The Working Group published its draft Final Report and opened a public comment period on the report, which will close on 30 September 2020.

While the full report is open for comment, the Working Group is asking that public comments focus on areas that have changed since publication of the Initial Report and Supplemental Initial Report, as well as specific questions the Working Group has posed to the community for feedback. To help the community prepare their public comment responses, outputs included for each topic of the report are intended to be considered as a package. For each topic, respondents are presented with a summary of any substantive differences that have been made since the two previous reports, are asked to what extent they support the outputs, and are given an opportunity to provide additional explanation. In addition, a limited number of questions are included on specific topics where the Working Group is seeking additional input from the community. 

The structure of this public comment forum has been designed to support the targeted nature of the public comment period, and uses a Google Form to collect input. A tutorial is available with instructions for using the form.

Additional context about the draft Final Report and the public comment period is available in this blog post from the PDP WG Co-Chairs and the draft Final Report Preamble and Executive Summary.