The full Working Group has now completed substantive review of public comments on its Initial Report and supplemental Initial Report . Through this review process, the WG considered the comments received as well as what changes need to be made to the recommendations contained in the Final Report. To support the review, the Working Group used a series of summary documents available on the WG wiki .

At ICANN66, the WG held two sessions ( session 1, session 2 ) on Saturday, 2 November and two sessions ( session 3 , session 4 ) on Monday, 4 November. During the first Saturday session, Work Track 5 presented its Final Report to the WG. In the second and fourth sessions, the WG refined a framework it is developing as part of its recommendations for improving predictability in the execution of the New gTLD Program. The third session was devoted to discussing topics that may be the focus of an additional round of Public Comment prior to publication of the Final Report.