It's now official. After months of rumors and promises, the widely supported National Unity Government (NUG), the self-appointed leaders of the resistance movement against the military junta, has finally called upon all Myanmar citizens to rally together to overthrow their oppressors. The People's Defense Force (PDF) has been recruiting and training fighters, as have a number of ethnic-based militias, in anticipation of this declaration of war.

Fighting has reluctantly been embraced by Christian leaders as well as some Buddhist leaders as the only way to free themselves from the scourge of military dominance and destruction. Since the declaration, fighting has already increased, with dozens injured and killed, especially in Chinland. From this point on, we should expect more and more combat, beginning in the rural areas and moving eventually to the main cities. Humanly speaking, the odds are against the NUG and PDF, but the masses of citizens are with them, and the hope is that the international community will increasingly support them in their struggle for freedom.

Here a few more links to recent news articles to provide more information and insight into the disaster in Myanmar.

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