December 1, 2017
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Dear Friend:

At this time of giving, I want to bring to your attention one of the greatest philanthropists in the United States, Charles Butt.

Mr. Butt is the leader of H-E-B, a grocery chain headquarter in San Antonio that has grown to 350 supermarkets and Central Market specialty stores.  The chain has been cited as Texas' largest privately held employer.

His philanthropic gifts in 2017, have been huge.  In January he established a $100 million foundation to support the leadership skills of Texas public school principals and administrators.  In July he followed this gift with a $50 million scholarship fund to assist promising students to become classroom teachers.  In his words, "I don't necessarily predict another good century for this nation unless we improve education."

Butt took over as CEO of H-E-B in 1971 after graduating from Harvard and the Wharton School of Business.  He is a quiet soft spoken individual whose philanthropy speaks loudly while he remains low key.  When the shooter struck the church in Sutherland Spring, he immediately responded with a $150,000 pledge.  When the hurricane hit Houston, he responded with a $5 million gift.  He is the type of philanthropist we should all be , regardless of how much money we have.  Thank you, Jacquielynn Floyd, for bringing him to our attention. 


Douglas M. Lawson, Ph.D.

Jacquielynn Floyd, "My Nominee Gave $150 Million for Schools",
The Dallas Morning News, November 22, 2017, p. B1.

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If service is the rent you pay for your existence on this earth, are you behind in your rent? - - Robert G. Allen 
MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DONOR DOLLARS - - This year we have seen an endless list of natural disasters that have inspired many acts of heroism and generosity.  But as the year-end giving season begins, some philanthropy experts worry donor fatigue could affect individuals' willingness to support other worthwhile causes.  Many recent crises don't get much news coverage in the U.S.  While hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida, flooding in Southeast Asia killed more than 1,200 people and affected more than 40 million people, according to GiveWell, a nonprofit that supports underfunded charities.  There are also long-term crises that get little attention, such as child hunger in developing countries.  If you have a group of charities you regularly support, don't shortchange them because you donated to hurricane victims, says Daniel Borochoff, president of CharityWatch, a watchdog organization.  "There are times in this life when you need to step up and do more, and this is one of them."  It makes sense to strategize with your family about which charities to support.  You may decide to give stock or mutual funds instead of cash, while reducing your tax bill.  And, investigate charities to make sure they are legitimate by utilizing charity watchdogs, such as, Charity Navigator and CharityWatch to avoid scams. - - Sandra Block, Kiplingers Personal Finance, November 21 2017.  Read more. 
THE CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL HAS MET ITS GOAL OF RAISING $5.8 MILLION THIS YEAR FOR EIGHT NONPROFITS THAT SERVE CHILDREN - - The Event Chair, Pam Perella, along with Underwriting Chair, Leslie Diers, will host supporters at the annual event with the help of other committee members.  Beneficiaries of this years' annual event are Autism Treatment Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star, Children's Medical Center Foundation / Children's Health, Dallas Holocaust Museum & Center for Education & Tolerance, Hunger Busters, Presbyterian Communities & Services Foundation, Rainbow Days and Santa Clara of Assisi Catholic Academy.  Major underwriters, to name a few, include Annette Simmons, the Moody Foundation, the Hilton Anatole, David B. Miller Family Foundation, and Neiman Marcus. Numerous other local Dallas individuals, companies and foundations were involved in making the overall goal reachable. - - Holly Haber, The Dallas Morning News, November 24, 2017.  Read more.
GIVING TUESDAY RAISES $274 MILLION IN ITS 6TH YEAR  - - The 92nd Street Y, which co-founded the event, monitors #GivingTuesday campaigns around the world.  The year-end giving season got off to a big start this week as nonprofits increased the total donations on Giving Tuesday by more than 50 % over last year's event.  The estimated $274 million raised online far exceeded the $177 million total in 2016.  Charities attributed the gains in part to savvy use of matching gifts, their growing efforts to make it easy for donors to use their smartphones and tablets to give, and their increasingly sophisticated social-media appeals.  The donations come as nonprofits are forecasting a bigger year in giving, even though many charities fear the tax bills making their way through Congress could put a crimp in fundraising in years to come. - - Timothy Sandoval, Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 30, 2017.  Read more. 
AMERICAN AIRLINES SKY BALL RAISES $3.1 MILLION TO HELP AILING VETERANS - - American Airlines' Sky Ball XV set a record this year grossing $3.1 million to support the company's AirPower Foundation that helps ailing veterans nationwide. The fundraiser relied on 1,500 company volunteers to manage everything from decorating a maintenance hangar at DFW International Airport to waiting tables.  "It's an incredible thing
to see so many people come together to celebrate, honor and remember those heroes and their families who have sacrificed to protect our nation and ensure our freedoms," said David Seymour, senior vice president of integrated operations.  Among the 2,700 guests were 17 of the nation's 73 living Medal of Honor recipients. The Veterans Day ball finished with a Beach Boys concert, ending three days of related events. - - Holly Haber, The Dallas Morning News, November 17, 2017.  Read more. 

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