Congregational E-News ~ July 15, 2019
Summer is often seen as a season of fullness—a time of plenty, the season of growth. Like nature, we, too, have our seasons of fullness, of ripeness, times when we appear—so to speak—to be at the “peak of plenitude.” And like the leaves of summer, we, too, venture into our seasons of autumn that leave ultimately to periods of winter’s death-like days. But as in nature, our “winter times” are periods of “waiting” and of “replenishment”—times when the fullness of who God created us to be are being pruned to blossom in the garden of eternity!
Summer Leaves

I look out my window and see hundreds of trees
And held on the branches are billions of leaves
As I look in the distance, the greenest of green
I flash back to winter when
not one leaf was seen
I wonder in amazement and ponder—
how can this be?
From stark, bare branches,
a proof of renewal I see
Each person is a leaf on the Tree of Life
Be they sister or brother, husband or wife
Billions of people, God loves each one
A variety of cultures and anthems sung
As a fine-tuned orchestra delights the ear
Blending together the music we hear
God created each leaf to unite as one
Withstand the storms—look up to the Son

And even if at autumn, the leaves fall below
Soon disappearing ’neath the flakes of snow
In spring, ’tho the leaf was tattered and worn,

It ascends into heaven—
A leaf reborn!

Phyllis Petryk
Franciscan Companion in Mission

Franciscan Federation Conference
Ten members of our congregation were among the 170 Franciscans who attended the annual Franciscan Federation Conference, "Saint – Founder - Prophet," held in St. Louis, Missouri, June 21-24. It was a balanced group as five were from the west and five from the east.

During the meeting, Sr. Celeste Crine was elected to the Franciscan Federation Board. Sr. Pat Millen was elected to the Commission of Regions. Sr. Maureen Duignan represented our community in being honored during the banquet. She had been nominated by several sisters and selected for her tireless work with and for immigrants and refugees in California.  

Also at the closing meal, Sr. Kathleen Moffatt was presented with an award from the Commission for the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition. Sr. Kathleen, along with Sr. Lisa Zmuda, a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, have worked individually and together to translate the work of Franciscan scholars into accessible and creative material for all to use.

Congratulations to Srs. Celeste and Pat on their assuming their roles in the Federation and to Srs. Maureen and Kathleen on their award recognition!
The ten Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia who attended the Franciscan Federation Conference posed for a photo. (L-R) Srs. Christine Still, Mary Kathryn Dougherty, Joanne Clavel, Patricia Millen, Patricia Smith, Kathleen Moffatt, Maureen Duignan, Celeste Crine, Marie Lucey, and Maria Orlandini.
Statement Related to the Border Crisis

A Statement and a Plea to President Trump and Members of Congress. #bordercrisis Learn more about our corporate stands here .
Featured Need - Pollination Garden
Red Hill Farm, owned by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, is an important part of the Aston community. This farm encourages a relationship between a community and its local agriculture. Red Hill Farm is always looking for new ways to expand its reach to the community, whether it be through educating children and adults, sharing their resources, or bringing locals together for a common goal. A new project, the creation of a pollinator garden, is in the works at Red Hill Farm. But the farm needs your generous support in the continuation and upkeep of the project. Please consider donating to Red Hill Farm in order for the farm to continue its positive impact on its community.

To donate, click here . Many Blessings!

Join Us - 25th Annual Golf Tournament

Penn Oaks Golf Club
West Chester, Pennsylvania

To benefit the elder care of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia

Click here  go to register and/or to sponsor the event.

Note: Penn Oaks is a SPIKELESS Golf Shoe Facility ONLY. All players will be required to wear approved spikeless golf shoes or sneakers.

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