Today, Commissioner Colbourne participated in the annual Read for the Record ®  at Silver Shores Child care in Miramar, with the book "Thank You, Omu!"

This annual campaign was launched over a decade ago to highlight the importance of building early literacy and language skills for EVERY child.

Thank You, Omu! tells the story of a generous elderly woman who makes a fantastic pot of thick red stew. The scent from her stew travels all throughout her neighborhood and brings all of her community members over to her home for a taste. By the end, she shares a lovely feast with her neighbors where everyone contributes to the meal.

2020 is our next Census Count. As the City of Miramar Commission Representative for the Census, I encourage everyone to participate in the 2020 Census.

As required by the US Constitution, since 1790, the Census is conducted every ten years. The Census is the process of counting every person in the US, regardless of immigration status and by law, the information that you provide to the Census is confidential.

Why is this important? T he distribution of billions of federal funds to States, Counties and municipalities is based on the Census and the Census determines the number of US Congressional seats.

Participating in the census is participating in our democratic process. It is an obligation that we all have to help shape our future. I am counting on you. so please, Make Yourself Count!
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