Dear Staff,

The months of April and May have been filled with many exciting events within our agency. As many of you know, April was Autism Acceptance Month. In years past, the word "Awareness" has been used instead of "Acceptance." This month, I challenge you to educate our surrounding community and help advocate and stress the importance of acceptance. In this edition of the Limelight, we will share some helpful information you can use to educate others, and you will also hear from two individuals with autism and their experience in the workforce.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout the month of May, you will see content from our Organizational Care team and across our ACLD social media accounts with information about the importance of keeping your mental health a priority.

We are proud to announce that ACLD won the Flagstar Bank Innovation Award at the 11th Annual Long Island Imagine Awards in April for the one-of-a kind technology in our Zen Room at B.L.U.E. in Deer Park.

We would also like to note the various open positions in our Art Studio Program, B.L.U.E. and Hauppauge Day Services. These positions are available for both new hires and internal transfers, so if you have any interest in take a look at of these roles, please see the additional information below. 

In this edition of Limelight you will see some very special staff spotlights, see our most recent episodes of Enviable Life News on RewearAble and the Bowling for an Enviable Life Fundraiser back in March, as well as other news and highlights from across the agency.


Rob, Gerard, Anne Marie and Kim
Robert Ciatto, President / CEO
Gerard DiMuro, Vice President of Administration
Anne Marie Sime, Vice President of Adult Services
Kim Leonard, Chief Financial Officer
In their own words...
"I am very proud to say that I currently have two jobs. I started working as a Production Associate at D3 LLC in Melville a few weeks ago. D3 LLC manufactures makeup displays for major department stores and makeup companies. I help out with the nuts and bolts, peeling off the adhesives from the products and getting them ready for shipment. So far, everyone I have met at my new job has been very nice and helpful. I'm excited to work at D3LLC because it is a new experience for me.
I've worked at T.J. Maxx in Farmingdale for the last two years. I started out as a Greeter but was eventually moved to a Stock Associate, where I work mainly in the shoe department. I really enjoy working in the shoe department. I've been interested in fashion, especially men's formalwear, since I was 12. Working at T.J. Maxx gives me the opportunity to see what fashion trends are popular and what the customers are going for. I also like helping customers find new and different shoe styles because it's always good to try something new. In the future, I would like to continue working in fashion, but I am always ready to try different things.
I love that my jobs give me the ability to pay my bills and do things that I love with my friends and family. It's been quite the experience being in the workplace as an adult with autism- you have good days and bad days, just like anyone else. I have found the places I've worked to be very accommodating and helpful. I enjoy working as a team and spending time with my coworkers. For me, gratitude is the attitude, and I am very grateful to be working."
-Tim Correll
"This May, I will be celebrating my sixth anniversary with Rosenbaum Design Group, which is an architectural firm in New Hyde Park that deals with commercial buildings. At Rosenbaum Design Group, I am the Office Clerk/Mail Clerk. My favorite part of my job is that I get to help people, whether it's handing out their mail or helping to scan or copy files. It makes me feel good knowing that by helping my coworkers, I am making them happy.
Ultimately, I would love to own my own business one day, although I'm not sure when that will happen. Another career goal of mine is to work hard and get paid more money. It's an amazing feeling to earn a paycheck and have a full-time job. I can use that money for whatever I need or want, like when my girlfriend and I go on a vacation.
I couldn't imagine better coworkers; they're very supportive and very understanding. Sometimes it has been hard for me as a person with autism because people do not understand what I have. I feel very lucky to have coworkers who are so understanding and supportive. It's just a wonderful thing being on the autism spectrum and getting to work for such a good company."
-Russell Neustadt
Wear Blue Day!
On April 18, programs across our agency showed their support for Autism Acceptance Month by wearing blue! Speaking of blue...the B.L.U.E. day program visited the Bethpage campus and sold pins, lanyards and buttons in support of autism acceptance.
The Organizational Care Committee
invites you to join us on
May 17 as we wear GREEN
to show our support for
those struggling with mental illness.
Did someone say spring cleaning?
Click the video above to watch the this episode of Enviable Life News, entitled, "Turning Donations into Dreams"
The ACLD Foundation hits a perfect score at this year's Bowling for an Enviable Life Fundraiser, raising over $26,000. Click the video above to watch this episode of Enviable Life News, entitled, "The Bowling FUNraiser"
One KLC Family!

In March, Kramer Learning Center celebrated their staff, which spans across six decades and 19 cultural backgrounds. The fun and camaraderie was reflected in clothing representative of your decade, and an amazing food array representative of family and culture heritage... with no leftovers in sight.
Congratulations to Richardson Cadet on being the first ACLD employee to achieve DSP Level 1 Certification in NADSP's E-Badge Academy!
In March, we were able to come together in the lobby of the ACLD Day Services Center to recognize and celebrate Richardson's achievement. Richardson shared with us what this milestone in his career means to him:
"My motivation for completing this program is to learn and develop the necessary skills needed to continue supporting the people we support in a professional and caring manner. Also, I want to improve the quality of services and supports I provide for the people we support in an ethical and respected way. As a Lead Day Program Specialist (LDSP), I want to advance my knowledge, skills and values by expanding my experience through continuous learning. We are constantly being challenged and learning something new about ourselves and the people in our care; therefore, by equipping myself with those classes provided in the program and training through ACLD, I will be better equipped to assist the people we support with their daily goals. 
It makes me feel very proud to achieve this milestone in the program. For me, it is more than just saying this is what I’ve done, but rather than the new techniques and skills I learned, which were many. One of the ways this will help me with the people we support is by allowing me to understand them better and also educate other people more about the people we support because so often, the people we support are viewed in the community with their disability, rather than as a whole person. Acknowledging their differences, choices and preferences will demonstrate that you respect and value them equally, just like everyone else."
A Helping Hand
In March, Anne Stanton, Training Specialist for the Center for Learning, was shopping at her local grocery store when she saw Aneta Edwards Howard, a DSP in the Hawthorne residence, who was shopping with one of the Hawthorne residents. Anne, Aneta and the resident exchanged pleasantries and went along with their shopping.
Later on, while Anne was at the checkout, she realized she had misplaced her wallet. As she frantically searched her belongings, Aneta came up and laid the money out for Anne's groceries.
Anne was blown away by Aneta's kindness. Anne told Aneta she could not accept this offer, but Aneta insisted, saying that 'we've got each other's backs." Ultimately, Anne was able to find her wallet and pay for her groceries, but this is a memory she will carry with her for a long time. "It just reminded me that when you work for ACLD, you're family," Anne said.
Employee of the Quarter Winners
Congratulations to our recent Employee of the Quarter winners! Last month we celebrated these amazing women at our Employee of the Quarter Lunch and thanked them for all they do for the children and adults we support.
  • Ismaila Abdul-Karim: Residential Manager-Yorktown
  • Marie Casimir: Residential Administrator
  • Catherine Ferrera: Special Educator-Kramer Learning Center
  • Sarah Klaum: Community & Digital Media Relations Manager, Development- Bethpage
  • Chatasia Shepherd: Lead Day Habilitation Specialist, Day Services-Bethpage
Administrative Professionals Day
At the end of April, our staff joined together to thank our wonderful Administrative Professionals for all of their hard work and dedication in honor of Administrative Professional's Day. The group shared a delicious breakfast and the Executive team had the opportunity to thank each staff member present personally for all that they do for the organization.
Imagine That!
We are incredibly honored to announce that ACLD won the Flagstar Bank Innovation Award at the 11th Annual Long Island Imagine Awards!

The Innovation Award is given to a nonprofit that has been innovative in adopting new platforms that have led to a significant increase in the organization’s ability to meet its mission. The Zen Room at B.L.U.E., ACLD's autism-focused adult day program, gives you the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world without ever leaving Deer Park!

Check out the video below to learn more about The Zen Room!


Children's Services welcomes 2 new staff member babies, born to Melissa Bonventre, Spiegel Center Social Worker, on 3/28/23 Luke Anthony at 5 pounds, 11 ounces , 19 inches, and to Chelsea Sweeney, Children's Services Occupational Therapist, on 4/2/23 Olivia Jade at 7 pounds, 2 ounces, 20 inches.

Welcome to the world, Olivia and Luke!
Anniversary Milestones - April 2023
5 Years

JoEllen Armstrong Respite Counselor, Bethpage 807
Kelvin Bremont Maintenance Aide, Bethpage 857
Randy Brown Residential Administrator, Bethpage 857
Delores Buckley Direct Support Professional, Malts Ave.
Jacki Carni Direct Support Professional, Community Hab., Bethpage 857
Erin Dauch Behavior Support Specialist, Kramer Learning Center
Emily Harding Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Melvareen Jones Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Jose Mencos Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bohemia
Frenal Mezilas Team Coordinator, B.L.U.E. Day Hab., Deer Park
Giavonnie Mills Direct Support Professional, Residential, Oakdale
Ebony Nixon Direct Support Professional, Magnolia Manor
Modeline Souffrant Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Kelly Torchon Residential Assistant Manager, Oakdale
Flor Villamizar Human Resource Generalist, Bethpage 807
David Wagner Maintenance Aide, Bethpage 857

10 Years

Rodeanna Manragh Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Marie Saint Preux Direct Support Professional, Residential, Spur Dri.
Telsy Tejada HRIS Manager, Bethpage 807

15 Years

Marie Casimir Residential Administrator, Bethpage 857
Joel Santana Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Bethpage 807

25 Years

Claudette Osborne Direct Support Professional, Residential, Syosset

Anniversary Milestones - May 2023
5 Years
Sabrila Robert Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Christopher Nobile Job Coach, Vocational, Bethpage 857
Andrea Imbo Direct Support Professional, Community Habilitation, Bethpage 857
Karen Cullen Trainer, Center For Learning, Bethpage 807
Beatrice Gonzalez Benefits Specialist, Human Resources, Bethpage 807
Diane Salome-Diaz Program and Community Coordinator- Art Studio, Bethpage 837

15 Years

Walter Upshaw Day Habilitation Specialist, Westbury Bridges

25 Years

Joyce Cooper Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Welcome March New Hires!

Lisa Bergmann Teacher Aide, Spiegel Children's Center
Gabriela Castro Teacher Aide, Kramer Learning Center
Jennifer Cerasoli Respite Counselor, Bethpage 807
Jonathan Chalk Direct Support Professional, Residential, Blake Ave.
Alex Chavez Day Habilitation Specialist, Program Without Walls, Commack
Macnally Colin Direct Support Professional, Residential, Johnson Ave.
Sterlin Delva Direct support Professional, Residential, Chichester
Rasheed Dewan Direct Support Professional, Residential, St. James
Dina Dezormeau Direct Support Professional, Residential, Ontario
Randy Elysee Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Valerie Esposito Job Coach, Vocational
Ritchy Fede Direct Support Professional, Residential, Louis Kossuth
James Gamble Direct Support Professional, Residential, Calvert Ave.
Geraldine Garrett Direct Support Professional, Residential, Spur Dri.
Morganne Horsford Direct Support Professional, Residential, Thomaston
Porsha Jones Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Jocy Florence Lacroix Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Melissa Lewis Registered Nurse, Bethpage 857
Betanie Louis Dunac Direct Support Professional, Residential, Louis Kossuth
Dahmir Manigault Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Martha Osorio Teacher Aide, Spiegel Children's Center
Juliet Patterson Direct Support Professional, Residential, Johnson Ave.
Chantell Payne Residential Assistant Manager, Dix Hills
Lidley Pierre Direct Support Professional, Residential, Johnson Ave.
Elisha Pinckney Direct Support Professional, Residential, Russell Gardens
Catherine Quigley Special Educator, Kramer Learning Center
Jared Raftery Direct Support Professional, Residential, Blake Ave.
Sergine Raymond Direct Support Professional, Residential, Yorktown
Ashley Vos Teacher Aide, Kramer Learning Center
Kristina Whitehead Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857

Welcome April New Hires!

Roodroth Dominique Alexis Direct Support Professional, Residential, Calvert
Theophilus Ani Residential Assistant Manager, Residential, East Meadow
Alexandria Bamonte Speech Language Pathologist, Kramer Learning Center
Emmanuel Barlow Direct Support Professional, Residential, Calvert
Amy Bernzweig Curriculum Coordinator, Kramer Learning Center
Seylin Bonilla Reyes Teacher Aide, Kramer Learning Center
Savanna Celius Direct Support Professional, Residential, East Islip
Rosemay Clairant Direct Support Professional, Residential, Bethpage 857
Daniel Clancy Day Habilitation Specialist, Bridges Levittown
Angela Clarke Day Habilitation Specialist, B.L.U.E.
Arielle Connolly Lead Day Habilitation Specialist, Bridges Levittown
Tammy Davis Residential Manager, Residential, Sejon
Michael Desena Direct Support Professional, Residential, Thomaston
Niyah Ellis Direct Support Professional, Residential, Northport
Harold Canne Junior Exavier Direct Support Professional, Residential, Ronkonkoma
Brittini Garcia Teacher Aide, Kramer Learning Center
Tina Marie Ildefonso Direct Support Professional, Residential, Sayville
Elizabeth Jean-Bellestine Direct Support Professional, Residential, East Islip
Dimy Jeanty Direct Support Professional, Residential, Calvert
Cassandra Jerome Day Habilitation Specialist, B.L.U.E.
Gessica Julien Direct Support Professional, Residential, Nesconset
Reginald Julmisse Direct Support Professional, Residential, Great Neck
Bryan Kyles Jr. Day Habilitation Specialist, Hauppauge
Hayley Levy Respite Counselor, Bethpage 807
Che Logan Direct Support Professional, Residential, Healy
Nickita Nicholson Direct Support Professional, Residential, Magnolia Manor
Roy Persaud Day Habilitation Specialist, Bethpage 837
Catherine Popo Day Habilitation Specialist, Hauppauge
Abdul Rehman Registered Nurse, Residential, Bethpage 857
Adele Rogers Day Habilitation Specialist, Levittown Strive & Day Hab Support
Jarelyne Urena-Ortiz Direct Support Professional, Residential, Oyster Bay
Tyrese Sebastien Zamor Direct Support Professional, Residential, Sejon

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