The Working Group published a supplemental Initial Report for public comment on 30 October. The supplemental Initial Report covers topics that were not included in the Initial Report and that the Working Group determined required additional consideration. The public comment period for the supplemental Initial Report will remain open until 12 December.

The Working Group held two regular meetings in October, as well as a series of face-to-face sessions at ICANN63:

  • Continued to review sections of the draft supplemental Initial Report, including section 1.1 on Auctions: Mechanisms of Last Resort, section 1.2 on Use of Private Auctions, section 1.3 on Role of Application Comment, section 1.4 on Change Requests, and section 1.5 on Registrar Support for New gTLDs.
  • Considered an initial assessment of work done already and and additional work that may be required by the Working Group with respect to recommendations contained in the Competition, Consumer Trust, and Consumer Choice Review Team Final Report.

  • Went over additional feedback received on supplemental Initial Report sections 1.1 through 1.5, as well as proposed revisions to the document.
  • Discussed planning for ICANN63 sessions, including agenda and logistics for breakout sessions.

ICANN63 ( session 1 , session 2 , session 3 ):
  • Considered outstanding items related to the supplemental Initial Report and came to agreement on a final version of the document for publication.
  • Discussed steps that could be taken to streamline the eventual implementation of subsequent new gTLD procedures.
  • Using breakouts, kicked off the three Sub Groups that will be responsible for considering public comments received on the Initial Report.

The Working Group Sub Groups began meeting the week of 5 November and will continue meeting on a regular rotation until all public comments have been reviewed. The full Working Group had a meeting on 12 November. A summary of the November meetings will be included in the next edition of the newsletter.