The full Working Group is currently meeting twice weekly for 90 minutes to complete substantive review of public comments on its Initial Report and Supplemental Initial Report . Through this review, the Working Group is determining how to take into account the comments received and what changes, if any, need to be made to the recommendations contained in the Final Report. 

To support the review, the Working Group is using a series of summary documents that provide an overview of the comments received on each topic included in the reports: 
  • Overarching Issues: including topics Continuing Subsequent Procedures, Predictability, Applications Assessed in Rounds, Different TLD Types, Application Submission Limits, Accreditation Programs (RSP Pre-Approval), Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice, Global Public Interest, Applicant Freedom of Expression, and Universal Acceptance.
  • Pre-Launch Activities: including topics Applicant Guidebook, Communications, and Systems.
  • Application Submission: including topics Application Fees, Variable Fees, Application Submission Period, Applicant Support, Terms and Conditions, Application Queuing, and Application Change Requests.
  • Application Evaluation/Criteria: including topics Reserved Names, IGO/INGO Protections, Registrant Protections, Closed Generics, String Similarity, IDNs, Security and Stability, Applicant Reviews, Role of Application Comment, and Name Collisions.

The Working Group has completed its review of topics under Overarching Issues, Pre-Launch Activities, and Application Submission. It is currently finishing its review of topics related to Application Evaluation/Criteria. Please see the WG Work Plan for details.