In February, the Working Group focused on reviewing draft final recommendations on a topic-by-topic basis. The meetings in February focused on recommendations for the following topics:

3 February : Application Submission Period
3 February : Terms and Conditions
6 February : Continuing Subsequent Procedures
6 February , 10 February : Applications Assessed in Rounds
10 February : Registry Service Provider Pre-Evaluation
13 February : Universal Acceptance
13 February : Registry System Testing
18 February : Application Queuing
18 February , 20 February : Closed Generics 
25 February : Applications Submission Limits
25 February : Role of Application Comment
27 February : Applicant Reviews

During the GNSO Council’s 20 February meeting , the Council considered a Project Change Request from the Subsequent Procedures Working Group leadership team outlining a revised projection for the PDP’s end date. As part of the GNSO’s PDP 3.0 initiative to develop incremental improvements in PDPs, working groups must now submit Project Change Requests to the GNSO Council when they anticipate a material change to the PDP, including its schedule. The Subsequent Procedures PDP WG’s revised work plan anticipates that the PDP will deliver its Final Report to the GNSO Council no later than the end of 2020. The current work plan is available on the Working Group’s wiki .