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Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz Will Design An Airtight Social Media Background Check Policy For Your Department

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Public Administrators And In-House Attorneys Agree, This Type Of Specialized Policy Development And Training Must Be Done By An Outside Social Media Attorney Specialist.

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"I recently attended the online training for social media liability. It was the most informative training I have been a part of involving one of the most needed aspects of public service- social media. It opened my eyes to the many avenues of liability that was different than I thought and have been taught in my nearly 30 year law enforcement career. I have made this training mandatory for all employees, both sworn and not, at the agency I am charged with leading. I cannot explain how eye-opening the training was and how grateful I am that you offer this type of training."

Sheriff Shane Fisher

Wayne County, TN

October 18, 2021

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"Mark's program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities not discussed in other courses saves your public image, and big legal fees."


Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC

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"Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz proved today that if you don't have a social media law expert train your employees, you put your officers and organization at great legal risk."

Chief Craig Dispenza, Colts Neck, NJ

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"Your class opened my eyes to the liability that lies beneath the flashy facade. I had no idea of the possible legal ramifications of simply liking a post or other new social media liability issues. I would highly recommend this course to every Fire Department across the country."


Fire Engineer, Steven Ford

Flower Mound Fire , TX (2021)

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“Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process is

greatly appreciated.


Pat Cabrera, Office of the City Clerk

Las Vegas, NV

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My Social Media Background Check Policy Contains Specialized Language That Eliminates Liability Exposure When Your Social Media Screener Identifies

Disqualifying "High Liability" Speech...

  • You receive a policy that includes a specialized wording and codification process that strengthens your policy.

  • You receive a policy that includes key liability issues often overlooked by 99% of boilerplate policies.

  • You receive a policy that complies with new federal social media speech and privacy standards.
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3 Reasons Placing Blind Trust On Social Media Policies From Reputable Policy Services And Associations Exposes You To Personal Liability...

  • Social Media is a highly specialized area of the law. Most policy service and association attorneys' that write social media policies are not 30 digital media law specialists like me.

  • Most model polices often use risky boilerplate language that courts rule as overbroad.

  • Most model policies only include minimum standards and fail to uncover the nuances of new social media speech and privacy laws.

Cautionary Tale: See City of Petersburg v. Liverman 844 F.3d 400 (2016)

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