May 30, 2019
Regional Roundup
The CSG West family recently lost three members - Nevada Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson, New Mexico Senator John Pinto, and Oregon Senator Jackie Winters. All were dedicated public servants who's work strengthened both their communities and their legislative institutions.  They will be deeply missed and CSG West pays tribute to their service.
US - Mexico Updates
In April, the California State Assembly launched the California-Mexico Dialogue offering leaders and stakeholders a sustained, coordinated, and productive platform to carry out a more structured approach to enhancing bilateral relations and find solutions to common concerns.  The program is led by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon who will work closely with various stakeholders in California and Mexico to determine annual topics of focus as the initiative is built out. Primary participants are legislators from both sides but other officials, including cabinet secretaries and ministers, policy experts, local leaders, representatives from non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders will be invited where appropriate.

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During a recent visit to the state legislatures of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila in Mexico, CSG West staff enjoyed an opportunity to share upcoming program plans with legislators and learn more about their legislative focus related to border policies. A key topic of conversation was plans for the upcoming Border Legislative Academy (BLA) and Border Legislative Conference (BLC) coordinated by CSG West. Both programs are hosted annually inviting legislators and stakeholders from the U.S. and Mexico border states to convene for collaborative and educational programming.

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Regional Updates
On Friday, May 24th, CSG West joined a group of regional and state associations in sending a letter to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator expressing continued concerns about its plans to revise its guidance governing the implementation and administration of Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. The agency's constrained timelines to review, revise and replace longstanding guidance has heightened concerns about EPA's ability to consult states in a meaningful and collaborative manner. 

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