MJM Fundraising Event and Auction
August 11 - September 19, 2020!
MJM is incredibly excited to announce The 5th Annual MJM Fundraising Event and Auction! Due to the uncertainties of COVID-19, we are going virtual this year. The monies raised through this once a year signature fundraising event goes entirely toward the program and services MJM brings to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Our goal is to raise $55,000 through your gifts, business sponsorships, churches and our annual auction, presented by Funwood Auction Sales. 

MJM’s online auction will be held September 12-19. Anyone who registers for the event and makes a donation to MJM will be allowed to view and bid on our auction items from September 12-19! A wide variety of nice auction items are being procured on a daily basis. Please donate today! If you wish to donate to an individual team, please choose “Donate to a Team”.

A Letter From our Executive Director

Dear MJM Family,

Let’s ponder two facts for a moment. On March 11, 2020 COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. Exactly 16 days later, the US Congress passed the CARES Act which literally provided 3 trillion dollars into the economy for the welfare and salvation of US citizens. 

Immediately my thought was if our nation can join together to meet the need of the normal John and Jane Doe in an emergency, why can’t we, in a similar way, band together and meet the needs of the vulnerable special needs population. The sad fact is there were over 14,000 individuals with I/DD in North Carolina on an average 5 year long waitlist to receive governmental support for programs and services before the pandemic, and there will be over 14,000 individuals on the waitlist after the pandemic has passed.   

Mount Jubilee Ministries has a simple mission. We exist to bridge the gap in services for the special needs community. Because of friends and family like you, MJM is making a difference. For over 15 years, we have been enriching the lives of our special friends through Christ centered summer camps, day programs, social activities and seminars on critical information for parents and caregivers. And this is just the beginning!  

Please accept our deepest gratitude for your support, prayers and encouragement as we press forward to meet this critical need. 


Cecil Cottrell
Executive Director

What's the Latest on MJM's His Path Year-Around Program?

WE’RE SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Right now "we are itching at the bit" to get started once again. After a successful launch last December and with the momentum of interested families rising, we can't wait to open up once again! We’ll let you know as soon as we develop our reopening plan. In the meantime, if you know someone who may be interested, please refer them to our Program Director, Jenna Moore, at HisPathMJM@gmail.com.

MJM Our Volunteers

A special thanks to Rebekah Williams for her past design contributions and technology assistance to MJM. What a gift she was to us from December through June! We are sad to lose her but the Mountaineers are calling. Rebekah is attending Appalachian State as a Freshman this year.

Which leaves MJM in need of a volunteer who will serve as MJM’s social media coordinator. Could it be you? For details, contact Bonnie Larson at BonnieLarson2@gmail.com and she will give you the details.

Mount Jubilee Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 81, Reidsville, NC 27323