APRIL 2022
We Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Did you know that Friday April 22 is Earth Day? Around here, we feel like we celebrate the earth every day. The humans are always speaking of being The Future of Home Energy. Meaning they are always looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint and save energy. We are recommitting ourselves to that this Earth Day. We promise to always be researching and dreaming up the best ways to help you save; energy, money and mother earth. We've got a huge project in the works already—stay tuned for that announcement soon!

We think our human's commitment is nice, but we cats feel like we already do our part. We don't require much energy. A warm lap is our renewable source. We lay in your lap, you keep us warm. If everyone's carbon footprint could be as small as ours....

But never the less, the humans of Connected Technology will keep trying. We've got a short article below with big solutions to help you move towards energy independence. We can't wait to help you, wherever you are on that journey.

If you need us, we'll be using our natural heat source (aka snuggling),

Shasta, Bella and Caspian
Connected Technology is committed to clean energy and creating energy independence for homeowners in Northern California. We’re always looking for innovative ways to save our customers money and create a better future for our planet. The products we install do both! If you have questions about how these products can help you save, we’d love to hear from you. We evaluate each customer's personal needs so that you get what’s best for you. There are many rebates and tax credits available. We’d love to help you navigate that process. You can read more about these products on our website or call our office for an appointment. How can we help you? 
Solar: Solar energy offers....CONTINUE READING
Our Most Talked about Product!

The SPAN Smart Panel
SMUD's Ambitious Goal
Did you know that Sacramento was ranked 6 for the worst air quality in the country? By 2030, SMUD hopes its power supply will be 100% carbon free. You can read about the plan on SMUD's website. If you're moved to be part of the change, we can help! Visit our website to see how our services can help you reduce your carbon footprint.
In Our Community
We'll Sponsor This Adoption!
Our rescue cats are an important part of our family and we wish to bless others with the same joy through an adoption sponsorship program at FieldHaven Feline Center.

Can't adopt but want to donate?

Nothing better than kitty snuggles in this chilly spring weather. Ivory is a two year old female; almost blending in with the covers if not for my couple of black markings. I'm super mellow, if not a little timid. We learned that I don't mix well with a lot of kids and other pets so a home without those would be best for me. I love belly rubs and head scratches once we get to know each other. Sound like a match? I'd love a new home!

Please contact FieldHaven Feline Center to learn how to adopt this adorable feline.
2754 Ironwood Ln, Lincoln, CA (916) 434-6022

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Saving money is important — we get it! Rebates may be available for the products we offer like EV charger installation, smart panels, home energy storage, lighting and more.
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Start each day with a full charge. Investing in an EV charger will save you time and give you a tax credit this year! Thinking of adding a second EV to your home? Let's talk about electric load and needing a second charger.
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