The latest news from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes 
This newsletter provides the latest updates from the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), the BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes (ISFL) and related forest and climate fund work. This issue highlights news, webinars and events from February to April 2022.

Register now for World Bank's private sector finance workshop
Back for a third year, this popular online workshop organized by the FCPF, ISFL, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and CDP will explore the critical role of public-private partnerships in achieving sustainable landscapes.

Building on the results of the 2021 workshop, the event will highlight the importance of private sector leadership to drive climate action. The event will be conducted in English with real-time translation into French, Portuguese and Spanish.

May 10-12, 2022 (three half days)
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET
Sustainable cattle ranching in Colombia gets boost from global investment fund
Since 2019, the ISFL and World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) have been working with leading agribusiness in Colombia, Hacienda San José, to scale up its sustainable cattle farming operations. This work has recently attracted over $7 million in new funding from &Green a leading global investment fund.

&Green’s investment in Hacienda San José underscores how the ISFL and IFC’s private sector capacity building is helping companies to develop and expand ways of operating more sustainably. This, in turn, is leading to new investments which enable businesses to scale up across their jurisdictions.

Download World Bank Group Compendium summarizing sustainable cattle ranching in Colombia (in Spanish)
FCPF launches ‘Get REDDY’ podcast on Indigenous Peoples and REDD+
“Get REDDY” is a new podcast series from the FCPF and World Bank’s EnABLE fund that explores how Indigenous and local communities engage with climate change mitigation, REDD+, and climate finance. Launched in March, Get REDDY is an innovative outreach program designed by and for Indigenous Peoples.

The first three pilot episodes address REDD+, land tenure, and benefit sharing. Available in both podcast and video formats, Get REDDY is produced in English, French, and Spanish, and will be available both through national and local radio stations in FCPF countries, as well as online.

How Jambi province could become a role model for sustainable landscapes in Indonesia
The World Bank has been supporting the Government of Indonesia and Jambi Province in accelerating the transition to a green economy.

The ISFL’s program in Jambi continues to support the local government and communities to increase agricultural productivity, promote alternative income activities such as tourism, and increase access to markets to benefit local communities.

FCPF shares new insights on gender considerations in emission reductions programs
To coincide with International Women’s Day, the FCPF hosted a global webinar in March that brought together more than 150 people from 55 countries to discuss how emission reductions programs can be more inclusive to women.

The webinar, entitled “Women’s Land Rights and Access to Results-Based Climate Finance in REDD+ Programs” presented the FCPF’s most recent studies and knowledge products on strengthening women’s participation in REDD+ and forest-related programs.

World Bank Blog: "Empowering women to lead climate action will get us to a greener, more prosperous future sooner" by Bernice Van Bronkhorst
World Bank develops new umbrella program for its results-based climate finance initiatives
The World Bank’s new Climate Emission Reductions Facility (CERF) is being designed as a ’one-stop-shop’ for all results-based climate finance within the World Bank.

CERF will focus on three areas: Natural Climate Solutions (agriculture, land use, forestry, blue economy), which builds in part on lessons learned from the FCPF and ISFL; Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions (energy, industry, transport, urban, water); and Fiscal and Financial Solutions (fossil fuel subsidy reform, carbon taxation, green bonds, financial sector reform).

CERF will officially launch later this year at COP27 in Egypt, and be fully operational by 2023.

International Day of Forests 2022
On this year’s International Day of Forests, the FCPF and ISFL took stock of the vital importance of forests for the health of the planet.

We know that forests provide up to 37 percent of emission reductions to limit the worst effects of climate change. They host 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. They support livelihoods and ensure food security for millions of people, particularly in developing countries, and deliver more than $2 trillion per year in economic benefits.

Yet, we also know that deforestation and forest degradation continue to contribute about 12 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time for this to change, and participant countries of the FCPF and ISFL are stepping up to the challenge.

Read how:
Sweet, sustainable and smart – the future of Colombian cocoa
With support from the ISFL, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation is partnering with the private and public sectors in Colombia to support the sustainable expansion of cocoa cultivation in the country’s Orinoquia region.

The aim of the project is to support rural farmers to lower emissions from deforestation and advance Colombia’s standing in the international chocolate market.

Mozambique launches new information system to improve forest resource management
With support from the World Bank's MozFip project, Mozambique recently launched a digital forestry information system that will help the national government improve management and administration of its forest resources.

This new information system will provide an important digital platform for functionalities such as licensing, registering, monitoring and tracking forest products. The platform is also a valuable new tool in the implementation of Mozambique’s Emission Reductions Program with the FCPF Carbon Fund.

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