Remarkable NBS Building Improvements
Stage 1a - DONE!
September 2018
Renovations began August 1, 2018...the bulk of the tasks and more were completed and passed inspection by September 3, 2018. Remarkable!

When the FON team met with NBS' contractors and its engineers in July 2018, the contractors estimated about $325,000 and 12-18 months to complete the top priority items on the renovation and remediation list. Yet, some of the actions had to be completed within ONE MONTH in order for the school to open. With God, limited financial resources, Friends of Nazareth, NBS, friends in Taiwan and generous and committed contractors... a miracle happened!

Financial reserves at Friends of Nazareth that were designated for renovation and/or relocation were sent for the project. This provision allowed NBS to enter into a contract to start the massive project. Praise the Lord! Everything in Stage 1a, top priority improvements, were completed before September 3 and UNDER budget...AND, within the funds that GOD provided, $160,000 of $325,000! Contractors gave time, materials and labor to see that these essential repairs and more were completed. Nothing short of a HALLELUJAH moment. That's more than 50% UNDER estimates. These improvements could not have been done without the help and motivation of the contractors.

The improvements included, but were not limited to: Replacement of: a) the entire electrical system; b) all building drain pipes; c) ceiling and other surfaces with mold and mildew; d) all upper-level bathrooms near the courtyard; and e) the awnings that were tattered and not doing their job of reflecting the rains. The kindergarten retaining wall, which was falling onto the neighbor's patio, was reinforced and replaced. The construction team also completed wall repairs in some of the more damaged classrooms, painted some walls and ceilings and gave an unexpected gift of repainting and striping the main courtyard. NBS was transformed from dull and dreary to bright and cheery!

Thank you, donors, contractors, engineers, friends in Taiwan and others that took this overwhelming project and performed an astonishing amount of work in about 30 days. To God be the Glory!

NOW, on to Phase 1b - Remediation of the High School Building to make it Earthquake ready. More to come on this project in the October Newsletter.

George Wright, Sr. Pastor, Shandon Baptist Church, commissions new Family and Kids Ministry Director
About three years ago Friends of Nazareth received a call from NBS asking if our organization could help NBS locate a couple to help enrich and enlarge the Family and Kids ministry at Local Baptist Church/NBS. Over this same period of time, many prayers were lifted, information was gathered, people met and discussed this need and, in God's time, commitments were made.

On September 13, 2018, the Brookshires arrived in Nazareth for their three-year assignment. Mimi is no stranger to NBS/LBC. She serves as the President of the Friends of Nazareth Board. She has led the VBS/Day Camp program from the USA side for six years. This has required her to develop strong relationships with the leaders at NBS/LBC. She is a nearly twenty year veteran over the dynamic Children's ministry at Shandon Baptist Church, the church sponsoring arm of the partnership.

Pray for Mimi and Mike as they embark on this new assignment. They are Living Sent !
President's Points
It is hard to believe that we are entering the final quarter of 2018. This year has no doubt been a banner one for Friends of Nazareth...Volunteers, Retreats, VBS, Renovation efforts, New partnerships, Generous donors, Awesome travels...you name it 2018 has been great.

Now we turn our attention to what lies ahead, 2019 here we come!

There are many ways YOU can be involved in the new year. Let me suggest three: We need you to PRAY . As Donna often says, 'there are many moving parts' and we need the Lord's wisdom and direction, we need protection and unity, we need patience and understanding. Prayer is the great calling and often unused priority of any church or ministry. That includes FON, so please pray for us. 

We need you to PARTICIPATE. Last year we had almost 200 volunteers help us in some capacity during the year, I'm sure we will need many more in 2019. This can mean going on one of our 'journeys', volunteering in our office, working a booth, or hosting an awareness event. There are many ways to be involved and I'd love to chat with you about what may best suit you. 

Finally, we need you to PROVIDE . As you know, we are a faith-based ministry that is solely funded by friends, partners, churches, and organizations who share our passion of making disciples in the Lord's hometown and through the Nazareth Baptist School. We need to finish 2018 strong and we can do so with your generous gifts. Stay tuned for a BIG announcement in October 2018 about Phase 1b of the Renovation Plan.

It's a great honor to serve our Lord by serving you and all the ministry partners at Friends of Nazareth. 


Dr Roger D. Mardis, President 
Friends of Nazareth
Photo Journal - August - September
Larger drains have been installed.
The crumbling retaining wall in the Kindergarten area is rebuilt.
Transformation plus! The dingy and damaged 3rd floor bathrooms were striped and remodeled. This was a gift from the contractor!
The new awnings will not only reflect the rains, but they add a freshness to the building.
A new and more sturdy fence was added to the top of the new retaining wall.
Welcome, Oklahoma Baptist University. Marquita and Brian Dickinson, FON Ambassadors, hosted an Awareness display at the OKBU annual mission fair and shared about the new FON/OKBU partnership. They invited students to be a part of the Potter's Wheel Two team in 2019.
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