September 5, 2019
Dan's Blog
I realize these first days and weeks of school are times when you and your kids are overloaded with paperwork, procedures, teachers' expectations, evening curriculum nights, etc. Phewww!! It can be overwhelming!

First, I want to thank you for trying your best to take in all of this information, as you partner with your child's teacher and St. Louise School in creating a terrific year of learning for your child.

Secondly, I suggest you don't try to take on all of this by yourself. It can be overwhelming. So turn to the Lord.

The following prayer of "Trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus" is one I pray on a regular basis to praise Christ, to push myself to do better, and to remind myself that I can do all things - but only through Him. The prayer was written by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, a 17th century French nun who received numerous visions from Jesus in which He urged her to spread devotion to His Sacred Heart.  During one of these visions, she saw His Sacred Heart in the image we know best today -  in flames, surrounded by thorns, surmounted by the Cross, burning with love. (You'll find this image of the Sacred Heart prominently displayed somewhere in our school building. The first parent who emails me today to tell me exactly where it is displayed will win a $5 Charger Card.) 

This prayer of trust in our Lord is all the more comforting and powerful in that it goes straight to Jesus's Sacred Heart, asking us in effect to turn all our worries over to Him.  I often repeat saying twice in a row the highlighted line below. Try praying it!

I believe in Your personal love for one so sinful and worthless as I am.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
I believe that Your love for me is from all eternity and that it is as tender as a mother's love.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
I believe that You have lovingly and wisely planned everything that shall ever happen to me.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
I will never seek pleasure forbidden by You and will never lose heart in my efforts to be good.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
I will accept the crosses of life as I accept its joys, with a grateful heart, and I will always pray, "Your holy will be done in all things."
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
I will not be worried or anxious about anything, for I know You will take care of me.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
However weak or sinful I may be, I will never doubt Your mercy.
Heart of Jesus, I put my trust in You.
In all my temptations...
In all my weakness...
In all my sorrows...
In every discouragement...
In all my undertakings...
In life and in death...
Heart of Jesus, I put all my trust in You; for I fear all things from my own weakness, but I hope for all things from Your goodness.

Enjoy God's blessings today,                                         
Mr. Fitz

Please make special note of our call in an article below for recess-supervisor volunteers and afterschool carpool traffic director volunteers. These are two critical areas where we need supervision of your children, but we're falling short of getting enough parents to step up and offer to help on one day a week or one day every-other-week. Please consider stepping up! Thanks!
Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • ONLY Pre-K students with last names A-O attend Pre-K today - 8:15-11:45 (no extended day) 
  • Noon Dismissal ONLY for gr. K & 1 - parents park in south/central parking lot and wait outside central wing of original school for your children at 12:00PM
  • Curriculum Meeting for Parents of 1ST THRU 6TH GRADERS - PARISH HALL at 6:30PM; every gr. 1-6 family must have one at least one parent present; meeting is for adults only - please find childcare; (note that the evening begins in the Parish Hall, not the school)
  • ONLY Pre-K students with last names P-Z attend Pre-K today - 8:15-11:45 (no extended day) 
  • Noon Dismissal ONLY for gr. K & 1 - parents park in south/central parking lot and wait outside central wing of original school for your children at 12:00PM
  • Cross Country practices begin

Saturday, September 7
  • Fall Fix-Up Day - 8AM-12PM; please meet outside the original school's north wing with your weeding tools, metal rakes, shovels, and/or wheelbarrows.

Monday, September 9
  • Daily Milk & Hot Lunch begin
  • Reminder: school dismisses at 2:00 EVERY MONDAY for all K-8 students and extended day Pre-K students

Tue sday, September 10
  • Curriculum Meeting for Parents of KINDERGARTENERS- Main Lobby at 6:30PM; every kindergarten family must have one at least one parent present; meeting is for adults only - please find childcare

Saturday & Sunday, September 14 & 15
  • Attend Mass at St. Louise! If a student comes to any of these St. Louise Masses this weekend in a complete uniform (including red sweater/fleece), he/she will be handed a "free dress coupon," granting a non-uniform day on Monday the 16th: Saturday at 5PM; Sunday at 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, 6:00PM. Find the St. Louise faculty member standing in the narthex at the main doors before and after each Mass to get your coupon.
  • The junior high families will be having a Bake Sale after every Mass this weekend, raising funds for junior high events. Bring your $5-10-20 bills and buy dessert outside of the main doors.
  • Sunday at the 9AM and 6PM Masses, the catechists of St. Louise Parish will be blessed, including our school faculty.

Thursday, September 19
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit, 9AM - all parents are encouraged to attend

Fall Fix-Up Is This Saturday         
         We have two Saturday mornings in the fall when we ask for parents to join us in helping to beautify the school and parish grounds through raking, weeding, bark-spreading, etc.  Our first Fall Fix-Up is this Saturday at 8AM. We ask volunteers to gather outside the north wing of the original school with your yard gloves, tools (rakes, shovels, and weeding tools most needed), and wheelbarrow (if you h ave one). At 12PM, we finish up by feeding everyone lunch!  If you are able to help (and teenagers are welcome, too), please RSVP Jeffrey Hummer , our volunteer landscaping foreman.

Hope to See Your Kids in Church Wearing Red         
         Save the date: for one week from this weekend - Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15. At every St. Louise Parish Mass next weekend, your children are encouraged to attend wearing their complete school uniform - that means polo shirt, skirt or pants, and of course, a red sweater or fleece. We'll have a faculty member in the front entrance of the church (the vestibule) with "Free Dress Coupons." Any student at Mass at St. Louise next weekend wearing a complete school uniform receives a coupon - granting him/her permission to wear "Free Dress" to school on Monday the 16th.

          Why are we doing this? First, to encourage families to get to Mass. Secondly, to "show off" to the parishioners the numerous and terrific students we have in their parish school. Thanks for trying to make this work, even if St. Louise is not the church you regularly attend.

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The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-8:45AM. 
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Help the School Keep Kids Safe
         We are in desperate  need of volunteers for two crucial items - supervising recesses and directing carpool traffic. For supervising recess, you have to be available from 11:45-1:00 one day a week or one day every-other week. For carpool directing, we need you from 2:50-3:20 one day a week. Don't be intimidated - you are working with other volunteers and with staff members when doing these jobs, and you don't need experience.
          Please contact our head recess supervisor, Lisa McKenna, if you want to learn more about recess supervision. Please talk to vice-principal, Mike Fuerte, if you have an interest in helping with carpool directing. 
Welcoming Our New Archbishop
          The Archdiocese of Seattle welcomed Archbishop Paul D. Etienne this week, officially becoming the sixth Archbishop in Seattle's history.  As you probably knew,  Pope Francis previously accepted the resignation of  Archbishop Peter Sartain for reasons of health. 
 Read more about Archbishop Etienne on his blog:
          Archbishop  Etienne said on Tuesday,  "Our  highest priorit is  to help people encounter Christ. " He went on to say, "I also recognize the need in this community to hear more from your bishops. You want to know how the Catholic Church is responding to key issues and you want more transparency around the church. Transparency is something that I'm committed to and will continue to uphold. I will speak out about issues and ensure our community understands our Catholic teaching."


Seventh Graders Handed New Laptops This Year
            We are excited this month to be handing every 7th grade student his/her own computer - a brand new HP Probook x360 laptop. The 7th graders will use this in their classes at school and for homework completion at home through their 8th grade year.
          After two years, they'll return the devices to us, and we'll be able to use them in lower grades to replenish our laptop-carts, which younger grade teachers often  wheel-out to use in their classes. Then n ext September, the 2020-21 version of our 7th graders will be handed a new laptop. Thus, the school has budgeted for every year to supply the new 7th grade class with their own personal computers.
          We have moved to this "1-to-1-device plan"  so our middle schoolers will be learning the tools for them to be successful in high school. Our 7th and 8th graders started last year taking turns borrowing our laptop-cart devices, doing tasks with Microsoft Teams that businesses are just starting to discover.  

          With our junior high students using laptops in most of their classes, they will be more engaged.  Additionally, their teachers will be more likely to use online resources for instruction or demonstration because their students will have the computers which will make it easier. With the borrowing between teachers of laptop carts, and the computers in those carts often a few years old and on their last legs, it's not as effective using carts as it is having each student carrying to each class his/her own device. We're also allowing students to bring their laptops home with them, to complete homework and to reconnect from home to classmates or their teachers using Teams. 

          We expect a rough patch this month as the kids and teachers become familiar with the technology, and as 7th grade parents partner with us to enforce safe and proper use of the laptops at home.
          The bottom line?

  • Kids will learn a ton.
  • Teachers will gradually bring their curriculum more online, making it really easy for online learning snow days for example.
  • Kids, teachers, and parents will be happier that there will no longer be as many lost assignments, as students can submit their typed assignment from home using Teams.

          If you have any questions about the rolling out of the new 1-to-1-device plan for our 7th graders, please speak to teachers Alex Gallant or Andrew Weiss, or to our IT support, Dan Kirby. If you have technology expertise and would like to be a consultant/resource, please contact Dan.

Auction News

Welcome to the fall routine! For some of us, the return of our children to school is a fantastic time of re-establishing routines and getting our kiddos back out of the house. Yet for some, this week marks the first time you will drop your beloveds off in a new place. If you are one of the new parents who is dropping off for the very first time (or dropping off at St. Louise for the very first time), please know that you are supported by your new community! We have amazing priests, teachers and staff dedicated to the care and education of your children. The mentor families, CYO coaches, room parents, Parents' Club and School Commission are all here to guide you through your first year here. Just know that there are a lot of people you can reach out to, and who will reach out to you this year. Welcome to this We Are One life at St. Louise!
Here are the four things you need to know about We Are One this first week of school!
  • School Sponsors: Thank you to all of the wonderful families and businesses who joined the ranks of School Sponsors this year! Your generous support to St. Louise is so appreciated! Starting next week, you'll be able to see these wonderful donors listed in this weekly bulletin, as well as in many other places around campus. Let me know if you want to join this special group!
  • Item Donations/Procurement: All Item Donations/Procurement are due to the Auction Office (in the old school building next to the Pre K classrooms) no later than 3pm on September 16th!
  • Where to find more Auction Info: Keep an eye on the website ( next week for more information on when tickets to the BIG event will go on sale, what to wear and how the night will unfold!  And, as always, keep up with us on Instagram - @stlouiseauction
  • Thank You! Thank you to these great volunteers for their incredible work on Passport Day: Amy Wilken and Rich Barth for taking all of the Passport Day photos! Theresa Estrada, Rachel Rivera-Wong, Karen Salmon and Melody Litovkin for working at the Auction table on Passport Day! And, we appreciate all of our student volunteers as well! You all are amazing!
If you have any questions or need any more info, please let me know!

~Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director or 425-214-5441
Meet Our New School Parents
          We are excited to have a few dozen new families joining St. Louise Parish School this year! Over the next few weeks, we'll introduce you to a handful of these new St. Louise parents in this Bulletin.  Below are some of our newest Chargers. Thank you, veteran St. Louise parents, for making the new members of our school community feel welcome.

left-to-right:  Ricardo Coronado & Claudia Barbeyto (son in 1st grade & daughter in 3rd grade); Ivan Lozada & Anahid Alvarez (daughter in 7th grade & son in 8th grade)

left-to-right: George & Cecilia Baumann (daughter in 8th grade); Daniel & Fatima Cazares (daughter in 4th grade)

please read this with your kids
See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page