December 12, 2019
Dan's Blog
Report Cards for the recently-completed 1st trimester are being handed to each grade K-8 student tomorrow, Friday, and we ask you to please sign the back of the envelope, notifying you received it, and return only the envelope to the teacher on Monday. The report card itself is yours to keep, but we'll reuse the envelope for the 2nd trimester. (So please don't seal it.)
When you look at your child's report card tomorrow, you'll want to refer to the handout you were given in the red envelope before Thanksgiving, which educates you on how to read the various marks and grades. (If you can't locate that paper, you'll find this same information on page 22 of our Policies & Guidelines document on our St. Louise School website.) You are encouraged to discuss report card marks and teacher-comments with your child and to work cooperatively with the teacher in an effort to help your child develop his/her potential. Any concerns regarding the appropriateness of a particular grade or further clarification on a comment should be promptly addressed to the student's teacher.
One of our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) is #3.3 - "A St. Louise student is a well-balanced individual who sets goals and implements steps to achieve them." After viewing your children's report cards, please help them work on accomplishing this expectation by asking what areas (curriculum subjects, work habits, and/or social skills) they see as needing improvement, and how they will be able to achieve improvement. Here is an article that helps parents work with their children on setting clear, measurable goals and steps to achieve them.
Although the perfect situation is your child will strive to reach his/her goals without the need for extrinsic motivation, there are times rewards and consequences may be needed when setting a goal. You would need to establish check-in dates when you would contact your child's teacher(s) to see how your child is doing on the goal he/she is working on: whether it be getting assignments completed on time; earning higher test scores; participating positively in class; etc. Typically, younger children need shorter time-spans before checking-in on progress toward goals and receiving rewards or consequences (e.g. daily or weekly), whereas upper grade students may go for a longer period of time before checking-in (e.g. weekly or monthly). The key component about using rewards and consequences is they work best if they are pre-determined and agreed to by the parents and child when making a goal and setting up plans. Some parents even compose a written "contract" for both "parties" to sign, stating the goals, the steps, and the rewards/consequences. Here's one article which talks more about setting up rewards.

The teachers and I appreciate the opportunity to partner with you in helping your child grow in academic knowledge, faith development, artistic and athletic skills, and social skills.

Finally, I'm excited to announce that Ann Marie Sweeney has been hired to be our new head playground supervisor and grade 2-3 instructional assistant, replacing Lisa McKenna in February when Lisa leaves for her student-teaching internship. Many of you know Ann Marie as a fellow school parent, whose two oldest kids went to St. Louise School and two youngest are currently with us. She has a Masters in Science, Social Work and has been substitute assisting the past years not only in our school but in the Bellevue, Northshore, and Mercer Island School Districts. Welcome, Mrs. Sweeney!

Enjoy God's blessings today,                                        
Mr. Fitz

In this Parent Bulletin last Thursday I said I would give a Cold Stone Charger Card to the 10th parent who emailed me  with the phrase: "I carefully read the Bulletin every Thursday morning." The 10th parent happened to be Sherri Brouwer, so she wins that Charger Card! It pays to read the Bulletin!

If you are parishioner of St. Louise Parish, please read Fr. Gary's letter below. It is important that those paying the "contributing parishioner" tuition rate continue to contribute to the parish through 2020 by regular stewardship. Thank you!

Upcoming Calendar of Events  
  • Report Cards are being sent home with each grade K-8 student; the cards are for parents to keep, but please sign the back of the envelope and return the (unsealed) envelope to the teacher on Monday

Saturday, December 14
  • Speech Team competes in the Bishop Blanchet Tournament

Monday through Friday, December 16-20
  • A week of Free Dress - but only for those who purchased this privilege at the Auction; regular free dress rules apply (such as no shorts may be worn); contact Julianne Read if you don't recall if you bought this at the Auction

Tuesday, December 17
  • The Parents' Club meeting - originally scheduled for December 12 - will be tonight at 6:00 in the faculty room; all school parents are invited

Wednesday, December 18
  • Parents' Prayer Group, 8:15-8:45AM - all parents are invited to the faith formation room in the lobby to pray for personal needs and the needs of our students and teachers
  • Christmas Concert featuring our 1st and 2nd graders - 6:30PM in the church; all St. Louise families and friends are invited (performers to arrive in homerooms by 6:15)

Friday, December 20 - NOON DISMISSAL
  • The School Band performs Christmas music from 8:00-8:20 outside the original school; drive by at morning carpool drop-off with your windows rolled down
  • Hot Cocoa Sale from 8:00-8:20 outside the PreK classrooms in the north wing; cups of cocoa sold for $1 each; proceeds benefit Hopelink and Red Cross - some of our 8th grade students' service projects; all students will be allowed to bring these drinks into school to enjoy during 1st period
  • School dismisses at 12:00
    • No afternoon Kids' Club
    • School office closes
    • School closed for vacation through January 5
    • Grades PK-6 resume on January 6
    • Grades 7-8 resume on January 7

Monday, January 6
  • School resumes today for grades PK-6
  • School resumes on Tuesday the 7th for grades 7-8; teachers are spending Monday completing 8th graders' high school applications

Friday, January 10
  • Mass for Grandparents, 9AM; please arrive by 8:45 to meet your child's/grandchild's class outside the school and walk with them to church
  • Grandparents' Reception follows in the school from 10-10:30
Looking for 3 SuperParents
Following are two important school programs that are looking for new leaders. Each program is already set up and organized, with the departing parent leaders able to teach the incoming replacement how to continue on. Please consider stepping forward to be a SUPERPARENT.

2 SuperParents
While the Walk-a-Thon is still months away (May 1st), we're looking for the next Walk-a-Thon (WAT) co-chairs! This is a great activity to partner up with a pal, or a husband and wife can team together. If you don't know whom to ask to co-chair, we can find a co-chair to teach with you. The two of you will take the lead on the festivities of this key fundraiser while inheriting lots of great documentation on how to run the event, both leading up to and including the day of. So you don't need WAT experience. Last year's chairs are available and very willing to coach you and help make the event a smashing success!  The WAT is such an amazing event - full of Charger Pride and school spirit! Please contact Jen Sharp for more information.

1 SuperParent
We're looking for a green thumb to take over chairing the Adopt-a-Garden program. Actually, you don't even need a green thumb! Just some enthusiasm around creating a nice looking environment on the school and parish grounds.You'll coordinate volunteers who want to "adopt" a section and tend to the plantings in that area. This is a great volunteer opportunity that can be done outside of work hours, such as evenings or on the weekend. Everything is already organized for Adopt-a-Garden, thanks to outgoing chair, Eric Lund. Eric will hand you the list of adopters and the map of the adopted plots of gardens on campus. Please contact Eric if you are interested.

Grandparents Invited to a Special Mass

Save the date and spread the news to your children's Grandparents that Friday, January 10, they are our special guests at St. Louise. That morning at 9:00, students' Grandparents are invited to our all-school Mass, to sit with their grandkids and to receive special prayers of thanks for all they do. Immediately after Mass, a reception will be held at the school building, at which the students can "show off" their classroom to their Grandparents.

If you want your child's Grandparent (or grandparent-substitute, such as an Aunt/Uncle) to be a part of this, please invite them. If you'd like to make it appear more special, the school will mail an invitation to the Grandparents. Simply complete the form that came home in last week's red envelope, and we'll get the invitation mailed before Christmas. 

For more information, please contact Cindy Wagner

Our 8th grade Student Ambassadors were selected as model representative of the quality "products" St. Louise School produces. They lead visitors on tours during our Open Houses and Tuesday Tour mornings. From left to right: (back row) Lauren, Daniel, Grace, Amele; (front row) Braden, Ray, Courtney, Zoe, Anna.

Admissions Season Begins; Please Send a Prospective New School Parent Our Way

On many Tuesdays from now through February, St. Louise hosts "Tuesday Tours" - a morning when prospective new school parents get to tour the school with an 8th grade ambassador, sit in on a class in session to observe a teacher, and get their questions answered in a meeting with Mr. Fitzpatrick. 

Thanks for helping to spread the word about our awesome school, and the opportunity for those with upcoming 4-to-14 year-olds to tour our school and take in all the great things that happen at St. Louise during a typical school day.

Please note that our next Open House will be on January 30. Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and coworkers to come see for themselves why they would be smart to enroll their children in St. Louise for next fall. At an open house, they can meet all our teachers, explore our classrooms, and learn about after-school programs (mock trial, Girls Who Code, speech team, robotics, choirs, band, debate, etc.) and our cross-country, soccer, basketball, track and volleyball sports offerings.

Thanks for all you can do  to spread the word regarding St. Louise School and our Open Houses! Don't forget to use your social media accounts. Please share our Facebook page and Instagram page

As a thank you for your help, we do have a referral bonus program:
one free month of tuition for one child for any current school family who refers a newly-enrolling family!
We're Dismissing at Noon Next Friday
        Friday, December 20th is a 12:00 dismissal for all students, as we all get a head start on our Christmas vacations.  Kids' Club will be closed that afternoon, and the office will lock up soon after dismissal. School resumes on Monday, January 6, for grades PK-6. Grades 7-8 resume on January 7th, as the 6th is a day off for only these students so the junior high teachers can finish the high school admissions paperwork for our 8th graders. 
St. Nicholas Breakfast & Bazaar 

We want to thank all the volunteers, vendors, and attendees who made last Saturday's St. Nichola s Breakfast and Christmas Bazaar so entertaining and successful! We appreciate the leadership  of JT and Janelle Taasan and the kitchen help from our Knights of Columbus! Thanks  to these St. Nicholas Helpers: Amy Wilken,  Aldo Fernandez, Alphonse Giltus, Ana Gonzalez, Andrew Pacheco, Angela Fernandez, Annabelle Gegus, Arlene Isaksen, Betty Chandler, Connie Harding, Cris Veloz, Edelmira Solares, Elizabeth Armenta, Erin Aitken, Gladys Ponte, Imelda Medina, Jason Lau, Jo Chau, Joe   Pacheco, John D'Costa, Joseph Bumatay, Karla   Pardo, KathyBrennan, Linda Salas, Lorena Denny, Lu Bumatay, Maria Juarez, Marian Zappala, Marisela Garcia, Paige Brown, Rachael Rivera-Wong, Sherri Brouwer, Steven Pardo, Suzie Sollars, Ron Rowe, Louis Debois, Erik Iwasyk, Brian Blank, Tim Doggett.

...and special thanks to Paul Davie!

Welcome Three New Families to our St. Louise School Community

      We're excited that three new families have joined our school this month! 
  • (Top) The Matt and Erica Lizotte family - with children in grades PreK, 3, and 5
  • (Center) The Nidia Ramirez and Juan Delgado family - with a child in PreK
  • (Bottom) The Neha Dhiman and Gurpreet Dogra family - with a child in PreK
      Thanks for welcoming them when you see them on campus. 

Looking Forward to our Annual Christmas Concert
          This year, the St. Louise School Christmas Concert will feature the singing, instrument playing, and acting of our 1st and 2nd graders, as they perform "Shepherds, Sheep, and a Savior" this coming Wednesday, December 18.  This is a musical concert about  one of the most familiar parts of the Christmas story:

On a hill just outside of Bethlehem, lowly shepherds were tending their sheep at night. They didn't get much company out there. People had been passing through for several days as the census was underway, but they hardly spoke at all as they walked by on their way to Bethlehem. Nobody really wanted to talk to the shepherds. That is, nobody except an angel! They may have been at the bottom of the social ladder in Bethlehem, but God chose shepherds to be the first ones to see the Savior! This is their story - what they heard and what they saw that marvelous night when God came to dwell with men.

          All St. Louise families and friends are invited to the church at 6:30PM on the 18th to enjoy this concert. A special word to the parents of our 1st and 2nd graders: please drop off your children in their homerooms between 6:00-6:15 on their performance night, wearing their school uniforms. You may then head to the church to get your seats. If you have questions, please talk to our music teacher, Terry LaRussa Banton.

Starbucks Cards Available at Bonus Rebate Rate of 10.75%!

Starbucks cards will help you meet your family minimum rebate and support our school even more quickly than their usual 7% rebate. This limited time with a 10.75% rebate is a great time to stock up on cards for gifts or for you.  We have $5, $10, $25 and $50 cards, and other  amounts may be available by special order.  This bonus rebate also applies to ScripNow and reloads orders on your Starbucks cards purchased through or  Get your bonus today!

Charger Cards for Christmas!

Charger Cards has in stock a wide variety of brands with low denominations and higher rebates.  Cards are also available with high denominations, perfect for your Christmas shopping. Here are some examples:
  • Amazon: $10, $25, $100 -at a- 4.25% rebate
  • Taco Time: $25 -at a- 20% rebate
  • Red Robin: $25 -at a-  11% rebate
  • Jamba Juice: $10 -at a-  9% rebate
  • Target: $10, $25 -at a- 3.5% rebate                            
  • Walmart: $10, $25, $50, $100 -at a-  2.5% rebate
  • QFC: $15, $20, $25,$50, $100 -at a-  5% rebate
  • Safeway: $10, $25, $50, $100 -at a- 6% rebate (beginning December 14th)

Faculty Wish List
Wendy Blank...Target, Old Navy, Amazon
Michelle Berlin...REI, Starbucks, Amazon
Michelle Kujath...Amazon, Old Navy, Qdoba
Cindy Scruggs...Starbucks, Macy's, Kohls
Annalia Curry... Amazon, Target, Hobby Lobby
Nancy Danforth... Starbucks, Barnes&Noble, Crate&Barrel
Kathy Kirby...Starbucks, Amazon, Target
Cruickshank...Amazon, Starbucks, Gene Juarez
Lauren Samson...Starbucks, Target, Amazon
Val Cervantes...Amazon, AMC Theatres,   Levue Nails
Vicki Cam...Target, QFC, Amazon
Jeff Glaser...Amazon, Starbucks, QFC
Samantha Helfen...Amazon, Starbucks, Target
Paula Patterson...Gene Juarez; Amazon; Starbucks
Nicole Howell... Amazon, Starbucks, Crate & Barrel
Alex Gallant...Starbucks, Target, Amazon
Cathy Woods...Amazon, Kohls, Bath & Body Works
Andrew Weiss...Starbucks, Amazon, REI
Christina Reynolds...Amazon, Starbucks, Levue Nails
Mary Herridge...QFC, Starbucks, Michael's
Joellyn Jaster...Amazon, Disney, Target
Veronica Williams...Starbucks, Gene Juarez, QFC
Cherie McIntosh...Nordstrom, Target, Amazon
Lola Bazan...Amazon, Target, Starbucks
Karen Cole...Starbucks, Panera, Amazon
Mindy Morgan...Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Starbucks
Chris Evans...QFC, Amazon, Applebees, Target
Cindy Wagner...Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Panera
Sharilyn Lux...Nordstrom, Starbucks, Barnes/Noble
Linda Bowers...Target, Crate & Barrel
Melissa Cantu... Amazon, Target, QFC
Dan Kirby...Starbucks, Amazon
Theresa Bannick...Starbucks, Amazon
Jane Reynolds...Nordstrom, Starbucks, Amazon
Terry LaRussa Banton...Target, Starbucks, AMC
Angie Ogilvy...Amazon, Target, Nordstrom
Mika Walker...Nordstrom, Starbucks, Amazon
Lisa McKenna...Target, Starbucks, Amazon
Sheila McAllister...Target, Amazon, REI
Maria Zambrano... Amazon, Starbucks
Karen Salmon...Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom
Marilu De La Torre...Starbucks, Amazon, Target
Mike Fuerte...Amazon, Starbucks, QFC
Jacintha Vimal... Starbucks, Amazon
Dan Fitzpatrick... Amazon, iTunes, Cabela's
Julianne Read...Nordstrom, Gene Juarez, Starbucks

NOTE: Charger Cards rebates-reports were distributed to families in last week's red envelopes. If you did not receive yours or have a question, please contact the  Charger Cards office

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or .                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairpersons Marsha and Katherine at

Prayer Group is meeting this coming Wednesday, December 18th,
and then resuming in 2020, starting on January 15th.

Match Your Gift & Double Your Dollars
Many thanks to the families who have already doubled their dollars for St. Louise School by participating in their employer's matching gift program!

With the calendar year coming to a close, we would like to remind families who donated to the Walk-A-Thon, Auction, ASGC, or Tuition Endowment Fund to please submit your matching funds.

Corporate matching has a very important role for St. Louise, and we wish to thank all our faithful patrons who have participated in these programs. St. Louise has received matching funds from Boeing,Apple, Microsoft, Costco, Symetra, Starbucks, Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo, Intel, and T-Mobile.

It is important, especially with payroll deductions, to keep us in the loop regarding your gift-giving so that we may accurately account for your gift. To keep us in the loop, or if you have any questions regarding matching gifts, please contact Cindy Wagner


A Letter from Our Pastor


Time to Sign-Up for CYO Volleyball

          CYO volleyball registration is now open to all St. Louise School students and parish children in grades 4-8.  To sign-up, please go HERE Registration will close on January 17th. The registration fee is $75. Note that late registrations may be accepted depending on the size of existing rosters, but at the increased cost of  $110. For more information, contact St. Louise volleyball coordinator,  Joni Hoffman Go, Chargers!

Robin, Fernanda, Bianca, and Olivia had fun leading Mr. Fitz around the playground.

please read this with your kids

Eight members of the St. Louise Chess Club participated in last week's St. Anne Chess tournament, with these kids scoring points and helping St. Louise take home one of the First Place Division trophies: Nicholas K.;  Jethro A.; Rafael B.; Daniel B.; Alex W.; Leonardo A.; Christopher A.; Raneisha L.

Thanks to Chess Club coordinator, Oscar Antezana (far left) and Chess4Life Coach Sloan (far right). We also appreciate our other Chess Club volunteers: Karen Garvizu,  Chika  Anyichie, and Kristina Yumul-Abueg.

The fall Chess Club season is over, but a new winter season is beginning. You can register your K-8th grader for Chess Club HERE

Thank you for patronizing the following businesses and thanking these families who, through their generous sponsorship, help underwrite the costs of St. Louise School's Auction, Walk-A-Thon, and other events...

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