The EPDP team discussed the following outstanding items and finishing the public comment review:
  • Recommendation 11 (data retention)
  • Recommendation 12 (Reasonable Access)
  • Recommendation 5 (Data elements to be transferred from registrar to registry)
  • Recommendation 1 (additional purposes)
  • ICANN org questions

The Team also started discussing possible recommendations on the implementation transition period to be added to the final report and for GNSO council consideration.

The Data Elements Team continued its work to update the seven workbooks also referred to as Annex D for EPDP team consideration this week.

The Legal Committee continued its work to finalize questions to be sent to the independent legal counsel: City Field, Accuracy and Establishment.

EPDP team chair shared the initial consensus designation, which explained the approach, including what will be bundled for team consideration, starting with those finalized and having agreement.

A draft final report was shared to the list previously for team members review and in order for them to input edits and changes.

The team is continuing the work to cover remaining outstanding items and input toward delivering the final report and determining the level of consensus following the latest timeline proposed by leadership team and support staff. No significant delay is expected at this level.