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This newsletter highlights updates from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL), and related forest and climate fund work between November 2022 and January 2023.

Ghana begins receiving payments for reducing carbon emissions in forest landscapes

Ghana has become the second country in Africa after Mozambique to receive payments from the FCPF for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).

The FCPF Carbon Fund recently paid Ghana

$4.8 million for reducing just over 972,000 tons of carbon emissions for the first monitoring period under the program (June to December 2019).

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World Bank presents new climate action funds at COP27 to bolster emission reductions programs

At COP27 in November in Egypt, World Bank Group President Malpass presented two new World Bank funds, Scaling Climate Action by Lowering Emissions (SCALE) and Enhancing Access to Benefits while Lowering Emissions (EnABLE).

SCALE is a new partnership to catalyze transformative climate action through emission reductions programs. It builds on the experience of the FCPF and other World Bank initiatives that use results-based climate finance as an innovative tool to help countries achieve their national climate goals, and generate high-quality, high-integrity emission reductions.

EnABLE works across SCALE’s initiatives to ensure marginalized and disadvantaged communities are fully engaged in results-based climate finance.

Learn more on the SCALE fund and watch the COP27 presentation event

Learn more on the ENABLE fund and its recent Social Inclusion in Climate Finance hybrid webinar

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Colombia partners with World Bank Group and agribusinesses to scale up climate-smart agriculture

With support from three World Bank Group initiatives including the ISFL, Colombia is targeting high-impact commodities and working closely with the private sector to pilot pioneering approaches to adopt sustainable supply chains.

This work is leading Orinoquia’s transition to low-carbon development, and positioning the region as a model for how to effectively engage the private sector to accelerate climate-smart agriculture.

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Indonesia receives advance payment for reducing emissions in East Kalimantan

Indonesia recently received an advance payment of US$20.9 million from the FCPF Carbon Fund for reported emission reductions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in East Kalimantan province. 

This first payment is for approximately 13.5 percent of the total emission reductions reported in the province over 2019-2020. The full payment -- of up to a total of $110 million -- will be made by the FCPF once the ongoing independent third-party verification of reported emission reductions is completed. 

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Costa Rica's forest conservation pays off

A key component of Costa Rica’s emission reductions program with the FCPF Carbon Fund is an inclusive benefit sharing plan to ensure payments reach local communities that protect and restore forests. The goal is to improve rural incomes and build economic resilience through activities that promote climate change mitigation and adaptation in forest ecosystems.

Costa Rica's benefit sharing plan includes a green business fund that distributes benefits to individuals or groups of forest landowners or non-owners who are not otherwise eligible. A sustainable development fund distributes benefits to vulnerable groups including women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples.

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BLOG: World Bank launches important global resources for agroforestry in the cocoa sector

For the past two years, the FCPF has engaged with key stakeholders from the global cocoa value chain, as well as with stakeholders from the biggest producing countries in West Africa and Latin America, as part of its Cocoa & Forest: Knowledge Exchange Program.

This program recently launched a trilingual Global Implementation Guide for Cocoa Agroforestry (in English, French, Spanish) to help cocoa-producing countries to transition to sustainable production practices.

Read blog by Jean-Dominique Bescond, World Bank Senior Natural Resources Management Specialist; and Cristina Ruiz, World Bank Climate Change Unit Private Sector Consultant

New FCPF funding to help forest countries secure carbon finance

The FCPF is contributing US$500,000 in new financing to the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) to help secure results-based finance for the reduction of emissions caused by deforestation and degradation (REDD+).

This contribution will also help lay the groundwork for programs under the World Bank’s new fund, Scaling Climate Action by Lowering Emissions (SCALE).

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New public-private sector dialogue explores agricultural sustainability in Indonesia’s Jambi Province 

With support from the ISFL and the World Bank’s Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Program, a wide range of private and public sector stakeholders in Indonesia’s forest-rich Jambi Province came together in December to participate in a unique Roundtable Dialogue on Agricultural Sustainability. 

The dialogue explored how the private sector could green their supply chains and contribute to emission reductions efforts in Jambi. Discussions also focused on current challenges and opportunities in strengthening multi-stakeholder approaches, and in identifying viable business and investment opportunities in applying jurisdictional approaches.

Learn more about the Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Program

Voices from Cambodia’s flooded forest

With support from the FCPF Readiness Fund, UNDP Climate and Forests recently launched a multimedia series profiling efforts to restore the fertile floodplains surrounding Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Great Lake.

Entitled “Voices from the Flooded Forest”, the five-part online series features the unique ecosystem of Tonle Sap Lake, its residents, and conservation efforts in the flooded forest.

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Forest and climate funds in the news

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