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Council votes to keep Angels in Anaheim
In a historic vote, my council colleagues and I voted to keep Angels Baseball in Anaheim for the next thirty years. The deal sells the 150-acre stadium property and parking lot to Angels owner Arte Moreno for nearly $320 million dollars in cash, affordable housing commitments and a flagship city park. The deal is expected to generate millions of dollars in new tax revenue over the next thirty years and beyond, as well as create more than 45,000 jobs in Anaheim. More information is available here.

I want to especially thank Mayor Harry Sidhu, who came into office and got negotiations started right away. Mayor Sidhu made it clear he wanted a fair-market deal, community benefits, new economic opportunities and tax revenue and to keep the Angels in Anaheim.

When we started down this path over a year and a half ago, I was clear that I wanted to see a deal that was a win-win-win: That is, a win for the city, a win for the taxpayers, and a win for the team. For me, the deal we passed accomplishes all of that. It is truly a great day in Anaheim.
Trevor O'Neil
Anaheim City Council Member, District 6
Angel Stadium Myths and Facts
The price of the stadium and the land is too low.

The approved deal is a market-rate transaction. The city commissioned an independent appraisal of the stadium site. The results peg a value of the property with baseball on the site at approximately $325 million, almost exactly in line with the final agreed-upon sale price. Opponents say the city should have asked for what the property might bring if the stadium were leveled and the land parceled out for condos. Others point to the highest-ever per acre sale price in the Platinum Triangle as a price basis. These comparisons are apples and oranges, and that’s backed up by the city’s own real estate professionals.
This was a rushed deal done in secret.
The Anaheim City Council has discussed the future of Angels Baseball more than just about any other issue over the past two years. More than 30 public discussions on various elements of this deal have been conducted. Thousands of pages of deal documents have been posted to the city’s website. In-person and online public forums were conducted. Nearly 200 residents emailed the city council this week, making their voices heard. This has been one of the most transparent processes in the city’s history.
The city should have demanded to have "Anaheim" in the team's name.
The city did demand this by taking the Angels to court during the 2000s. Unfortunately, the city lost that lawsuit. Rather than play the name-game, the city council chose to focus on a deal which keeps the team in Anaheim for 30 years, spurs economic development and includes affordable housing and much-needed park space in the Platinum Triangle.
Re-open OC
Join me in making a call to action
Now more than ever, with the announcement of the Disney layoffs, it is imperative that Governor Newsom provides us with a clear pathway for both large and small businesses to reopen safely and swiftly.

Earlier this month, I attended a Health and Safety Walking Tour of Downtown Disney District alongside Disneyland Resort Leaders. We learned all about the safety precautions Disney, along with its operating partners, is taking to safeguard the health of all the guests and cast members. Needless to say, their safety protocols, communication and rule enforcement created a safe, responsible environment for visitors and affirm my call to re-open OC. Join me in making a call to action to reopen OC by signing the petition available here:

Mayor Sidhu (right) and I at a press conference to call on Governor Newsom to create a pathway for businesses to reopen.
At the Downtown Disney Health & Safety Tour alongside Disney Resort Leaders.
Listen to my KPCC interview about the impact the resort closure in Anaheim has on the city budget.

*Comments begin at 1:15:20
Know-Your-Way evacuation signs
Wildfire preparedness and response have been my number-one focus since taking office as your council member.
We’ve increased funding for equipment and fire personnel. And I helped the city launch the “Know-Your-Way” evacuation plan – a cooperative effort between Anaheim Fire & Rescue and Anaheim PD.
Go to to get maps, evacuation routes and preparedness information in case a fire affects your neighborhood.
New city coronavirus website launches this week
This week we're launching a new, easier to use website for coronavirus information at

All the same information you're used to getting from your city with improved format, look and feel. It all happens Oct. 1.
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Trevor O'Neil
Anaheim City Council Member, District 6

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