June 10, 2019 Final Edition  of the School Year
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This will be our final weekly bulletin until late August, when I'll resume sending school news to you every Thursday morning. Please watch your email and postal mail for one final 2018-19 email from me in June, a premiere 2019-20 email from me in early August, and one postal mailing from the school in early August. Note that the school office is closed all of July. (We're open weekdays from 7:30-3:30 through June 28 and re-open weekdays on August 1.)

Please make sure you can get off work this Wednesday for our 10:30 end-of-year liturgy, when we'll praise God for a terrific school year as well as announce some surprise awards. We'll also say goodbye to our departing staff.

Then immediately following Wednesday's liturgy (11:30-ish), we'll begin our Family Picnic on the lawn outside school. Bring your blanket and picnic basket full of goodies. And from the looks of the weather forecast, bring a lot of sunscreen!

School dismisses at noon on Wednesday - and at noon tomorrow as well. 
Thank you for all you have given St. Louise this year via your volunteering, your donations, and your prayers! The faculty and I love working here - because of you and of course, because of your terrific kids!  St. Louise School has a reputation in the greater-Archdiocese for having one of the warmest and most welcoming parishes and schools. Much of that is due to you, school parents, for your never-ending support of the school faculty through your words and actions. 

O God of all beginnings and endings,
We praise and thank You for the gift of this just-completed school year.
It has been a time filled with grace and blessings,
With challenges and opportunities,
With joys and sorrows.
The days have passed quickly, O Lord.
The weeks, the months, the seasons,
the holidays and holy days,
The exams, school Masses, Walk-A-Thons, and CYO games,
All have come forth from Your hand.
Let our efforts of this past year bear fruit.
Bring all of our plans to a joyful conclusion,
And bless us, according to Your will,
With the fulfillment of our summer hopes and dreams.
Give us the rest and refreshment we need this summer.
Watch over us in the weeks of vacation ahead,
And help us return to school in September
With a new spirit and a new energy.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.

Pax et bonum,                                         
Mr. Fitz

If you go  here  now, you'll be able to get "first dibs" on choosing volunteer jobs you'd like to commit to for the upcoming school year. This Volunteer Jobs Sign-Up Form will only be posted online through June 17. We appreciate every family who is returning to St. Louise in the fall to let us know at this time in what areas you wish to volunteer in 2019-20. This will allow our teachers and chairpersons to start setting up their teams and committees, making sure they'll have enough volunteer help for the program or event they oversee. 

Of course, at September's Curriculum Night, your child's new teacher will let you know about ways you can volunteer in the individual classroom next year. But this Sign-Up Form which is online for only one more week lists most of the school-wide programs and daily/weekly school tasks which could use your help. Thank you in advance for signing-up now and committing yourself to helping out a teacher or fellow parent chairperson!

Upcoming Calendar of Events  
Today - Auction Procurement Deadline for returning families

  • Charger Gear Sale - sale of fleece and Friday-spirit-wear in the school lobby from 1:30-2:15
  • New Parent Orientation at 6:30PM in the library; Charger Gear Sale in the lobby 5:45-6:15

Tuesday, June 11
  • Dismissal at 12:00 for all PK-7 classes
  • There is no afterschool Kids' Club
  • Free Dress ONLY for families who donated $350+ for their 2019 Auction procurement

Wednesday, June 12 - Final Day of the School Year
  • Liturgy & Awards at 10:30
  • Picnic at 11:30
  • Dismissal at 12:00
  • There is no beforeschool or afterschool Kids' Club
  • Last call for finding your children's lost items in Lost & Found; all unclaimed items will be donated tomorrow to the St. Vincent de Paul Society

Monday, June 17
  • Please complete the Volunteer Jobs Sign-Up Form by today's deadline, noting which volunteer positions you'd like to take on in 2019-20

Monday, June 24
  • Report Cards mailed home
  • Note that cards are not able to be mailed if a family has not fulfilled these commitments:
    • Annual School Gift Campaign donation made;
    • Charger Cards rebate contribution reached;
    • Charger Cards Participation Form submitted (if family is returning in '19-20);
    • Minimum 40 hours volunteered and logged online;
    • Auction donation for November 2019 Auction made (if family is returning in '19-20);
    • Walk-A-Thon donation made.

Friday, June 28
  • School office closes at 3:30 for July vacation
  • Office re-opens weekdays on August 1

Please Return Your
Charger Cards Participation Form

In the past, you have noted on your Tuition EFT Form each year how you will be participating in Charger Cards for the upcoming school year as well as how you wanted any additional contributions you earn beyond the $125 minimum. As you know, any additional profits you earn beyond the $125 that goes to Charger Cards/Parents' Club, can be set up to be:
  • returned to you in cash;
  • applied to the upcoming school year's tuition balance;
  • given back to Parents' Club;
  • designated as a gift to the Father Phil Wallace Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund.  
This past winter, you m ay have noticed that you were not asked to note on the 2019-20 EFT Form how you will be participating in Charger Cards. 
That's because we are transitioning to have school families only note one time in their "school career at St. Louise" how they will be participating in Charger Cards and how they want any additional contributions to be applied. This one-time notification is in the form of completing a one-time " Charger Cards Fundraiser Participation Form ." You 
received this form (pictured here) in May's red family envelope. You can also print out the form from here

*  *  *
PLEASE NOTE: The designation a family made last year at this time on the 2018-19 EFT Form for how they wanted their Charger Card contributions applied will be followed through this June, as we close out the 2018-19 school year. The new Charger Cards Fundraiser Participation Form takes effect starting in July with the 2019-20 school year and beyond.
*  *  *

We hope this one-time form during your career at St. Louise School will be easier for you. It certainly will be easier for our Charger Card team and bookkeeper. 

Thank you to those parents who completed the Participation Form in the past week. You are all set! For those of you who forgot to complete the form and send it back to the school office, please do so tomorrow.

Please note that if you are a returning 2019-20 family but you forget to return this participation form at this time, we'll wait until we receive it before we mail out your report card next month. Sorry...but that's our best bet at getting a 100% return-rate!

If you have any questions about Charger Cards, you may read the information on the website, or you may email Marsha, our chairperson. Marsha has sent out this month one final report to each family to remind you if you still have to reach your $125 minimum contribution level. We need this particular fund raising commitment completed by the last day of school, so please stop by the Charger Cards sales window on these final 3 days to purchase cards. You can buy gas cards for the summer road trips you'll be taking, grocery cards for all the summer barbecuing you'll be doing, and/or gift cards for end-of-year gifts to your child's teachers.

Thanks to our Volunteers

Mr. Evans would like to thank the 7th grade students and these parents and grandparents who helped him with last Friday's annual Field Day: John Perrault, David and Laura VanNoy, Jenelle Bair, Trinette Kuester, Himer Rivera, Erik Denny, Kathy Vanichkorn, Aila Olayao, Nicole Wong, Marian Zappala, Sasha Lindgren, Sarah Pierce.

The 8th graders' Graduation last week ended with a special dance, and we want to thank the parents who spent an afternoon decorating for it: Jen Curran, Jennifer Lester, Cheryl Sutton, Andrea Russell, Christie Allemand, Laura Leach, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Erin Aitken, Amy Thielman, Kristy Charles, Wendy Blank, and Amy Wilken.   

Our 7th grade parents were in charge of decorating for and serving at the Graduation breakfast last Wednesday morning, and then again that evening baking for and serving at the reception after Commencement. We want to thank these 7th grade parents: Rena Piercy, Suzie Sollars, Nancy Tribolet,  Thuy Yuen, Gabriela Gonzalez, Frank Buysse, Melody Litovkin, Palma Conces, Mari McMenamin, Sasha Lindgren, Patrick Sullivan, Rayme Teders, Kim Stockwell, Peggy Harris, Sharon Kussy, Annette Russell, Katie Barrows-Rempe, Anais Fawcett, Mari Sullivan, Shannon Wallis, Shiloh Gillespie, Laura Dark,  Lorena Sandoval Denny.
Last Chance to Pick Up Charger Cards for the Summer 

Charger Cards will be selling out cards in the coming days. The  Charger Card sales office will be open:
  • Today, 1:30-2:30PM - With a special "no credit card fee" offer of any orders of $100 or more using a credit card
  • Tomorrow, June 11, 8:15-9:00
  • Wednesday, June 12, 8:15-9:00 - Last day for in person/in stock card purchases
Have you planned to purchase Charger Cards for upcoming events?
  • Teacher gifts for End of year
  • Graduation gifts
  • Father's Day gifts
  • Summer Plans - Gas, Hotels, Disney gift cards, restaurants, etc!)
  • Uniform and school supplies


Use Charger Cards for the Summer

Learn how to use Charger Cards this summer and earn a Starbucks $5 gift card for rebates earned over $50 and Krispy Kreme Gift card for rebates over $100 when you buy ScripNow and RELOAD Charger Cards online!  Promotion Ends August 31.

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or  for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at

Current 2nd-7th Graders Can Sign Up Now for Next Year's Choir

Students entering grades 3-8 this fall are invited to be a part of music ministry at our school Masses by joining "Chorale" - the school choir. If your current 2nd-7th grade child loves to sing or play guitar, drums, violin, flute, etc., please encourage him/her to sign up.  Chorale rehearses approximately three Mondays a month from 2-3 pm in the church, starting in September. There is a one-time $50 fee due by August 31.  You may sign up and pay  here . Please contact Karen Cole   with questions.

Summer Camp, Summer School, Summer Fun
          As you plan for all the fun and exciting adventures your children will be having over the summer, please keep in mind that summer is also an excellent opportunity to keep inquisitive minds active and engaged! Research shows that summer learning loss equals at least one month of instruction. Knowing this causes parents and teachers to think about how to best keep academic skills sharp over the summer while also using the time to improve upon or master some lagging academic skills.
            Below please find the article on SUMMER WORK we are either REQUIRING or RECOMMENDING for your children who will be entering grades K-8 this fall. You'll also find this information on our  website  and some information is coming home in today's red envelopes.
          Also on our school website, you'll find a  Summer Programs and Camps document, listing opportunities for enriching summer learning and fun for preschoolers through high schoolers.  Please take a moment to explore the possibilities. Please note that St. Louise School is not necessarily "endorsing" these camps and programs - other than our own  Chargers' Adventure Summer Camps right here on the St. Louise campus. We offer the list as a helpful guide for parents to then investigate.
          Speaking of our own Chargers' Adventure Summer Camps, please contact  Maria Zambrano, camp director, to find out which weeks of camp have sold out, and which weeks still have space.
          If you have any questions about summer enrichment opportunities, please contact our student support teacher,  Melissa Cantu who not only compiled this helpful list of Summer Programs and Camps, but also the list of recommended books for parents to read over the summer. You'll find this book list at the end of the list of summer camps.

Start in June with Required/Recommended Summer Work

Parents and teachers often worry about the perils of "summer slump." Students spend 10 weeks away from school over the summer and then come back in September seeming behind where they left off in June. To try and combat this, St. Louise School expects students to do some "homework" over the summer, to keep children out of a slump in math, reading and keyboarding, so too much time doesn't have to be spent on review in the fall.
You will find recommendations or requirements (based on the grade level  your child will be entering) for summer work for your children at our website
For students entering grades K-5, we have suggestions for READING 20 minutes a day this summer. For students entering grades 6-8, we have specific novels from which these students must choose for REQUIRED summer reading. The grade 6-8 teachers have also developed written assignments, to be completed after the reading and due on the first day of language arts class in September. 

We are recommending every entering grade 1-8 student complete free online MATH lessons on the Khan Academy website throughout the summer - preferably no less than a lesson every-other-day. In addition, some teachers will send home math packets and/or parents might want to buy a math workbook, such as this brand
Finally, regarding KEYBOARDING skills, because the level of speed and accuracy expected by our computer teachers increases as the children develop in age and finger dexterity, practicing proper keyboarding over the summer will help your child continue to develop fundamental typing skills as well as preventing him or her from reverting to poor fingering habits. Thus, we are REQUIRING that every St. Louise student entering grades 3-7 put in a minimum number of minutes of keyboarding practice at least 5 days a week, using the online keyboarding programs listed on our website.

If you have questions about summer work, please talk to your child's teacher prior to the last day of school. Thanks for partnering with us, parents, in keeping your kids from "slumping" over the summer.
Auction News

The DEADLINE for meeting your Procurement/Donation requirement is TODAY.  This means you need to have procured or donated items or cash valued at $225 (or $350 if you would like your kiddos to have FREE DRESS tomorrow). Forms may be filled out online , or paper forms are still available in the school office.

We are still hoping to complete our Amazon Registry to allow our Silent Auction to be EPIC. So, if you are looking to complete your requirement today, please consider purchasing from our Registry by clicking here. These items will be shipped directly to St. Louise, so it is super convenient and helpful! Use many of these items to help you reach your $350 for tomorrow's FREE DRESS prize for your children.


Your final chance to purchase your Tuition Raffle Tickets is on the last day of school - Wednesday - just prior to the end-of-year-liturgy. I will be outside the main church entrance from 10:00-10:30 selling $100 raffle tickets. The prize is HALF TUITION for the 2019-2020 school year. The winning ticket will be drawn in church immediately at the conclusion of the liturgy. 

Thank you, again, for working to make We Are One a success! If you have any questions, please reach out to me.
~Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director or 425-214-5441
" The rosary is a weapon against depression and hopelessness."
~ Father Benedict Groeschel

Report Cards Mailed on June 24

Please note that grade K-8 report cards will be postal mailed on June 24. However, we are not able to mail a report card to any school family who has not fulfilled these commitments:

    • Annual School Gift Campaign donation made;
    • Charger Cards rebate contribution reached;
    • Charger Cards Participation Form submitted (if family is returning in '19-20);
    • Minimum 40 hours volunteered and logged online;
    • Auction donation for November 2019 Auction made (if family is returning in '19-20);
    • Walk-A-Thon donation made.

If you have fulfilled your commitments, but do not receive your child's report card in the mail by June 26, please contact Mindy Morgan or Dan Fitzpatrick, to confirm we mailed the card to the correct address or tor confirm there wasn't a reason we had to hold on to the card.

Yearbooks Distributed on Wednesday

           Yearbooks will be handed out on June 12 to all students who ordered one. If you forgot to order a yearbook, the school office has limited number of books for sale for $25 cash.

See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page