April 2020 Newsletter
We're in this together.

Unless you are off the grid and have no phone or internet service, you have likely heard the phrase "w e're in this togethe r". Repeatedly . It truly is a unique time in history to witness how a novel virus can touch every aspect of our lives.

The Coronavirus has been called many things; "Black Swan", "Unprecedented", and "Historic" are just a few examples. Despite the many names and phrases given to the virus, we can all agree that it is bad for Agriculture and it is costing the dairy industry a lot of money. All farms are feeling the financial losses tied to the food service industry and unfortunately it is expected to get harder in the next few months.

A s we move forward, Geor gia Milk Producers will continue to provide producers with the information they need to continue farming. We have developed a website page for farmer resources at https://www.gamilk.org/covid-19 . A page has also been added for consumers with questions regarding dumping milk and milk limits in grocery stores at h ttps://www.gamilk.org/coronavirus-update-for-customer.

We are also working with our other Ag industry partners to ensure that government disaster packages will provide some relief for our farmers. All commodities are experiencing hardships and seeking financial aid during these challenging times. A list of our priorities for the Georgia dairy industry can be found here . Several producer groups and cooperatives are also asking USDA to establish a $15 floor price for our Class I Mover during this crisis, to learn more, click here.

Georgia Milk Prod ucers has developed a Farmer to Farmer Support program for producers to utilize during these long stressful days. It's important for farmers to take care of themselves. You are not alone during this pandemic - let's connect and help each other through these uncertain times. If you find that you need support or would like to talk to a fellow farmer or industry friend, we have several volunteers across the Southeast that are here to help, click here .

What you do day in and day out is so important. I am so thankful for the sacrifices you make and the food that you provide for my family. We are truly all in this together - so please feel free to contact me at anytime. Our organization will continue to represent the needs of all Georgia's dairy farm families and we value your input. Stay healthy and we will continue to share information as it develops.
Farrah Newberry
Executive Director 
Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. 
Office: 706-310-0020 
Cell: 706-207-0168