January 24, 2019
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Take a look at this article which reported that students in Catholic schools are more self-disciplined than students in other schools. 
A study which compared children who attended Catholic schools with similar students enrolled in both public and other private schools included these three key findings:
  • Students in Catholic schools are less likely to act out or be disruptive than those in other private or public schools.
  • Students in Catholic schools show more self-control than those in other public and private schools.
  • Regardless of demographics, students in Catholic schools show more self-discipline than students in both public and other private schools.
The researchers of the study made note that because Catholic-school parents choose to send their children to those schools, there might be other differences that don't show up in the data. As a result, they can't say for sure whether Catholic schools caused the differences in student behavior. Of course their qualification is accurate. But it doesn't take away anything from Catholic education. Instead, it proves the point that within a Catholic school you have created a community where like-minded parents with similar Christian values partner with like-minded teachers with similar Christian values, and both groups have the same goal of raising like-minded children with similar Christian values. 

This is what makes Catholic schools so special and so successful. We are a community of parents and faculty working together with the approaching goal of getting their kids to college through rigorous academics and high expectations, and the future goal of getting their kids to heaven through comprehensive faith formation and a focus on God.

As Catholic Schools' Week begins this weekend at various Masses here at St. Louise and some of our neighboring parishes, let us all pray for Catholic schools to flourish throughout the land so more children may receive the benefits we bestow. 

Additionally, please thank the Lord for how He has gifted your family by allowing you to give your children a Catholic education. Our Almighty Father surely is a loving God!

Pax et bonum, 
Mr. Fitz

You'll find Mr. Fuerte, your child's teacher, or me at all of the St. Louise Masses this weekend. If we see your child attending in complete school uniform (don't hide that red sweater under a jacket!), we will hand him/her a special Catholic Schools' Week bracelet. Wearing that bracelet to school this Monday allows your child to have a free dress day.

We also will have some teachers attending Masses at some of our neighboring parish churches, so check out the article below to see if attending one of those Masses might be closer to home. Bracelets will be handed out at those Masses also, but only to kids proudly wearing their uniforms and thus, helping to promote our school.

One more way to help promote our school is to spread the word to your coworkers, neighbors, and friends about our Open House coming up one week from tonight - the 31st at 6:30pm. You can spread it on social media or better yet, make a personal invite and tell the prospective school family you'll meet them here and give them a tour of the school. Thanks for your support!
Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Blessing of the Patrick Cimprich Memorial Plaque/Tree, 8:30am

Saturday and Sunday, January 26 and 27 - Catholic Schools' Week Begins
  • All students are asked to attend a weekend Mass at St. Louise (or select neighboring parishes as listed on the CSW Calendar) wearing a complete school uniform; the reward is a free-dress-bracelet, to be worn on Monday the 28th for a free dress day
  • Coffee & Donuts will be served in the school lobby after Sunday's 7:30/9/11 Masses, with student art work on display throughout the school
  • Students in grades 4/5/6/8 will have special roles in the various Masses at St. Louise; the school choir sings at the 9am Mass

Monday, January 28
  • Free Dress day ONLY for those students wearing a bracelet they received at weekend Mass
  • No Homework Night! 

Tuesday, January 29
  • Faculty Bake Sale - have your children bring a dollar bill or two to buy treats baked by their very own teachers, instructional assistants, vice-principal, and principal; proceeds benefit Seattle's Union Gospel Mission (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc. will sell for $1 each)

Wednesday, January 30
  • Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day - thanks to parent volunteers, the teachers get to enjoy a one-hour lunch today!
  • Grade 6-8 parents and their middle-schoolers go out to lunch from 11:15-1:00

Thursday, January 31
  • Open House from 6:30-7:30PM will be for all families, with all homeroom and specialist teachers opening up their classrooms. Please invite your neighbor/co-worker/friend with upcoming school-age children to accompany you.
  • Admissions begins for re-enrolling your children in the 2019-20 school year. Expect re-enrollment information to come home this day - due back by February 14. If you will have a child newly enrolling at St. Louise for the first time in 2019-20, please contact Lola/Mindy in the school office now for additional paperwork.

Sunday, February 3
  • Our Chorale choir sings at the 11:30 Mass at Mary, Queen of Peace in Sammamish

Save the Dates: 

  • Friday, February 22 - 9:00 Mass with students' grandparents as special guests, followed by reception in the school
  • Thursday, May 16 - Donor Appreciation Event; contact Cindy Wagner to find out how to receive an invitation to this special night
Please Send In Your ASGC Donation

          Every school family  received in the U.S. Mail last week our Annual Report, and it contained your Annual School Gift Campaign request letter and pledge envelope. Please send in to school over the coming weeks your Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) donation or at least your initial pledge.  Your ASGC gifts will go directly into our school operating fund, helping us to have enough funds to buy those books and computers and to help give annual raises to our faculty. Your tuition payments cover about 80% of the cost to run our school (paying salaries and benefits, buying books and computers, upkeeping the rooms and buildings, etc.). The other 20% comes from fund raisers and donations such as this ASGC, which to your benefit are tax-deductible gifts.
         We offer many avenues through which you may donate to the Annual School Gift Campaign. If going the avenue of paying your ASGC donation by check, you may use the pledge envelope we mailed you and return to us now a one-time gift paid in full. However, we realize many families are able to pledge a larger donation if they divide their gift into four quarterly payments or twelve monthly payments, or even pay via credit card. If giving through any of these alternate avenues helps you give more, by all means we will accommodate a gift in four-parts, 12-parts, via credit card, ....even via a donation of stocks!
         Although participating in the Annual School Gift Campaign is required as a part of the school contract all school parents sign, there is no required amount to give. We understand that for some families, stretching to a gift of $250 - even if this means paying $20 a month - will be a big sacrifice. And the students and teachers appreciate this size gift! We also appreciate it when a family is able to give as high as a 5-figure donation, sharing the gifts God has bestowed upon them. 
          Many families choose to donate by using their credit cards  online here , not only because that allows them to give more, but they also might earn airline-mile rewards. Then this whole donation-thing ends up a win-win. You win miles, and we win donation-revenue. If you have any questions about the best way for your family to give or want to explain a special circumstance, such as giving via stocks, please contact  Cindy Wagner  in our development office.    
          Thank you for your generous support of the ASGC!

Jane and Lauren show how to complement the uniform with a matching bow.

Save the Date for these Catholic Schools' Week Events

What is National Catholic Schools' Week? Since 1974, Catholic Schools' Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week, which in 2019 is January 27 - February 1. The motto for National Catholic Schools Week 2019 is " Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed" - four objectives we definitely have for our students .  Schools throughout America typically observe the annual celebration week with Masses, open houses, and other activities for students, families, parishioners, and community members. Through these events, schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation. 

At St. Louise School, the following is our calendar of special events...
Saturday, 1/26 -and- Sunday, 1/27
theme: We Love our Parish
+ Catholic Schools Week Masses at:
  • St. Louise: Saturday at 5PM; Sunday at 7:30AM, 9AM, 11AM, 1PM (en EspaƱol), 6PM
  • St. Jude, Redmond: Sunday at 9AM, 11AM
  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Snoqualmie: Sunday at 9:30AM
  • Holy Innocents, Duvall: Sunday at 10:30AM
+ All students who attend any listed Mass above - in full school uniform - will receive a "free dress bracelet" which, when worn to school on Monday, allows them a non-uniform day
+ Students from grades 4/5/6/8 assist with the St. Louise Masses as ushers, lectors, & Eucharistic ministers; selected 8th Graders read personal essays on the value of a St. Louise School Catholic education; the school choir sings at 9am
+ Coffee & Donuts hosted by Parents' Club & School Commission in the school lobby after the three morning St. Louise Masses; tour the school hallways at this time to see student artwork displayed

Monday, 1/28
theme:  We Love our Students & Parents
+ Free Dress Day for bracelet-wearers who attended a weekend Mass in full school uniform
+ No-Homework Night for the entire school
+ Letter-Writing Activity - students write thank you letters to parents for sending them to a Catholic school

+ Pizza-and-a-Movie Reward Day for our 5th grade students who dutifully serve as Safety Patrol members

Tuesday, 1/29
theme:  We Love our Neighbors
+ Tuesday Tour of prospective school parents at 9:45 & 10:50
+ Faculty Bake Sale at lunch time - students buy homemade treats from the teachers and school staff, as they raise funds for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

+ Art Activity - students design prayer cards to be given to the hungry/homeless at Seattle's Union Gospel Mission

Wednesday, 1/30
theme:  We Love our Teachers & School Staff
Teacher-Appreciation Day  for our St. Louise faculty; families encouraged to send notes of thanks & praise
+ School & Parish Staffs treated to a lunch from Parents' Club Hospitality Committee from 12-1, while parent volunteers supervise the classrooms

+ Gr.6-8 take their parents out to lunch from 11:15-1 (permission slip due 1/25)

Thursday, 1/31
theme: We Love our School

+ Read-In for the entire school from 2:05-2:45 

+ Young/old paired-students work together to pick up trash, clean the church, or do other various projects around campus

+ Open House of all Gr. Pre-K through 8th grade rooms and specialists - 6:30 to 7:30pm; both current school families and prospective school families invited

Friday, 2/1
theme: We Love our God 

+ Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - attended by Gr. 2-8 homerooms at various times throughout the day; parents may participation in Adoration at 8:30am in the church

Thank You, Volunteers!
          We appreciate these volunteers who are not only consistent in helping out every week with keeping your children safe, but do so in all kinds of wet and cold weather! Our recess supervision volunteers this year have been:  Veronique Tano, Ruth Kerschbaumer, Daniella Olson, Elizabeth Armenta, Karen Garvizu, Carolyn Yepez, Ichsan Zwart, Shirley Wu, Rocio Garcia, Maria Moreno, Diane Sloss, Michael Stapleton, Palma Conces, Jillian Cambridge, Joe Pacheco, Kat Caso, Karla Pardo, Liz DeBord, Dana Balajova, Genevieve Bekkerus, Shiji Varuthattil,  Carolyn Salazar Our afterschool carpool traffic directors this year have been:  Veronique Tano, Ann Marie Sweeney, Karla Pardo, Ichsan Zwart, Rayme Teders, Hicham Kehdy, Ely Ponte, Brian Piercy, Cheryl Sutton Thank you so much for the time you are giving!
Your Child's Grandparents Are Invited
          We would love to have your child's grandparents join us for a special, annual event - our Grandparents' Mass on Friday, February 22, at 9:00 a.m. This special morning will include an all-school Mass, in which we will bless grandparents for their special roles in their grandkids' lives, and then immediately following Mass, grandparents and grandchildren enjoy a reception in their classrooms. The morning ends at 10:30.
            If you would like your child's grandparents to be mailed directly from the school a special invitation to this event, please complete the form provided in today's red Family Envelope and return the form to the school by February 6. If the grandparents are not available, another relative or special friend (e.g. an Aunt or Uncle) would be welcome to attend. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Wagner in the development office.

Get Ready to Re-Enroll
Please be prepared for one week from today - Thursday the 31st - when the a dmissions process begins for re-enrolling your children in the 2019-20 school year. Expect
 re-enrollment information to come home next Thursday - due back within two weeks, by February 14. There will be a $90 re-enrollment fee to pay, to assure your children's spots in next year's rosters. 
Mr. Fitz will be announcing the 2019-20 tuition rates next Thursday with the release of the re-enrollment information. Remember, families who may foresee a need for a tuition assistance grant may apply for that grant between now and the April 15th deadline. 

If you will have a child newly enrolling at St. Louise for the first time in 2019-20 (such as in PreK or Kindergarten), please contact Lola/Mindy in the school office today for additional paperwork to be sent home next week.
Speech Team Finishes 3rd
Congratulations to the St. Louise Speech Team (pictured below) who won 3rd place at the Seattle Prep Speech Tournament last Saturday! They competed against 18 other schools in eight different events. We are so proud of all our 6th, 7th and 8th graders who participated. Congratulations  to our students who finalized or placed in their events:
  • Isabella Barros - finalist in Junior Editorial Commentary
  • Ellie Charles - 3rd place in Senior Humorous and finalist in Senior Expository & Senior Oratory
  • Ben Goett - finalist in Junior Expository
  • Jack Kehoe - 3rd place in Junior Oratory and finalist in Junior Humorous
  • Raizel Lagunero - finalist in Senior Dramatic
  • Courtney Stockwell - 3rd place in Junior Dramatic
  • Lauren Teders - 2nd place in Junior Humorous
  • Mark Vanris - 1st place in Senior Humorous and earned a $1,000 scholarship to Seattle Prep!
Thank you to our parent judges: A lessandro Catorcini, Frank Buysse, Kristy Charles, Kim Stockwell, Rayme Teders, Shannon Wallis .

Our Speech Team's final tournament of the season is at Archbishop Murphy High School on Saturday, February 9th.
Charger Cards Are a Great Way to Appreciate Your Children's Teachers

C oming up on Wednesday, January 30, is "Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day,"
as part of national Catholic Schools' Week. Remember, as a Catholic school, we take this last week in January to celebrate our school and honor the teachers. (The May date for "Teacher Appreciation" was created for public schools and is not recognized at St. Louise.)

T ake advantage of Charger Cards if you'd like to treat your child's teachers and/or any staff members to a thank you gift this coming Wednesday.  You'll find the faculty's "Wish List" of their favorite Charger Cards here

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or  for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift th
at keeps on giving!  For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at

Prayer Inspiration for the Week

Close your eyes when praying so you will be able to see better."

~Father  Dwight Longenecker

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