June 2020
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Citizens Serving Communities to Shape Lives and Save Lives

Inside this Issue... CAP passes 3-million-meal mark, everybody loves a parade, shop and support cadet scholarships, still saving lives, submarine base exercise, alumni spotlight on CAP WWII alumnus, donate your wheels and wings, equipping our missions with Cessnas, new tools to assist in community response and youth programs, Asian American-Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and final salute
 CAP Passes 3-Million-Meal Mark
During Pandemic
More than 100 volunteer members of the Indiana Wing assisted four food banks and pantries over Memorial Day weekend, pushing Civil Air Patrol’s total meals distributed to over 3 million during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On May 23, Indiana Wing members contributed a single-day total of over 600 volunteer hours of support, helping distribute 114,554 meals to Indiana residents. 

“During my visit to Indianapolis, I was inspired by members of Indiana Wing—cadets and seniors alike—who selflessly serve their community, the state of Indiana and the nation,” said Brig. Gen. Ed Phelka, CAP’s national vice commander. “Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard to help us reach this significant milestone!”
CAP's National COVID-19 Response Thus Far
as of 12 June 2020
In looking at the map, has your state received COVID-19 response by CAP?
Yes, my state is highlighted. Thanks, CAP!
Not yet, but I am sure members are awaiting assistance as soon as requested
CAP's Video Corner:

Because Everybody Loves A Parade!
Connecticut Wing members provide a "Mystic-al" parade for local family
Members of Civil Air Patrol's Connecticut Wing, joined by state and local law enforcement and emergency personnel, surprised Robby Porter and his devoted mom, Sherri Zummo, with a drive-by birthday parade on June 2.

The parade in celebration of the young Mystic man's 22nd birthday was the idea of 1st Lt. Jay LaVoie, the wing's logistics and transportation officer, who saw a recent "Connecticut Families" TV report detailing Zummo's struggles with her intellectually disabled and deaf son since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
Video courtesy of WTNH-TV, New Haven, CT
Father's Day is Sunday, June 21
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Saving Lives!
CAP Is Credited With Saving 81 Lives This Fiscal Year
as of June 12, 2020
True to Our Roots
Connecticut Wing Carries Out Exercise with Submarine Base
The Connecticut Wing participated in a training exercise, “Operation Bird Dog,” to demonstrate Civil Air Patrol capabilities in aerial anti-terrorism force protection support at Naval Base New London in Groton.

The exercise was also designed to train the U.S. Navy’s new submarine commanders through an opposing force simulated event.
Alumni & Friends Spotlight
Mr. James Parsley
CAP World War II Cadet
Texas Wing
Why did you join CAP?
I have always been interested in flying. I enlisted in the Civil Air Patrol in January 1942 at the age of 16. I was assigned to Coastal Patrol Base #10 at Beaumont, Texas as a radio technician. The base was brand new and had no facilities for extensive personnel. Therefore, most enlisted were housed in various hotels and rooming houses around Beaumont.

What is/was your career?
I earned my Airplane Single-Engine Land license and over the years owned three 1946 Aeronca Champs and a 1960 Cessna 170. I worked with Texas Electric Service Company for over 44 years: 25 as a meter foreman and 19 as a field engineer. In 1970, I signed with a research group to ascertain the entities responsible for mercury discharge in the Port La Vaca Bay area. 

After retiring, I volunteered at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport for six years and at a local hospital. 
I married a lovely woman in 1945 and we have two equally beautiful daughters. My wife passed away in 1997. I am now in a retirement center with my new wife and doing as well as a 94-year-old can do. 

I received a replica of the Congressional Gold Medal in 2017 for serving during CAP’s aid to America in World War II. I sincerely hope that any remaining CAP CGM recipients will connect with me soon. 

What specific lessons/experiences from CAP has influenced your career/life?
I was standing guard near the end of the runway in a guard shack approximately 8x8x8, 10 feet above the ground, when a B-17 had to make an emergency landing on our little short field. On rollout, it stopped with a propeller chewing the corner of our ammo dump, which was about 25 feet from the guard shack. I had long since jumped over the rail and landed well, nothing broken.
You Can Donate Your Car, Boat, RV or Plane!
CAP Launches Wings & Wheels Program
Civil Air Patrol has partnered with IAA, a national leader in car donation programs, to launch a new program, Wings & Wheels .

Now donors can donate their planes, cars, boats, RV's and heavy equipment to benefit CAP programs. Promote this program and receive donations for CAP units!
Do you have an airplane, car, boat, or RV that is taking up space these days?
Yes, I sure do and am excited there might be a way to support CAP!
Yes, I do, but I am holding on to it for now. Just need to add a bit more dust.
Hmmmm, not sure because I have so many toys...
My wheels are still adding miles.
Not at this time, but thanks for asking!
Speaking of Airplanes...
CAP & Textron Contract for 17 New Cessnas
To Equip Missions
Civil Air Patrol’s long-standing collaboration with Textron Aviation Inc. continues, as the Cessna manufacturer was recently awarded a new contract for 17 piston-engine aircraft.
Using fiscal 2020 funds, CAP agreed to purchase 11 Skyhawk 172s, five Skylane 182Ts and one Turbo Stationair HD T206H.
They will join CAP’s fleet of nearly 550 Cessnas currently in use, making the organization the world’s largest Cessna piston operator
Donate To Assist CAP's Community Response
Or Support CAP's Youth Programs
Through These New Tools!
A tool to  give directly from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA ) : Though the CARES Act waived the required minimum distribution (RMD) from IRAs for 2020, those who own these accounts still get the same tax benefits from making a qualified charities distribution (QCD) as opposed to donating a direct cash gift. Giving from an IRA today provides immediate resources to support our citizens serving communities in a moment when it’s truly needed.
A tool to  transfer appreciated securities : Donating appreciated stock is an option for CAP supporters seeking to avoid paying capital gains tax. It alleviates their tax burden but also creates a powerful opportunity to save and shape lives across the nation.
Leah Hing, WWII CAP Member
Leah Hing, a World War II member and the first female U.S.-born Asian American Pacific Islander to earn a pilot’s certificate, volunteered with the West Coast Civil Air Patrol.
L eah Hing’s route to her pilot’s license proved circuitous, beginning with forming a band in 1927 called the Portland Girls’ Orchestra.

The band toured the U.S. and Canada with a vaudeville troupe for two years after she graduated high school.

While on tour in Chicago, she had the opportunity to fly...
Civil Air Patrol Final Salute
Civil Air Patrol offers friends and family the ability to make gifts in memory or honor of someone special. Tribute/memorial gifts made through the link below are listed in each issue of the  Civil Air Patrol Volunteer  magazine.
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