.

Invitation to Join EWA 7 Videoconferencing
On Friday, January 19, 2018 there will be an interactive video conference featuring one of the paper sessions of the biennial conference of the  Ecclesia of Women in Asia (EWA), which will be taking place in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. EWA is a forum of Catholic women doing theology in Asia. EWA's vision is the development of theologizing from Asian women's perspectives and the recognition of Asian Catholic women theologians as equal partners in theological discussions within the Church and Academe. This is the 4th
 videoconferencing that EWA is holding in collaboration with partners from the Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church. 

Book Release
Bioethical Issues- A Catholic Moral Analysis
By Scaria Kanniyakonil

Professor - Christian Social Ethics
Jesuit School of Theology
Santa Clara University
The Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University invites applications for an open-rank position in Christian Social Ethics with a specialization in modern Roman Catholic Social Teaching, to begin Fall 2018. Areas of sub-specialization are open, but may include justice theory, race/racial justice, feminist/womanist/mujerista social ethics, liberation ethics, ethics of migration, economic or labor ethics, war and peace, ecological ethics, church and state, political ethics, or human rights. 

Joint Diploma in Integral Ecology 
The Pontifical Universities of Rome now offers a one year joint diploma in Integral Ecology.

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