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“All the Believers were together and had everything in common.” Acts 2:44


“We are a Brotherhood of Churches.” 

This past week, I was able to meet with church leadership in assisting them in planning and preparing for VBS. I traveled to Levita Bible Fellowship of Coryell Association to serve them in a construction project, and I also attended the Erath Baptist Association Leadership Meeting hosted by Cottonwood Baptist Church where we heard some wonderful reports from WMU, BSM and Texas Baptist, along with guest missionary Jeremy Taliaferro. We also celebrated a virtual Mother’s Day with our son Daniel Ray and his family as they serve as missionaries in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Like many of you, I will be attending baccalaureate services and graduations in the next couple of weeks. Let us remember to pray for these graduating students as they start the next chapter in their lives. Pray that they will keep their focus on staying faithful to our Lord.


Each church should have received the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Quarterly Report for church review and information as we look forward in how we are able to serve the church and its leadership. I want to thank each of you for Serving and Sacrificing all for the Cause of Christ and for allowing me to serve you as we

together serve our Lord as a Brotherhood of Churches.” Your faithful support in meeting the needs of each church is making a difference in the life of God’s Church and in its mission of the Great Commission.


This week, we continue to provide multiple daily Ministry Resources, Pulpit Supplies, Church Administration Assistance, Church Search Committees, Providing Background Checks and Child Sexual Awareness Training, assisted churches in Sound/Social Media, setting up church websites, providing Encouragement to area pastors and servant leaders. 


On Sunday, May 28th I am honored to worship and preach at FBC Lometa of Lampasas Association followed by attending the worship service at Mother Neff Baptist Church of Coryell Association and that evening I will be coaching a softball game between FBC Hico and Fairy Baptist Church of Hamilton Association. 


Please take time to view the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Newsletter to remain connected to ministry needs & Resource/Training Opportunities and to


all upcoming Ministry, Training and Fellowship Opportunities.


If you have a ministry need or request, please do not hesitate to call your Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Office as we are here to serve you 24/7

View Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Brochure HERE

Hello everyone, I hope you all had an amazing week filled with the blessings of our God!

 This past Sunday, I lead worship at FBC Copperas Cove for both of their morning services. Following that I attended the Hamilton Baptist Association Leadership Meeting hosted by FBC Hico. Thursday, I attended the Erath Baptist Association Leadership Meeting hosted by Cottonwood Baptist Church.

This coming Sunday, I will be leading worship at FBC Crawford. Following that I will be attending a meeting at Mother Neff Baptist Church. That evening, I will be playing in a softball game between Fairy Baptist Church and FBC Hico.

 I am available to assist any of our area churches who need a guest preacher, worship leader, or musician, and I am available to give sound, video, and media consultations and assistance.

 We are in need of Musicians, Worship Leaders, and Local Church Missionaries to serve in our area Churches. If you feel led to serve in this area, please contact your Area Office at or 254-865-1299.

 I am here to serve you in all your ministry needs and it is my joy to do so. I look forward to meeting you as my wife Josalyne and I travel the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area visiting and worshiping with you on Sunday's.

Talon Keeney

Tri-Rivers Associate Director


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Church planting can be define as the practice of establishing a core of Christian worshipers in a parish, with the intention that they should develop into a thriving congregation. Second, church planting is the establishing of an organized body of believers in a new location. When looking at the definitions of church planting it is a good description. However, there is more involved to it. It involves evangelism, discipleship of new believers, training of church leaders, and for the church to be a biblical model for the congregation and the community. The bible teaches us Jesus spent time teaching his disciples before sending them out to share the gospel. Jesus gave them and us the Great Commission. “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28: 18-20). We read after Pentecost the disciples went out into the nations and shared the gospel making new believers in the cities they visit. Later, we read about Paul and his missionary journey who gives a good example of church planting. In Acts 14, he would spend time in each of the cities he visit to establish a body of believers and train the leadership. Then he would revisit the churches to check in and encourage them in their faith. In Paul’s letter he wrote to the churches to continue to encourage them even when he could not visit them. We also read about how those churches would send out missionaries to other cities, sharing the gospel and starting new churches. With learning from Jesus, the disciples and Paul they give us a foundation on how to go share the gospel and do church planting. We also learn from the bible that every nation, the people and each church is different but everyone is searching for something. And Jesus, the disciple and Paul helped them find what they needed. Just as it was during that time it is still true today people are searching for something. With us going out sharing the gospel and planting churches helps the people find what they are searching for.

The North America Mission Board says “We believe God uses church planting to heal brokenness.” Their method is: Brokenness is pervasive in every community across North America, and this brokenness is only healed through the hope of the gospel. Church planting is our strategy to spread the gospel, respond to brokenness and to bring about restorative healing — spiritually, emotionally, economically and socially. Their values: Church planting isn't just a ministry for individual planters. It's a ministry for the whole Church — corporately and globally. At Send Network, we value:

  • Seek first the kingdom- God is at work locally and globally.
  • Deepen devotion- Without prayer and the Word, we are powerless.
  • Stick together- We are a family united by a mission.
  • Think multiplication- God’s global mission demands disciples and churches that multiply.
  • Engage your city- The gospel changes lives, families and communities.

We can be involved in church planting by:

1.      Pray for church planter and the city they are working in

2.      Participate with a church planter- build a relationship with them, send them resources they need and go on a trip to help them with their work

3.      Plant a church- you or your church can become a church planter

4.      Multiply- discipleship and teaching the younger generations about missions develop mission leaders.


To learn more about church planting you can visit these websites:,, or

Email Donna Trusty (Tri-Rivers Women's/WMU Director) HERE
Email Bob (Tri-Rivers Hispanic Ministry Consultant) HERE

Briggs Baptist Church

is seeking assistance in the installing of their donated playground equipment on their church property. If your church is seeking a mission project that will make an immediate impact, please consider donating your time in helping a Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Church in ministering to their community.

If Interested in Helping, please Email us HERE
Learn More HERE:  KOZ MISSION STATEMENT To Train Men in Churches to Mentor Boys Using Outdoor Adventure.
Email Tommy HERE for More Information
Learn More/Print Brochure HERE
View Training Video HERE
Take Training Quiz HERE

Become a

Local Church Missionary

Serving Churches within the

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area

Serve Short Term or Long Term

Assisting a Church in reaching their Community for Jesus Christ

To Learn More & To Complete Application


If Your Church is Interested in hosting a

Local Church Missionary

to Serve in your Church & Community

please complete the

Church Missionary Request Form

Local Church Missionary Request Form
Donate/Apply/Learn More HERE
WMU of Texas | Request Consultation (
Try Sample Curriculum
WMU of Texas | WMU of Texas Group Registration (

WMU Staff and Contact Information

TAMIKO JONES Executive Director-Treasurer (214) 828-5150

BETH CAMPBELL Communications Consultant/ Mary Hill Davis Offering Project Manager (214) 828-5155

BRANDI JONES Marketing Specialist (214) 828-5152

RUTH MENDOZA Hispanic Ministries Contractor (214) 828-5150

JOYCE PORTO Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Multicultural 469.405.1638

FRANKEYA RILEY-TUCKER Financial Assistant/Sisters Who Care Consultant (214) 828-5331

CHRIS ROWLEY Christian Women’s & Men’s Job Corps State Consultant (737) 280-8660

MARISOL SANDOVAL Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Preschool, Children, Youth, and Young Adults (214) 828-5158

TERI USSERY Missional Lifestyle Strategist for Adults

(214) 828-5374

NAYELY VALLEJO Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

The WMU Office Information:

10325 Brockwood Rd., Dallas, Texas 75238

Phone: (214) 828-5150 | Email:

Tri-Rivers Podcast


feat. Rev. Richard Ray

Tri-Rivers Podcast


feat. Pastor Ken May and Rev. Fletcher Matandika

Tri-Rivers Podcast

"WMU Women's Build"

with Erath WMU Director Donna Trusty

Click HERE/Subscribe to the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area YouTube Channel or Listen on your Favorite Streaming Platform
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Has your Church Scheduled a Revival for 2023?

Please let us know by emailing us the following information to 


Name of Church 

Dates of Revival Services

Evangelist Name 

Worship Leaders Name


We are promoting all Revival Dates in the Newsletter and on the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Website

Has your Church Scheduled a Vacation Bible School for 2023?

Please let us know by emailing us the following information to 


Name of Church 

Dates and Times of VBS Services

We are promoting all VBS Dates in the Newsletter.

If your church is willing to Donate your VBS Materials to another Church please let us know.

FBC Gatesville

VBS - Deep Sea

June 4-8

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

FBC Copperas Cove

VBS - Twists & Turns

June 5-8

9:30 am - Noon

Fairy Baptist Church

VBS - Truth Travelers

June 6-9

10:00 am - 12:00 pm


June 12-15

9:00 am - Noon

Family Night (15th) 6:30 pm


June 12-16

5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Chapel of the Hills VBS

June 12-16

FBC Llano

VBS - Twists & Turns

June 12-16

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Selden Baptist Church

VBS - Twists & Turns

June 12-14

5:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Kempner Oak Hills Baptist Church

VBS - Babylon

June 19-23

9:00 am - 12:30 pm

White Mound Baptist Church and

Mound Cowboy Church


June 25-29

6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

FBC Lampasas

VBS - Twists & Turns

June 25-29

4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

School Creek Baptist Church

VBS - Spark Studios

June 27-30

5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Info: Alicia Straley 512-556-7522

Levita Bible Fellowship

VBS - Operations Restorations

July 23-27

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Better Together

Networking means leveraging efforts - working together.

And "together" means all of us - youth workers, teenage leaders, teachers, parents, other adults - everyone who loves kids.

We want to equip you to step out and work alongside youth leaders and other caring adults locally - empowered by national connections to reach and equip young people for Jesus Christ.


Or you can Email Kevin Miles

South Central Regional Coordinator

Email Kevin Here

Read Latest Newsletter from Kevin

We are excited to share that our latest resource is our online learning system featuring Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry which introduces learners to six essential characteristics emulating Jesus’ ministry:

  • Go deeper in intimacy with Christ
  • Pray with passion for God’s presence and power
  • Build leaders for in-depth and long-term ministry
  • Disciple students to move toward maturity in Christ
  • Penetrate the culture through relationships
  • Create outreach opportunities to reach students for Christ

While we still offer in-person training forums, we believe the addition of individualized online training will put this invaluable resource into the hands of many more people. Because we offer the training in English, Spanish, Russian, and Swahili, it will exponentially increase our reach. 


We are building on our past to influence the future. And we are giving JFYMO away free to youth leaders during our introductory period. You can learn more by visiting

Camp Agape is a ministry that brings healing to grieving children 7 - 12 years of age in a camp setting for 23 years. The 2023 Camp Agape summer camp will be July 3 - 6. Enrollment open now. We are also recruiting volunteers. 

To find additional information and to register go to Google Search, "Camp Agape". To help churches support this ministry this same web page offers a 3-minute video of last year's camp. At the side of every child participating is a "Buddy", an older teenager or young adult that participates in his or her activities. The camp needs "Buddy" volunteers.

Pastors Join Today

This private Facebook group is created for those serving as Pastors only within the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area. This private group is a safe place for Pastors to share prayer concerns, victories and resources with fellow Pastors. On the 10th day of each month, we are asking each pastor to pray for one another.

This Pastors Only Facebook Page was created by

Pastors for Pastors.

We are a Brotherhood of Pastors.

Join Us Today


Church Registration for On-Site Active Shooter Response Class 


Tri-Rivers Baptist Area will offer free Certified On-Site Active Shooter Response Class. Bob Ray III is Texas DPS Certified in Active Shooter Response. He is available through your Tri-Rivers Area Office to educate your church safety/security team and congregation. There is no cost to your church.


Register your church for the Active Shooter Response Class opportunity by calling your Area Office or Register On-line Below

 (254) 865-1299 * 

Register HERE
tbm logo.jpg

Start your training by enrolling in an online class below:

Disaster Relief Orientation

This is where TBM Disaster Relief training begins. All TBM Disaster Relief volunteers must complete this training as well as a background check in order to serve. This class provides the fundamentals for serving in the wake of disasters. Click here to begin.

All participants must have first taken the orientation class.

Food Handling Training

A warm meal warms the soul after a disaster. You can provide that critical meal through TBM feeding teams. Click here to begin.

Fire and Flood Recovery Training

Fires and floods can ruin everything a person owns in a few short hours. Learn how you can deliver help, hope and healing after these disasters. 

Click here to begin.

Box Unit Training

When people lose everything in a disaster, they will begin the painful process of trying to salvage their items. Through TBM box ministry, you can walk alongside them in that process. Click here to begin.

Shower/Laundry Training

After a disaster, a hot shower and clean laundry are an immense blessing. You can provide that through TBM shower/laundry teams. Click here to begin.

Rebuild Training

This course empowers you to rebuild homes after disasters. 

Click here to begin.

Whether you want to go on a mission trip, serve at your church's Vacation Bible School or have your Bible study group do a service project, you can change a life this summer through TBM. 

Here are some ways to do that:

Mission Trips

Water Impact Team: Ghana

June 15-27

When TBM drills a water well, it opens up avenues to share the Gospel. Join a team to teach hygiene classes and share the Gospel through evangelistic events in Ghana. Learn more ...

Vision Quest: Honduras

July 14-21

Discerning God's direction for your life is one of the most difficult tasks you can tackle, especially for college students. Through this unique experience, TBM leaders help young people hear God's call. Learn more ...

Water Impact Team: Peru

July 28-Aug. 5

Drill a water well and share the Gospel in a Peruvian village. You and your team will provide clean drinking water as well as share about the Living Water that is Jesus Christ. Learn more ...

Revive Crockett Family Camp

July 30-Aug. 4

Crockett, Texas

Join together to help Revive Crockett as we work in the community and minister in its neighborhoods. Learn more....

Camps for Youth

Royal Ambassador Summer Camps


Royal Ambassadors camps get boys out into nature where they can have fun, be themselves, learn some skills and mature in their faith in a safe, caring environment. Learn more ...

Vacation Bible School Resources

VBS Missions Resources

Looking for a missions emphasis for your VBS? How about TBM Disaster Relief!

TBM has stories, activities and additional material for you to easily use during your VBS. Learn more ...

Service Projects for the Entire Church

First Step Kits

The journey out of the most difficult days of people's lives begins with taking a first step.

You can help people do that by putting together First Step Kits, hygiene bags that meet basic needs for struggling people who have lost everything in the wake of a tornado, hurricane or one of life's other disasters. Learn more ...

Messages of Hope

After a disaster, TBM Disaster Relief teams provide boxes and packing paper for people to use to pick up their belongings.

Our packing paper includes handwritten and hand-drawn prayers, encouragement and inspiration from people like you. Learn how your church can write Messages of Hope ...

Learn More/Start Your Will HERE

To view the list of Bible Studies Available at your Area Office, go to our website or click Here

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area is partnering with Restoration Advocates, Inc. as we continue to minister to victims of Domestic Violence. 

Restoration Advocates exists to provide the care and support necessary for women, and their dependent children, who are victims of domestic violence and other dangers that place them at risk of life or physical harm and/or deprive them of their overall safety and sense of well-being. Our mission is for every woman in an unsafe home to have the confidence, as well as the resources, to independently support herself and her children.  


To that end, we have established a safe haven called Restoration Place, where survivors of family violence can live in safety as they restore their lives to health and happiness. Restoration Place provides emergency housing for women and children in crisis, and we also offer transitional housing for a period of up to two years if that is needed for the family to be fully independent and self-supporting. Learn More HERE 



Dear friend and Associational Leader,

Dear friend and representative of your Baptist Association, 

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Oliver R. Martinez, and I am the new Recruiter for the Hispanic Theological Education Program at the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. If you are interested in learning more about our online Spanish courses, you can visit our website at the following address: The great advantage of our Spanish courses is that you can continue serving God in your ministerial context while studying in our Seminary. Besides, our Hispanic Theological Education is totally affordable, accessible, accredited, and achievable! We would love for you to be part of our great B.H. Carroll Family! 

I have copied in this email Dr. Adlín Cotto, the Director of the Master's Degree Programs and Hispanic Studies, who will also be more than willing to clarify any doubts or answer any questions you may have about our Spanish courses.

Without any further comments, I say goodbye, but not before making myself available to assist you in any way that I can. I would love to connect with you, and share about the great things God is doing at B.H. Carroll. I hope to hear from you soon! 


Querido amigo y representante de su Asociación Bautista:

Quisiera tomar un momento para presentarme. Mi nombre es Oliver R. Martínez, y soy el nuevo Reclutador del Programa Hispano de Educación Teológica de B.H. Carroll Theological Institute. Si usted está interesado en conocer más acerca de nuestros cursos en español en línea, puede visitar nuestro sitio web en la siguiente dirección: La gran ventaja de nuestros cursos en español es que usted puede continuar sirviendo a Dios en su contexto ministerial, mientras estudia en nuestro Seminario.  Además, ¡nuestra educación teológica en español es totalmente asequible, accesible, acreditada y alcanzable! Nos encantaría que usted pudiera ser parte de nuestra gran familia de B.H. Carroll. 

He copiado en este email a la Dra. Adlín Cotto, Directora de los Programas de Maestría y Estudios en Español, quien también estará más que dispuesta para aclarar cualquier duda, o para responder a cualquier pregunta que usted pudiera tener acerca de nuestros cursos en español.

Sin más por el momento, me despido, no sin antes ponerme a su disposición para cualquier cosa en la que yo pudiera ayudarle. Me encantaría conectarme con usted y compartir las grandes cosas que Dios está haciendo en B.H. Carroll. Espero escuchar pronto de usted. 


 Oliver R. MartínezRecruiter for the Hispanic Theological Education Program

6500 N. Belt Line Rd, Suite 170

Irving, TX 75063

pastor search.jfif

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Churches


Surrounding Area Churches

Seeking Pastors & Ministry Staff

View Church Profile and Submit Resume


worship pastor search.jpg

Live Oak Baptist Church - Gatesville

Seeking Part-Time Minister of Music

The position will be responsible for leading worship on Sunday Mornings and Choir Rehearsals on Wednesday Evenings. Current job description includes additional details of position, which would be reviewed with interested applicant.

Hours not to exceed 14 hours per week, with hourly wage of $16.75.

Please send resume to

Granite Mountain Baptist Church

500 FM 1980

Marble Falls, TX 78654

Seeking Part-Time Worship Leader

If Interested contact Pastor Les Reed at

Cherokee Baptist Church is looking for a motivated and energetic person to lead our church in Worship as our part-time music minister.  

Cherokee is on State Highway 16 between San Saba and Llano.  We are a small congregation, running around 50-60 in Sunday School and 75-100 in worship.  We utilize a traditional worship style, primarily singing hymns, while blending in more contemporary worship music. We have projectors/screens/worship presentation software that are used in worship every Sunday morning.

We have a seasoned AV & sound tech team, so expertise in AV & sound equipment is not required but is a plus. We are blessed with musical talent on the piano, so playing piano (or any instrument) is not required, but is a plus. The salary is $250 per Sunday, plus $50 for travel expenses.

Interested and motivated applicants may submit a résumé to:

Cherokee Baptist Church

P.O. Box 117

Cherokee, TX 76832

Childrens Ministry Logo.jpg

Cross Bearer Baptist Church is in need of a piano player. For more information contact Bro. Fisher


Oakalla Baptist Church is looking for a pianist for their Sunday Services.

They are willing to pay a honorarium.

If you are interested please contact Bro. Clay Cole: or (254) 681-7397

youth minister search.jpg

FBC Gustine 

Looking for a part-time youth minister

Contact Pastor Emmanuel Jimenez for more information


Cabin Creek Baptist Church, Lamar Arkansas Seeking Pastor

We're Cabin Creek Baptist; a very small church in a tiny town. The population of our town of Lamar, Arkansas is about 1,000. We are one of two SBC churches (ours was formed after a split 40 years ago.) We have been declining in membership for the past several years, for various reasons. 

However, right now there's a good spirit of unity among the remaining members (we usually run about 25 - 30 on Sunday mornings.) We have had an interim pastor since last August. He's a very Godly man, and has helped us tremendously. We're soon (after next week) going to start a study of Mark Clifton's book, "Reclaiming Glory". We're ready! We've had several outreach efforts within the past year, trying to connect with the community. We live in a very low income area. 

Our property is completely debt-free. We have a lovely worship center and a large Family Life Center which is a perfect location for reaching the community. The members who are left are in harmony and wanting to do whatever it takes to reach the lost around us. We just need a leader who has a burden for the lost and a passion for making disciples! 

Send Resume to:

Sharon Wheeler

479-970-5819 (mobile)

210 South Rogers Street

Clarksville AR 72830

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RV Promo.jpg
Selden Organ.jpg

(Not actual picture)

Selden Baptist Church has a 1960s Hammond Organ available. 

It has a single locking base and full keyboard. 

Contact Milton at 254-386-7966

Piano Tuning.jpg

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area Office

950 CR 227

Hico, TX 76457

Monday: 9:30am-3:30pm

Tuesday:   9:30am-3:30pm

Wednesday:  9:30am-3:30pm

Thursday:     9:30am-3:30pm

Friday: On Call

Sat-Sun: On Call

Contact/Schedule a Visit:

254-865-1299 - Office

432-202-1526 - Richard Ray, Director of Missions

254-736-0410 - Talon Keeney, Associate Director

Tri-Rivers Baptist Area

950 CR 227, Hico, TX | 254.865.1299