As a reminder, The Leadership Team led the Team through the first iteration of the draft Initial Report . There is highlighting and color-coding within the draft report to emphasize outstanding issues.
  • Items highlighted in yellow are flags for staff to populate supporting documentation (such as completed data elements workbooks, once reviewed by the EPDP Team).
  • Items highlighted in blue reflect documents still under discussion, e.g., Small Team 1 and 2 language that is not yet finalized. Blue highlights also denote areas where ICANN Support Staff has suggested language for the Team to review. Staff-suggested language appears in brackets.
  • Items highlighted in red have not been discussed in detail, and it would be helpful if EPDP Team members volunteer to provide draft responses to red items. 

This week, the EPDP Team discussed the items still under discussion, including:
  • Review of Consolidated Data Elements Matrix (specifically, transfer of data from registrar to registry)
  • Natural vs. Legal Persons
  • Optional Tech Contact
  • Responsible Parties (Controller, Processor, etc.)

The EPDP Team will hold its third F2F meeting from 16–18 January, 2019 . Details about the location and venue will be communicated to the EPDP Team as soon as they become available.

The EPDP Team’s feedback on the draft Initial Report was due on Friday, 9 November. Support Staff has reviewed and updated the Initial Report, as applicable. Items involving a significant change to the text and/or a change based on previously-agreed upon text have been flagged for further review by the EPDP Team.