Apr 4, 2019
Regional Roundup
The Health Committee facilitates policy discussions, the exchange of information, and the identification of best practices among members in an effort to address the region's critical health issues and needs. In 2019, the committee will convene during the 72nd Annual Meeting for in-person member conversations including topic experts for selected key issues.

Representative Eric Barlow - Currently serving his fourth term in the Wyoming House of Representatives, Rep. Barlow also holds the title of Majority Floor Leader for the 2019 session. During is legislative tenure, he has dutifully served on the Labor, Health and Social Services Committee, including two years as the Chair.   Read Full Bio
Representative Deborah Armstrong - First elected to the New Mexico legislature in 2012, Rep. Armstrong currently serves as the Chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee, as well as the Interim Bicameral Health and Human Services Committee. Her professional experiences bring more than 40-years of experience in health care to her work in the legislature.  Read Full Bio

Watch for updates on regional on health topics in the next newsletter!
Regional Updates

Applications for the position of 2020 CSG West Vice Chair are now being accepted. Western legislators interested in serving as an officer of the organization are encouraged to review the criteria and submit an application. 

The CSG West Nominating Committee will review applications and conduct interviews during the upcoming Annual Meeting in Big Sky, Montana. The selected legislator will succeed to the position of CSG West Chair in 2022.

On March 11 through 13, Edgar Ruiz, Director of CSG West, along with staff member Erica Miller traveled to Salem, Oregon for a visit with state legislators and staff. The visit allowed for meetings with legislative members, legislative staff, CSG West committee members, and Western Legislative Academy (WLA) alumni to learn about the session priorities, as well as deliver information on current member programs and services.

This year's session has been busy with substantial legislation passed and signed by Governor Kate Brown. Early in the session, Oregon made history with the implementation of statewide rent control measures. Additional topics receiving significant attention are vaccination exemptions, cap and trade regulations, and education. 

CSG West staff arrived at the Hawaii State Capitol on March 19 for the annual state visit a week after Capitol staff and legislators had celebrated the 50-year Anniversary of the Capitol Building with ceremonies and symposiums highlighting the form, function, and important cultural values the building embodies. During the visit, Past CSG West chair, Senator Brian Taniguchi, and Representative Lynne DeCoite, chair of CSG West's Agriculture Committee, introduced CSG staff in the Senate and House, respectively. Senator Taniguchi graciously co-hosted the Western Legislative Academy (WLA) Alumni Breakfast where legislators were able to connect and share information about their experience at the WLA, as well as learn of the organization's activities for the year. 

Border Region

In 2017, the population in Tamaulipas reached almost 4 million, accounting for 2.9% of Mexico's total population. As depicted in their coat of arms, the state boasts a diversified economy including fishing, agriculture, and automotive industries.  Tamaulipas shares several ports of entry with the United States, all of which are shared with Texas. The city of Nuevo Laredo is home to the World Trade Crossing, a terrestrial port for international trade representing over 60% of the truck traffic between Mexico and Texas.

The Tamaulipas Legislature is a unicameral assembly of representatives of the people, called the State Congress, formed by Deputies who work full-time and are elected every three years. Currently, the legislature consists of 56% male and 44% female Deputies, thirty committees, and five political parties. 

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