Beginning in November 2018, three Sub Groups ( A , B , and C ) met on a regular basis to conduct an initial review of public comments received on the Working Group’s Initial Report . The Sub Groups completed their work in March 2019. During this same period, the full Working Group met regularly to address issues that the Sub Groups referred to the full Working Group for additional consideration. The full Working Group also reviewed public comments received on the supplemental Initial Report during this period. The supplemental Initial Report covers topics that were not included in the Initial Report and that the Working Group determined required additional consideration.

Now that the Sub Groups have completed their first pass review of public comments on the Initial Report, the full Working Group is completing an in-depth analysis to determine how to take into account the comments received and what changes, if any, need to be made to the recommendations contained in the Final Report. Currently, the analysis focuses on comments received concerning overarching issues within the Working Group’s remit: Continuing Subsequent Procedures, Predictability , Clarity of Application Process, Applications Assessed in Rounds , Different TLD Types, Applications Submission Limits, Accreditation Programs (e.g., RSP Pre-Approval).